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How To Save A Hero's Life. Stop 18.

There is an epidemic among Veterans, particularly veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. On the average, 18 combat veterans attempt suicide a day. Far too many of them succeed. This in not a success to rejoice. These successful suicides demonstrate a failure we , as a society, need to correct.

Think about that. 18 heroes a day. That is a lot of heroes that put their lives on the line for our country. That is a lot of heroes that our country still needs today, in these darkest of times. 


It has to STOP.


We can finger-point at the politicians on both sides of the aisle for lack of policy or failed policy. We can point fingers at chains of command. However, many of these veterans make their attempts after they have left the service. We can point fingers at the inadequacies of the Veterans Administration that fails far too often to diagnose TBI or PTS in a reasonable time.  We can also point fingers at each other as well as at those who made the attempts, more so at those who succeeded. Those fingers go back to ourselves for failing them. 

Please watch this video from my friend Boone Cutler. He has something important to say and some important directions to give to each warfighter out there. He is correct that many vets do not speak to those who "weren't there". he is also correct in stating that those of us who were owe it to each other. Together we can get through this. We are brothers and sisters.

After the video is enclosed a blog I posted years ago on MySpace. The blog grew a few times over. This is now its forth incarnation. The words still hold true. Pay attention. I am not an expert. However, I am somebody who has successfully talked  down many brothers and sisters form that ledge and got them to the help they needed. They were lessons learned the hard way, through trial and error.

"The Spartan Pledge:  I will not take my own life by my own hand until I talk to my battle-buddy first. My mission is to find a mission to aid my warfighter family."


Original article transferred from MySpace. This is the third version posted there between 2007 and 2010. 

After the news I received today, I felt compelled to update and re-post this blog. An acquaintance of mine took his own life earlier this week. He got himself in a bit of a mess. Marital problems and being deployed to a war zone increased his feelings of hopelessness exponentially. I am a few hundred miles away and definitely not among his closest friends. Still, the man had served a remarkable career in the Army. His family's loss is the Army's loss and our nation's loss.

It just irritates me that nobody around him saw the signals. Nobody around him took the time to stop him and confront him, get him to talk. It seems as though nobody cared enough to pay attention until it was too late. Please, if you know somebody in trouble, please help him or her. Don't let a life be wasted on fleeting feelings of hopelessness or frustration. If you are in trouble, don't let your life be wasted. Get help! As long as you are still breathing, there is a solution, an answer, a way. Life does not throw us anything we cannot handle. We may not be able to handle everything on our own, but there is nothing that we cannot handle with help.

This is a subject that is actually quite difficult for me to write about. However, recent events forced me to ponder the subject, almost to obsess over it. So, here I am, openly and publicly blogging about a monumentally serious issue. I urge and beg my regular readers to "pimp out" this blog. I ask you not because I am an "attention whore". I ask you to because of how important this subject is to me.

I am a soldier. I am currently on my forth tour to Iraq. Since February 2003, I have spent more days in Iraq than I have in the country of my birth. I have witnessed and been party to many things. I have seen the horrors that people can do to each other. I have witnessed the greatest kindnesses. Both of these are products of war. It brings out the best and the worst in people.

I have had people close to me die. I stopped counting because I realized that itemizing the fallen did nothing but dehumanize them and depress me. Now, I simply shed a tear and lose myself in thoughts of "the good times" with each of them. Sure, I have my sullen moments when the ghosts haunt me. Every soldier who has had a brother or sister fall has those moments.

I have had to kill. Trust me, it is nothing to be proud of. There is no glory in it. It comes down to survival. It comes down to "him or me or my brothers and sisters or those innocent kids on the corner". There is no glory in that, just doing what must be done. If there was another way, I'd have taken it.

Taking a life is too easy. It is a matter of pulling a trigger. It is a matter of stabbing with a knife. It is a matter of crushing a windpipe or snapping a cervical spine. It takes very little effort and very little thought.

There are other ways to take a life that many people do not think about. Suicide among military personnel and war veterans is at an all-time high right now. Taking a life can be passive as well as active. It requires you to simply do nothing. That's it, don't do a damned thing. Don't listen. Don't watch out for the signs. Even worse, you can see somebody in trouble and, with unkind words, tip them over the edge without even realizing you did so. Taking a life is just that easy. All you have to do is say the wrong thing, turn your head, walk away, and ignore it.

Saving a life can be just as easy. I have seen lives saved through the capture of a terrorist. I have watched them saved through the application of a tourniquet. I also know of a few that have been saved just from listening, looking, and asking the right questions at the right time.

I have a friend whom I adore like the sun. She is one of the brightest lights that has ever entered my life. I can honestly say that my life would be drastically different and less enjoyable had I not met her at a bar in Lawton, Oklahoma. One day, though, she confessed to me of how the world almost lost her. Hearing her tell me, I started shaking in fear of how close I came to losing my friend.

K had ended a rocky and abusive marriage. She moved back to her home town from Oklahoma. She was cohabiting with some dude she met and thought she loved. One night, she called me out of the blue. She was evidently quite out of it. K had a drug problem as a teen, and her tone on the phone indicated she had slipped. In her inebriated state, she giggled and laughed about how her beau had role-played being a rapist and taken her, against her will, anally. She also went on to talk about other things, like her fear of losing her son in a custody battle and her trying to get a job that paid enough. I ended up on the phone with her all night. I thought she was catching up and letting me know how good things were turning out.

I was wrong. A couple of months later, she and I were talking. She called me to tell me she had gone into rehab and was now in AA and NA. She was committed  to staying sober. She had also enrolled in college classes and began to work as a counselor for troubled teens. Then she started to cry. When I asked her what was wrong, all she said was "thank you".

"Thank you. I am so sorry for that night. I am so sorry for what I put you through before...". Her words went on. The rest is private between her and I. But what was revealed was that the role-playing was not role-playing. He actually did rape her. He also got her hooked on drugs again. He was beating her. She found herself in a corner and was contemplating killing herself. She called me, and my listening to her, being there for her, reminded her that she is worthwhile. I reminded her that she was a good mother and how important her son, Z, is to her. She told me that I saved her life that night. I didn't even realize it.

