Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why We Should Not Trust the Mainstream Media

 One thing I did not discuss in my last essay (To the Editors-in-Chief of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, & CBS: Where Is The News?) is the simple fact that the main news networks, including some "journalists" that work for Fox, most major newspapers, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. get their talking points from Media Matters For America (MMfA), a socialist "watchdog" group whose 501c3 charter states that they are an independent Non-Profit Organization chartered to fact-check news stories. They are not. Ranking individuals from MMfA meet regularly with Obama and White House staffers to discuss what talking points they are going to spin and pursue; and what factual stories they will attempt to cover up. They are after destroying the First Amendment guarantee of a Free Press, suppressing "new media" journalism, and trying to rewrite the truth into their propagandized version.

According to the Mainstream Media, Hassan was a disgruntled soldier guilty of "workplace violence". The truth is he was an Al Q'aida infiltrator. The unclassified facts that were released were subsequently quashed by the mainstream media under the guidance of Eric Boehlert and MMfA and other socialist activists.

That is but one example. How about Mainstream Media (MSM) and MMfA's attempts to smear James O'Keefe after he did his undercover investigative probe into voter fraud and complicit, lax voter registration laws (or complete disregard for them) in various states? O'Keefe showed proof of the fraud time an time again, in multiple locations, in multiple states. He exposed the corruption and crimes. The answer from the socialist politburo propaganda machine (MMfA):  O'Keefe is a convicted felon. (This is false and a blatant lie).

When Breitbart's staff released the first of many tid-bits Andrew uncovered from Obama's past, the MSM & MMfA attempted to tell the people that it isn't news. They try to dictate what we think. My last essay challenges them to start displaying all the facts and let the audience, consumers decide what is important, like Ben Franklin did. There is supposed to be a free press in our country. MMfA attempts to eliminate that by dictating to people what to think, what to pay attention to, and what facts are relevant, and covering up many of those relevant facts.

Of course, MSM wants to cover up the fact the Al Q'aida operative in France went on a shooting spree primarily directed at the Jewish population of the town. They don't want the people to remember that this is a Global War on Terror. They don't want memories of 9/11/01 rekindled. They want the people to believe that Obama ended the war against Al Q'aida by authorizing NSWTU-6 to take down Usama bin Laden.

AQ is not defeated. They are reorganizing and rebuilding.

Obummer did not take down UBL. He was told that if he didn't give the go-ahead, he could kiss re-election goodbye.

Hassan was an AQ operative who infiltrated the US Army and conducted a terrorist attack on Fort Hood.

Obummer practices a radical divisive form of Marxist racism known as Critical Race Theory as programmed into him by Derrick Bell.

Voter ID laws, if passed and enforced, would lead to mitigating corruption in the electorate process. Without it, corruption and fraud are rampant.

These are not spins of political opinion. These are facts. The political opinion is that there can be only a small handful of reasons why these facts are covered up by the MSM:

1. They are negligent and incompetent

2. Somebody put a gun to their head and told them to shut up

3. They don't want you to know the truth.

4. They are purposefully propagating a pejorative for political power by practicing censorship because they hate the US Constitution.

5. Any combination of the above.

My "endorsement" of "new media" is by no means a statement to take what is published there as unbiased truth. Of course there is still bias in the new media. The difference is simple. In the new media you get multiple sides to the same story. You can compare them and extract the facts from the spin. You have the freedom and opportunity to think, analyze, and make up your own mind based upon a greater spectrum of data and opinion. Of course, that puts the responsibility to work upon the individual. MMfA wants to quash that freedom. They do not want you to think for yourself. They believe it is their job to think for you, thereby enslaving you the same way Fredrick Douglass discussed how one master chastised his wife for educating a young Mr. Douglass.  If you think for yourself, you cannot be controlled. MMfA wants to enslave you if you are not part of the proletariat elite that bows to the politburo.

Sorry kids, I am college educated. I have traveled the world. I have seen and done things that progressives deny exist. I have read the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers. I read the US Constitution regularly. I average 5 books a week, 3 of which are usually non-fiction. I think. I analyze. I assess. I make up my own mind. I am not a statistic. I am not some compartmentalized and labeled group. I am not a number. I am A Free Man.