Saturday, April 2, 2011


Dreams are windows
through which we catch
momentary glimpses of
heaven or hell

To sleep is to
but experience a death
I am far from ready
to embrace or accept

So I lie awake and breathe
I breathe in the life
I breathe in the beauty
I breathe in the joy
I breathe in the every
drop of essence
this world has to offer

There is too much
right here before me
my life is no cage
there is no master
trying to tame me

The mountain that seems
to block my trail
is not an obstacle
but a place of beauty
that lets me see
all before me
much more clearly

And I'll pause there and breathe
breathe in life
breathe in beauty
breathe in the silence
breathe in the peace
breathe in the joy
of all that life has to offer

and I'll no longer dream.