I had a soldier, when I was stationed at Ft. Lewis, who fell on some troubling times. Paperwork had been messed up and his promotion hadn't come through, or at least the pay hadn't. He had counted on the money. Other issues from home compounded the pay issue. Then his girlfriend broke up with him. He walked down the hall one night. He sat down on my bed and asked if I could talk. Normally, he and I weren't that chummy. But, for some reason, he had something to say, and he trusted me to say it to. He started to talk about his problems and saying that no solution was going to come in time. Finally, I just looked at him and asked him the hard question: "Are you planning to kill yourself?"

He told me he was. He had a plan. He had bought a shotgun and had buried it in a field a couple of blocks away from the barracks. He planned to go out after midnight and swallow a deer slug. To make a long story short, we had somebody watch him while we went and found the shotgun. Then we had medical professionals take care of him. Everything worked out in the end.

19 June 2009, A soldier I know told me his story.

He sat in his Compartmentalized Housing Unit (CHU) staring at the walls. The events of the last few days bounced around his head like a million super-balls launched at high speed into in a poly-urethane coated room. His unit had an incident an he had to take an action to save lives. In the process, he had to shoot somebody.

Now, in the aftermath and post-incident investigations, questions arose along with self-doubt over the validity of his actions. "Did he do the right thing? Was there another choice? Why did this have to happen? What is wrong with this world? How could I have done such a thing?"

The whole of life started to lose meaning. The insanity of what were once clear lines between right and wrong now blurred into an ugly shade of gray. He started having nightmares about the incident.

There the soldier sat, alone in his CHU. He loaded his weapon and sat it on his bed next to him. He felt there was nobody to talk to. He felt there was nobody who could understand. He felt as though he were truly alone, adrift in a sea of horror, and starting to sink.

Then he got an email. He had, the day before, reached out to a voice from the past. He had hoped that maybe there was one person who could restore some shred of sense and order to the chaos. The email was from her. He honestly never expected a response.

He debated opening the email. Knowing the tumultuous past the two shared, he mostly expected a response of "leave me alone". Instead, she offered a small bit of advice and empathy. She had been in a similar situation. She promised to write back with more advice on how to cope with it. But, just her reaching made a world of difference.

The soldier cleared his weapon and placed it away from his bed. He went to sleep hoping that the next day would be better. It was. He hasn't thought twice about going that close to the edge since.

Just an act of letting somebody know that you care and that they are valued can do a world of difference. Many times, thoughts of suicide are very temporary and non-recurring. They are not chronic. Everybody has the propensity to stand on that edge. It isn't a sickness or a disease. It IS a cry for help. This soldier needed that help and received it when it came (luckily in time).

Nobody really wants to commit suicide. They are really just looking for help of some sort. That help can be as simple as a pat on the back or as complicated as long-term professional counseling. But it all starts with one person reaching out that helping hand.

There are clinically depressed people who suffer from bipolar disorder or some other psychological ailment. However, most suicidal people are just temporarily on that edge. They see things have gotten to a point that they see no other solution. The truth of the matter is that the problems will not go away. No, they are just dumped onto somebody else along with dealing with the death of a loved one. Suicide is never a solution.

I have many friends who suffer from PTSD. Hell, I am among those numbers. I can speak from experience and say that there are those depressing bouts with survivors' guilt. Survivors' guilt is a symptom of PTSD that makes a vet depressed because one of their brothers or sisters died in combat. The inflicted sees it as his/her fault that another fell, believing it should have been him/her instead. It creeps up on me from time to time. I have a friend, J, who suffered from it (and may still). It is fairly common. I get through it by holding onto the fact that I have some purpose in life. There are things left for me to do. Had it been me, instead, those things would not be accomplished. But, others, well, they need the same sort of reassurance. It is difficult to open up to somebody who "wasn't there". So, find them somebody who was, whom they can talk to. Let those people know how much you appreciate them in your life.

As I stated, though, most suicidal people are not "suicidal" all of the time. It is usually a very temporary and often a one-time thing. You can help them. Here's how:

Step 1 -- LISTEN!
Step 2 -- Ask them: "Do you plan on killing yourself?" Don't worry about putting the thought in their head. Trust me, if their answer is "yes", the thought was there long before you asked the question.
Step 3 -- Ask them about their plan. Find out how.
Step 4 -- Ask them why. They may not want to give this answer.
Step 6 -- Call the professionals. This is a life or death emergency. This is a 911 call. Do it. Grab your Nokia and dial 911. If you are not a shrink, you don't have the skills to help them solve their problems.

Thing to look for:

Changes in eating habits.

Giving away precious items.

Too much time alone (especially for people who are normally sociable)

Suddenly coming out of a depressed stupor acting as if all their problems were suddenly solved! This is a warning sign because it is an indicator that they have finalized their plan and found the "final solution" to all their problems.

The loss of a relationship (divorce or death or breakup... this includes romantic relationships, familial relationships, or close friends)

"Joking" statements about being "better off dead" or "it'll all be over soon" or "you'll all be sorry when I'm gone"...

Increased drug or alcohol use.

Morbid questions about drug interactions or other potentially lethal things... these are usually the questions of how to do something unsafe or unwise and the outcomes rather than how to safely avoid those outcomes.

A story on this sign dates back to my high school days. We had an assembly with Tomah (the real life narcotics detective turned "tough love" advocate that the TV series "Baretta" was based upon) and a recovering drug addict. While the addict was speaking, one of my fellow students started asking about "speed-balling" and the effects of "mainlining cocaine and heroin". Some of the other students laughed at the questions, because this kid was a known "stoner". Others begged him to shut up because the assembly was going longer than anticipated. Others just ignored it all, as kids will. That was on a Friday. Monday morning, we were informed that student had died of an overdose of heroin and cocaine. He "speed-balled" enough of both drugs to kill a horse. He had never taken either before. The investigation proved he had committed suicide, for several reasons. Among them were a recent break-up, bad grades, the death of a friend from drunk driving, etc, etc, etc. The signs were all there. Nobody paid attention because this kid was just another "clowning stoner" and "slacker". If anybody had paid attention, his acting up in that assembly was a cry for help. Nobody paid attention to it.

So, yes, it is easy to take a life. It is also easy to save one. Please, pass it along. Saving a life makes far more a difference to the world than taking one. It also makes so much more a positive difference to your life than taking one. Do all that you can. That is all anybody can ask of you. But do it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Arizona Goes Oral -- Verrilli Chokes Again (AZ v US)

This morning, The US Supreme Court (USSC) heard oral arguments between Mr. Paul Clements, representing the Great State of Arizona, and Solicitor General Don Verrilli, Jr.

I'm sure everybody remembers the top-notch job Verrilli did attempting to defend the PPACA ("Obamacare"). He isn't getting any better with practice.

The esteemed Justices grilled Mr. Clements with several hard questions regarding statutory and procedural applications of AZ SB1070. The primary concerns rested in three portions of the bill.

Section 2(b):

Section 3, which makes being an illegal alien a misdemeanor crime of Trespassing unless further aggravating allegations also exist (such as criminal property damage, murder, narcotics trafficking, sex-slavery, etc.)

And Section 5, which makes it a state crime (misdemeanor) to seek employment if an illegal alien, a state crime to hire illegal aliens, a state crime to offer safe haven to illegal aliens, and a state crime to transport illegal aliens.

Mr. Clements posed the arguments that the state law does not preempt federal law. It requires police to check immigration status of anybody suspected of being in the country illegally. The federal law already states that any state or local law enforcement activity can request that status check and that the federal government must, within a reasonable time, respond. The state law further states that the local law enforcement officers, upon finding that determination from the federal agency, inform the federal enforcement officials that there is an illegal alien in their custody. It is then up to the office of the Attorney General to decide if they will prosecute or deport on the immigration offense. If they choose not to take action, if the detainee is suspected of other crimes, they can still face prosecution of violation of those other crimes, like, say, murder or drunk driving.

Those two crimes are specifically stated. Robert Krentz, an Arizona rancher, was assassinated by illegal aliens. Less than a year after his murder, his wife was struck, outside her church, by a drunk driver. Yes, that drunk driver was also determined to be an illegal alien.

There are quotes from the transcript of the oral arguments below. You can read the whole transcript here.

In his rebuttal (after SG Verrilli stumbled through his oral arguments) Clements also cited an example of how a so-called amnesty zone (The City of Phoenix) failed to do any status checks (emphasis mine):

And so if you preclude officers, as happened  in Phoenix, from communicating with the Federal Government, the Federal Government will not be able to identify the worst of the worst. And if you want an example of this, look at the declaration of Officer Brett Glidewell at Joint Appendix 183 to 186. He pulled somebody over in a routine traffic stop and was shot by the individual.

Now, the individual it turns out was wanted for attempted murder in El Salvador and was also guilty of illegal reentry into the United States. He was stopped on three previous occasions and his status was not verified. Now, if it had been, he certainly would have been apprehended. In at least two of the stops, his immigration status wasn't checked because of the city policy, City of Phoenix.

Attempting to state his case, Verrilli continuously tripped himself up. He stated that no state has the right to parallel prosecution of federal laws. Justice Kennedy then proposed that same argument in regards to bank robbery, a federal crime. Verrilli immediately backtracked attempting to say the two were not equal arguments. However, the USSC ruled years ago that a state could prosecute for bank robbery (and other federal laws) if the federal government decided not to prosecute on the federal level.

Verrilli, several times, iterated that he was not making an argument that SB1070 allowed for racial profiling. Of course, he would have a hard time with that argument since USC allows for such methods as racial profiling on the federal level. However, Verrilli does still try to frame his arguments around the large ethnic Mexican population in Arizona. So who is making this about race?

Justice Scalia poked at Verrilli with a few comments based in common sense and reason:

JUSTICE SCALIA: Well, can't you avoid that particular foreign relations problem by simply deporting
 these people? Look, free them from the jails --
 GENERAL VERRILLI: I really think --
 JUSTICE SCALIA: And send them back to the countries that are -- that are objecting.
 JUSTICE SCALIA: What's the problem with that?

Even Justice Sotomeyer was taken aback at Verrilli's arguments. 

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: Can I get to a different question? I think even I or someone else cut you off when you said there were three reasons why -- 2(B). Putting aside your argument that this -- that a systematic cooperation is wrong -- you can see it's not selling very well -- why don't you try to come up with something else? Because I, frankly -- as the chief has said to you, it's not that it's forcing you to change your enforcement priorities. You don't have to take the person into custody. So what's left of your argument?

...and later...

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: General, when -- when --I know your brief, you had -- you said that there are some illegal aliens who have a right to remain here. And I'm just realizing that I don't really know what happens when the Arizona police call the Federal agency. They give the Federal agency a name, correct?
 GENERAL VERRILLI: I assume so, yes.
JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: You don't really have knowledge of what --
 GENERAL VERRILLI: Well, they -- I mean, it can come in lots of different ways, but generally they will get a name and some other identifying information.
You can hear the whole session here:

Oral arguments are not a final determination of how the USSC will rule. The date for the decision and opinions is not yet set in this case. However, looking at the questions and responses, it appears that the majority of AZ SB1070 will be upheld, including most of those sections and amendments stricken down by the 9th Circuit Court.

I Can Has Still Vote Without ID? (Even With Voter ID Laws)?

Last week, Federal Courts upheld Arizona's Proposition 200. Prop 200 was not only passed by the Arizona Legislature. It was voted upon by resolution by the citizens of the State of Arizona. It is the third Voter ID law to be upheld by Federal Courts (9th Federal Court of Appeals in Arizona's case). Keep this in mind as we explore some additional facts and analysis.

Last night I had a presentation preceded and followed by some one-on-one discussion with Brad Zinn, the founder and co-chair of the Arizona's Associated Organization(Verify The Vote) to True The Vote. For Breitbart and Project Veritas fans, James O'Keef is scheduled to speak at True The Vote's 2012 national summit this upcoming weekend (April 27-28) in Houston, Texas. For those unaware, James was instrumental in exposing corruption with the Obama-linked organization ACORN. ACORN was also implicated in facilitating alleged voter fraud. James and Project Veritas recently produced several undercover investigative reporting videos demonstrating the ease of conducting voter fraud by simply requesting ballots in somebody else's name, including Attorney General Eric Holder. Nobody requested his ID or attempted to verify his identity. He never took a single ballot, though the election workers presented those ballots to him.  Hans Von Spakovsky (Former Federal Elections Commissioner) of the Heritage Foundation is also scheduled to speak. If you are able to be there (especially those of you living near Sheila Jackson-Lee's congressional district), you should register and attend.

Hilary Clinton and her supporters released a documentary exploring voter fraud during her primary against Barack Obama. This demonstrates that voter integrity laws are not a partisan issue. They affect both sides of the aisle. On both sides of the aisle, there are those who seek to steal power through unethical (and largely illegal) manipulation of votes.

There are several, though technically legal, ways that certain political machines seek to employ to manipulate specifically federal elections. The first is a group of proposed agreements between states in order to produce what is called a "National Popular Vote Compact". How this works is basically a group of states agree that their electoral votes from the agreeing states will automatically pass to the combined popular vote outcomes from their collective.

For an example, say Alaska (3 electoral votes) and California (55 electoral votes) had such an agreement. (They don't). If Alaska went by a vast majority for one candidate (say with 79% of popular vote) and California went for the other with 52% of that state's popular vote, this compact states that they combine all of their popular votes and both go to the overall popular winner. California's population vastly outnumbers Alaska's. So, by this compact, Alaska's 3 electoral votes would switch, by this compact, to whoever California selected. Think about that. Now, such compacts between states are 100% constitutional. They just require US Congressional approval.

The frightening fact is that some of these already exist. States already involved in this compact are: Vermont, Maryland, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and California. That comprises 132 electoral votes. There are 10 other states that have proposed in their state legislatures joining this compact that had the bill pass ONE house of their congress. There are two additional that have passed BOTH houses of their state legislatures and are awaiting signature from their governor or ratification from US Congress. You may want to look into what bills your state is considering. If applicable, you may want to start writing letters or circulating petitions.

This leads to a serious question: Is This The System The Framers Envisioned? NO. It isn't. The original intent behind the founders in the electoral college was to give closer to a fair and equal voice to the states. The powers of the federal government ARE, according to the intentions of the founders, granted by the individual states. In fact, if you review the Great Compromise that established the bicameral legislature and the electoral college, it was the primary selling point to get 9 of the 13 original colonies on board. Each state wanted an independent voice, not a collective one determined by a mass popular vote.

Another means of manipulating elections (both state and federal) is the concept of a full open-primary. Many are aware of the concept of an "open primary" where you can vote for any party despite claimed affiliation. that means an independent can still vote in a primary. they just have to pick which party's primary they choose to participate in. That is not a full open-primary. Here is how a full open-primary works. ALL candidates, regardless of party affiliation are placed on a ballot.each voter picks 2 names per office. Both candidates can be from the same party. That doesn't sound like too bad of an idea. However, current Democratic Party policy is to have exactly 2 candidates for any office. Consider that. If the GOP and Libertarians have a total of say 5 candidates among them, that splits conservative votes. The two socialist candidates get the nomination for the General Election, squeezing out all other candidates from the ballot in that state. California has already decided this is the type of primary they will have.

Now let's introduce George Soros and his cronies. Who certifies election results in most states? The Secretary of State. Most elections of state Secretaries of State are minor elections that people seem to not pay attention to. So, Soros allegedly dumps funding for the socialist leaning candidates that are ideologically allied with him.

Soros is suspected to be strongly linked to the SEIU labor union. The union has the contract to service digital polling machines in many states.

Soros has a 5-pahse plan to establish a Marxist-Marcuse-ian oligarchy to replace our Constitutional Republic:

1 - Establish a shadow government.
2 - Take Control of the Media (Now think of MMfA, MSNBC, most print papers, and CNN)
3 - Manufacture or Aggravate an Economic Collapse (take a look at the current recession and lack of recovery)
5 - Have the shadow government step in to "restore order"

This should scare you.

Soros is allegedly in bed with SEIU. SEIU is suspected to be one of the architects and organizing forces behind the "Occupy Movement".

Sources indicate that Occupy is planning a large-scale action in and around November 6th, 2012. they also plan to do smaller-scale events surrounding several primaries especially in so-called "swing states", as well as some states that are traditionally more conservative. What they plan to do is protest against places with digital polling not maintained by the SEIU as well as states that don't allow for voting via the internet. They plan to disrupt polling places to dissuade voters from actually going to the locations to vote. they call this "Occupy The Vote"

Another consideration to take into account is the transition away from voter registrars in most states. The "motor-voter" law of 1993 removes certified notaries form the process of voter registration. Now, people can register to vote when they get a state ID or a driver's license. In addition, however, now organizations can hire people to go door to door registering people to vote. These door-to-door registering volunteers (or employees, in most cases) do not know election law. In fact, in 2010 in Arizona, several groups had teenagers and illegal aliens going door to door to register people. These activities led to an unknown number of class 5 felons and illegal aliens registered to vote. They are not found to be fraudulent until they get summoned for jury duty, sometimes years later.

In "snowbird" states, this has also led to people registered in multiple states to vote, effectively getting to vote twice. From the 2008 elections, there have been 5 people convicted in Arizona of voting in both Arizona and another state in a federal election. That is 5 caught and prosecuted. The number of others not yet discovered is unknown.

This brings us back to Proposition 200. The law was upheld. In Arizona, like other states with Voter ID laws, a voter needs to provide their voter registration card along with state or federal identification (picture ID) at the polling places. On the STATE registration form, if not registering when acquiring a DL or state ID card, the registrant must provide proof of identity and citizenship. Question 21 on the AZ form requires this. That provision was upheld. If just voting in state elections, this law will help. Where it fails is that the same question on the FEDERAL form does NOT require such checks. It just states that it is perjury is caught.

These forms are usually turned in hours before the registration deadlines for any given election. This gives certification officials a less than adequate amount of time to sufficiently check names, signatures and the like against databases. This is how Sally Snowbird can get on the ballot in two states. This is how Franky Felon can get registered even though he's a class 4 felon. This is how Percy Pimpleface, a 15 year old, gets to vote. This is how Ursula Undocumented, an illegal alien, gets to vote. With the burden and time limit to get the voter registration cards out, many of these forms do NOT get checked, despite ID laws.

 Which form do you think possible La Raza, SEIU, ACORN, and other Soros-linked community action groups are going door to door with? The federal form that requires no ID or citizen certification. By the US Constitution, the federal law supersedes state, and that federal form MUST be accepted by state election officials for voting in federal elections. That is US Representatives, US Senators, and the Presidential elections.

Many states, including Arizona, have Permanent Early Voter Lists (PEVLs). These were designed for people who are home-bound or transportation impaired (or people who travel for business quite often and may be in another state on election day). They are a fairly good idea. However, many of these lists are not purged to remove class 5 and above felons or to remove "non-breathing" voters. So, a simple change-of-address card gets these early, mail-in ballots sent to other people who forge signatures. the law states that only one letter of the signature on the ballot needs to match the signature on file for the voter registration. ONE LETTER.

Also, though the state forms may require ID and proof of citizenship, the federal form does not. the state sends out an early ballot to somebody on the PEVL. There is nobody checking IDs for the early voters, only at polling places. Some organizations even will play "Good Samaritan" and pick up those early ballots for those who are "transportation impaired". One such organization is the socialist-leaning AARP. PEVL ballots are paper ballots that can be altered. Also, some voters will not bother to vote for all offices or resolutions. These "Good Samaritans" will gladly fill in those blanks for the voter.

Refer back to George Soros's 5-phase plan, phase 4 in particular.

Now for the final plot twist in all of this craziness. Obama's campaign strategy includes registering over 150,000 people in Arizona who oppose SB1070 due to its alleged discriminatory nature. Many of these may be people who are not eligible to vote for a variety of reason from being class 5 or above felons, being underage, being non-US citizens, or being outright illegal aliens. To top it off, most will probably be added to the PEVL and not have to present any form of ID at a polling location.

To put this in perspective, John McCain won his home state by only 195,000 votes in 2008. The most likely GOP nominee, Willard "Mitt" Romney is NOT from Arizona. His predicted margin is currently less than McCain's based upon polling of those who voted in the 2008 election. It is suspected that those 150,000 anti-SB1070 voters might be registered by groups funded directly or indirectly by ACORN, George Soros, La Raza, the SEIU, and/or Think Progress.

If that is the case in Arizona, what is going on in Ohio, Texas (look at the investigation involving possible voter fraud in Houston concerning the 2008 and 2010 elections), Florida, and many of the swing states. By the latest projections, the GOP is looking at only 191 probable electoral votes. Obama currently is counting on near 227. It takes 270 to win. There are 120 currently predicted up-for-grabs. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Time to Mix Those Primary Colors (Senate and House Races)

In 38 States and US Territories, Primary season is over. They have held their caucuses and primaries and candidates have been selected. While the race to 1144 delegates for the GOP Presidential Nomination continues, the candidates for Congressmen and Senators have risen to the top. It is time to get behind them.

Last week, Arizona held a special primary for the special election to fill the vacant seat left by Gabrielle Giffords. For reasons listed in this earlier article, I endorsed fellow US Army retiree, Frank Antenori. Frank remains one of my favorite politicians of the times. He holds true to the US Constitution that he took an oath to support and defend. He is a true grassroots Tea Party type guy that we need in Washington. However, the vote didn't pan out that way.

Jesse Kelly gave Giffords a hard fight in 2010. It was a close race. Given his past performance, he does stand the best chance to represent AZ-CD-8 in the US Congress. Though I would have much preferred Mr. Antenori, Mr. Kelly is not a bad choice, at all. Jesse is also an Iraq War veteran, though not as esteemed as Frank. His stance on Veterans' Issues is almost as forthright as Frank's. In addition, Jesse does also understand the primary issues regarding this mostly rural congressional district on the border with Mexico. He knows what the state needs to combat illegal immigration and the associated crimes: ID-Theft, Sex-Slavery, Human Trafficking, Gun Smuggling, and violence from drug cartels. CD-8 is also affected by two military bases: Fort Huachuca and Davis-Monthan AFB. So, the defense budget directly impacts this district. This CD also has a large military retiree and disabled veteran population. We have a nice "wine country" here. That "wine country" also contains pomegranate orchards among those mission-grape vineyards. We also have numerous cattle and horse ranches. Fires set along the borders can easily go unchecked for days before countered, especially those started within areas under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. Jesse will serve us well.

The primary is over. It is time to get behind Jesse Kelly. He will listen to your concerns. He will do what is best for the country and for Arizona. Back him for the Congressional seat. If he fails, he knows that two years from now, we'll put Frank there. So he has that incentive driving him at the very least.

John Kyl announced he is retiring, opening his Senate seat. I backed Will Cardon. He has leadership experience. He built his own successful business through his own hard work and merits. He represents many of the very ideas at the core of the Tea Party. He won the nomination. While people may attempt to use his lack of political experience against him, I refer those people to the Federalist Papers. He is the very idea of what the founders suggested as "near perfect" in the Senate. If you live in Arizona, you need to pay attention to what this man says. He gets it. He knows what this country is about and what we need in the US Senate, especially in these economically troubling times.

In other news, GOP establishment candidates are finding they are not exempt from the will of the people. Orren Hatch, who despises Tea Party members and conservative citizen-journalists, has been forced into a primary run in Utah. Conservatives have had enough of his "old-guard" blight and seek to put a patriot in his seat. If you are in Utah, time to vote for his opponent, Dan Liljenquist. 36 years (6 terms) in the US Senate is far too many years. That duration is far beyond those intended by our founders. While the founders did debate including term limits in the US Constitution, they had decided them unnecessary. They felt that common sense among the voters (in those times, the state legislatures themselves) would preclude such entrenching. It is more than apparent that Orren Hatch has lost sight of what his constituents want and need. He spends far too much time in DC, removed from the concerns of the people. It's time for him to retire to a nice ranch. Time to put 37 year old Liljenquist in the seat.

Down in Florida, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is in for the race of her life. Get behind Karen Harrington. She gets it. Not only does she get it, we all know that Wasserman-Schultz does not. Debbie has, time and again, failed to represent her constituents. She falls into lock-step with her Marxist puppet-masters, most prominently Barrack Obama. She does not care about Florida or her Congressional District. Ms. Harrington does. Don't take my word for it. Do your own research. Look at the data yourself. Make up your own mind. I am sure if you look at it objectively and stick to the facts instead of the propaganda pushed by the mainstream "news" media, you will back Karen as well.

Senator Feinstein of California is up for re-election. If elected, it will be her forth term. There are several great GOP candidates running to oppose her. The California Primary isn't until June. Look into those GOP candidates and pick the one that best serves your interests. I suggest Elisabeth Emkin. John Boruff isn't a bad choice, either. Whoever gets that GOP Nom, get behind them. It's time to rise up and break the hold the Marxists have over California. They are the reason California is experiencing some of the worst of the brunt of these economically troubling times. It is time to end that tax and spend, anti-prosperity stranglehold. California, it's the high taxes and out of control entitlement spending that are killing your state. 

If your state has already run your caucus or primary, it is time to take a look at who got the nominations. The Presidential race is not the only race of concern. We need to retain congressmen and senators in the US Congress that are connected to the people. We need to replace those who aren't. It's time to get behind your GOP nominees and defeat the socialists AKA progressives. If your primary has not yet occurred, research your candidates. Follow their speeches. Get into what they stand for and what key issues they represent. Raise your concerns to them. If they are grassroots, Tea Party type candidates, your concerns are far less likely to fall upon deaf ears. These are people who want to get the job and do the job. They are not people looking to retain a paycheck and collect kickbacks from lobbyists (such as the unions!). It's not like these races are important or anything. They just directly affect your life, your property, your income, your job, your kids, and your freedom. You know, nothing important at all.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Left's 'Wars' on Everything

The memes and narratives fill the airwaves and old paper published newspapers of the Mainstream Media (MSM) that are owned and controlled by the Democrat Media Complex (DMC). Media Matters for America (MMfA) and Think Progress get preferred treatment for their talking points while those messages coming from the people of America who love the US Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the documents that define their creation. It is clear now more than ever that the Marxist, Socialist, Fascist, Communist, Oligarchy-pushing, Utopian left has declared war on the United States.

This war is one where the weapons are many, but few are violent. I say "few are violent" because there are elements that have openly attacked private citizens or called for actual violence. If you doubt that, go on YouTube and look at archive footage of Occupy Oakland for but one example. Then take a look at the Black Panther party's call to incite racial violence over a single, non-racially motivated shooting. It was a tragedy. The incident was investigated. The shooter will have his day in court. But the Critical Race Theory demagogues lied and claimed nothing was being done. They turned a non-racial tragedy into a call for racial violence. Ignorant and brainwashed people bought into those lies and emotive, hate-filled rhetoric. To top it off, they called for violence against Caucasians when the shooter is from a Hispanic ethnic ancestry. It was an excuse to incite senseless violence.

However, by and large, the Left's wars are, at this time, ones of words, ideology, and propaganda. The only proper means to battle these wars is to return fire with the truth. It is to use facts, reason, logic, cited documentation and litigation and not to use any form of violence. 

The simple facts about all of the Left's "wars" are these:

1. They start them then claim they are just defending against some invented and non-existent ideal they ascribe to Conservatives. Usually, they find some conservative who made the mistake of compromising with the Left to hang out as a scapegoat.

2. They are all separate battles in one war against America and her founding principles. These principles can be found through reading various writings such as the Federalist Papers, The philosophies of Aristotle, Locke, and Montesquieu, Thomas Paine, James Madison, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. They misquote these writings, taking phrases out of context and comparing them with works of Rousseau, Hegel, Marx, Thomas Moore (Utopia), Marcuse, and Alinsky.

The list of these "wars" is growing. It has taken on a variety of subjects attacking various social demographics in an attempt to divide the people and pit them against each other. Among these demographics are the States themselves.

One of the recent "wars" is the "war on women". This was falsely attributed as initiated by conservatives. Their claims include claiming that an ultrasound prior to a surgical procedure is a form of rape. Ultrasounds, MRIs, and X-rays have been routine practice prior to other surgical procedures for years. One prior to having metal rods shoved into a cervix to force it open, then having a vacuum cleaner and scraping tool inserted into a uterus to scrape and suck out tissue just sounds like common sense. On a personal note, I had  a procedure on my genitalia when I was 25. I had several ultrasounds performed prior. I am glad they were done instead of the surgeon just cutting into there and exploring around before doing what had to be done. Without the ultrasounds, the procedure may have either not been done (it was necessary and saved my life) or been done "blind".

However this "war on women" was extended to include a false narrative that conservatives despise contraception. That is simply not true. Conservatives just want to pay for their individual contraception choices without having to pay for those of somebody else. If you want to play, you have to pay. It is called "individual accountability and responsibility", something the Left despises.

And this battle continues. It is designed to divide and segregate women: Those who are confident, strong, self-aware and self-reliant (Conservatives) versus those who seek the security of their "benevolent masters" who enslave them to government programs (Socialists). On fact that the Left continually ignores is that the most successful and wealthy (she earns it) of Sam Walton's children is his daughter, Alice. Alice may have benefit from inheriting a portion of her father's hard earned wealth. Well, it was Sam's money and his right to will what he earned. Another detraction of the left's narrative is one of their own, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is self-made, confident, strong, and very wealthy. Of course, her allegiance to the Left is because she wants to control those "poor people" through her well-advertised "altruism".

We won't even discuss the "Race War". It is beyond ridiculous to suggest the conservative principles of Abraham Lincoln which lined up with those same federalist principles in 1787 that strongly debated the morality and constitutionality of slavery dating back to the Constitutional Convention. The majority of the states actually had an abolitionist, conservative position dating back to our foundation.

On the subject of the "class warfare", it is clear that even the invention of classes in America is a Leftist attempt towards segregation and division. There are no classes in the US. If somebody claims a "middle" or "working" class of "freed serfs" or "freemen" ask them for proof such exist. By proof, I mean some clause in the US Constitution or some federal law or policy that legally establishes such things as classes. If there is some policy or law, it is Unconstitutional. There are no classes. They are an invented demographic created by the Left and statisticians. If there were classes, you wouldn't have people such as Steve Jobs who built his business from a hobby in a garage to a multi-billion dollar company. If there were classes, you wouldn't have Oprah Winfrey with her humble beginnings forming her now $2.5 BILLION company. If there were classes, Chris Gardner would not have gone from homeless single-parent to Billionaire. There are no classes in the US. There are artificially created current income brackets used for taxation purposes. Of course, these same tax brackets are also used, illegally, to determine congressional voting districts, etc.

Then there is the "battle" known as the "war on religion". The Left wants to establish a national religion known as ATHEISM. Atheism is a religion. It takes various forms varying form the nihilist sect to the worship of self, to the worship of scientific theory, to the worship of narcissists such as Hollywood celebrities, a Marxist President, etc. Notice, there is no claim coming from this author that Christianity should be the religion of choice. No, religion is a personal choice and a personal freedom. The US Constitution states that no laws can be passed infringing upon the freedom to believe, worship, and practice a religion. Not allowing any prayer or devotion in a public location such as a school or a courthouse IS forcing the religion of Atheism down the throats of the people. I don't care if the citizen is a druid who wants to take a cup of water and an electric candle out to a tree during recess or a Jew who wants to take a few minutes to say a kaddish, those practices should not be restricted from public locations such as schools, as long as all the religions of the demographic are allowed and not restricted. "I'm an atheist. Your prayer is offensive". Fine, read a book or go pick your nose. Nobody is forcing you to participate. You cannot restrict them from practicing any more than they can prevent you from sitting quietly and ignoring. Keeping people from praying IS you forcing your religion onto others.

These battles in the War on America are numerous. However, ones that don't seem to get the attention they should are some of the more dangerous ones -- the ones against the states. For example, take the Recall Election of Governor Walker in Wisconsin. The Marxists want the Proletariat to overthrow the elected governor of a state with a constitutional republic form of government. "Workers of  the state unite". Walker led the state congress to pass a budget and several laws for the benefit of the state and each individual. He increased individual freedom, accountability, and responsibility. Why the uproar against liberty? The answer is simple, the Marxist labor unions don't want their slaves freed. It is that simple. They want the union comprachicos (public school "teachers") and other government bureaucrats subjugated and dependent upon the unions for their livelihood, health, property, and security. By controlling their minions, they control voting. By controlling voting, union leaders join the Marxist Oligarchy. Oligarchies are the fundamental rulers in tyranny. This is their ultimate goal. It is not to increase the liberties of the union members.

 Another state the Left has declared war upon is Arizona. The issues are numerous. Each is taken as a separate issue so people ignore the aggregate.

One such issue is illegal immigration and border enforcement. Among various laws passed in Arizona is SB1070. SB1070 was passed in the wake of the murder of Robert Krentz. Krentz's case was not the first nor has it been the last attributed to illegal immigrants, "coyotes", sex-slavers, gun-runners, or drug smugglers along the Arizona border. Robert's widow was also a victim of the unlawful conduct of illegal immigrants. She was struck and almost killed by a drunk driver in Douglas, AZ. That drunk driver was an illegal alien. To support and bolster the federal laws already in place, Arizona passed SB1070. The Arizona law mirrors the federal law, except it is more restrictive towards local and state police in prohibiting racial profiling. That actually makes sense as more than one race comes across that border illegally. 17% of  the illegal aliens coming across the border are from the Middle East, for example. For supporting the federal law, the Left's response was a suit against the state filed by AG Eric Holder.

Eric Holder then took aim against Arizona by attacking many of  the state's county Sheriffs, including Joe Arpaio and Paul Babeu. These attacks re-surged in the wake of Eric Holder's Operation Fast and Furious directly led to the murder of Border Patrol SRT Agent Brian Terry. At the time of that killing, the Left's Janet Napolitano had executed a policy called "Turn Back South" in Arizona. This policy directed ICE and BP agents to not arrest or halt illegals, but to point them back towards the border. This policy led to hundreds of illegals dying of exposure (or contact with wildlife) in the area known as "The Devil's Highway". This same policy has led to American Citizens being banned from portions of National and State parks, leaving them open to exploitation by smugglers and infiltrators.

Fast and Furious was intended to be used to demagogue for anti-2nd Amendment legislation and policies. These  were further aggravated by the shooting of Rep. Gabriel Giffords. The irony is that, though blamed on the Tea Party, the shooter held a leftist and socialist ideology. Instead of  helping to prosecute illegal arms trade with cartels and terrorists, Fast and Furious was used to attack the US Citizens, legal gun dealers, who assisted the ATF, FBI, and ICE. How does this affect Arizona? Arizona is known to be among the states with the fewest laws that violate the Second Amendment. Arizona not only has "shall issue" concealed carry laws, it has open carry laws. In Arizona, if you can legally own the weapon, you can carry it, as long as it is in open view, without a permit. (There's that "bear arms" part of the Second Amendment being enforced). To further irk the left's hatred of the Second Amendment, Arizona has also passed a law allowing citizens, with some key restrictions, to carry concealed without a permit. Certain zones still require a permit. But Larry Law-Abiding can walk from his house to the local deli with his concealed pistol, no permit needed.

The Left does not want the citizens to arm and protect themselves. Arizona is a state of ranches and rural areas where law enforcement can take up to an hour to respond. The Left wants people dependent upon the government, the oligarchy, thus enslaved by them. If you disarm the people, you can control them. If you can disarm them, you take their lives out of their hands and place it in the hands of the government or the criminals (sometimes one in the same thing). That is a violation of Natural Rights as described by Locke and explicitly stated in the Declaration of Independence. It is one of the primary reasons for the Second Amendment. The federal government gets an army and gets law enforcement (militia). So individual citizens get the Second Amendment to balance this out in an effort to mitigate a potential propensity for these militia to be used as tools to impose tyranny. Arizona and her laws stand against that disarmament and in support of the Second Amendment.

Another issue in the Left's war against Arizona is in Education. Arizona's public school record is  abysmal. The reasons why are the national standards and US Dept of Education policies work together from opposite directions to accomplish this. First, these standards call for certain levels to be attained. Of course, these standards are lowered at regular intervals. Then the USDoEd imposes restrictions and policies that keep public schools from accomplishing these standards. Non-English speaking students are given special classes instead of being taught English (or in English), by these federal regulations. Arizona has passed laws that, IAW the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution as well as against attempts to reinstate segregation, outlaw special classes that restrict any student from attending. That means that classes in Hispanic Heritage and History must be taught in a manner that non-Hispanics can take the classes. The same law outlaws any class that singles out any race as superior or inferior to another. The Left hates that. Why? It counters their desires to divide people based upon race. Federal Suits have been filed claiming racism for Arizona Laws that actually fight against racism and segregation. The Left's narrative to Hispanics is "See, they want to keep you down. They are against diversity!" This is false. If non-Hispanics are not allowed in these classes, then diversity cannot exist. What the laws do is promote diversity as well as keep any demographic from getting special treatment under the law.

In addition, Arizona has one of  the best charter school programs and homeschooling support programs in the country. The Left wants students in their public schools where their union comprachicos can indoctrinate them in Marxist, Marcuse-ian, and Frankfurt School ideologies. They abhor children being taught to think for themselves, collect facts, and learn how to make individual decisions based upon those facts. So the Left targets Arizona's education programs. Why? It opposes their desire to enslave the kids. The home-school and charter schools also keep money out of the Marxist Oligarchy's pockets, reducing their influence on the government. Fewer union dues and fewer members means less ability to enslave teachers under their promises of dependency.

Next we have the US Dept. of Energy and their "green energy" hypocrisy. I wrote about that hypocrisy here: The Ecologic Cost of Windmills -- 'Green' Hypocrisy. These "wind farms" not only kill raptors, thus having a drastic and negative impact on the ecology of our desert, but they are ugly spots of blight upon otherwise beautiful landscapes.

Read This Article from on the "wind farms" in  Coconino County, Arizona.

These "wind farms" also fail to actually provide enough energy to justify their costs. They cost more to operate than they can contribute to revenue. Due to US Dept. of Energy tyranny, Arizona was strong-armed into having 15% of its electricity generated from "renewable sources". So, funding was sunk into these counter-productive and fund-sucking economic sinkholes. Now, Arizona is considering leaning towards more solar alternatives. Hopefully the "smart guys" will take a hard look at the solar energy companies that are falling into bankruptcy like dominoes. Does the name Solyndra ring a bell with anybody? They are but one of numerous such companies to prove unable to generate a profit. These "alternative, renewable energy sources" do not yet have technology at a level that is cost productive. First gasoline and coal prices skyrocket due to government regulations inducing an artificial lack of supply. Next, due to these "renewable sources", it will cost more to charge your $50k electric car to go 30 miles than that 1-2 gallons of gas costs for the same trip. Why? It is because these "renewable" sources of electricity reduce supply and cost too much to provide an adequate amount of power to meet the demand. Of course, the Left wants this. They want people to flock to cities where they can huddle around the government issued fluorescent bulb to read during the government rationed hour people will be allowed by the good graces of the lords and masters of the Marxist Oligarchical Tyrants.

The Left and their bureaucrats in their growing and encroaching oligarchy within the Executive Branch of the federal government attack Arizona from yet another direction. In the early summer of 2011, several wildfires destroyed national forests as well as state, county, and private lands throughout Arizona. One such wildfire was the Monument Fire.

I was among the volunteers fighting the fire, clearing brush, evacuating citizens, providing food and necessities, and worrying about how many days it would be until I lost my home. The local firefighters and volunteers had a plan. They had prioritized what properties needed to be defended against the beast first and which infrastructures needed to be protected first. Federal assets were needed to accomplish this goal. We will never know if the local experts, used to battling fires in the mountainous desert of  the area, had a better plan. With those federal assets came their "experts". Those "experts" don't live here. They don't know life in the desert. They really didn't care, either. They took over the fight. Speaking to several firefighters, they were stopped from doing what they knew had to be done by these "federal authorities". The local experts surmised, however, that the federal plan probably allowed the fire to burn days longer than it should have, and cost millions of dollars more in damage than the plan the locals wanted. Among the infrastructure destroyed were key water lines running through the national forest.

Some of the lines were destroyed directly by the Monument Fire. Others were destroyed by the mudslides that resulted form the 2011 Monsoon Season that started in early July. The grasses, trees, and mountain vegetation burned away. Those plants no longer existed to suck up much of that water. They also no longer existed to hold the soil and rocks in place. In many of those areas, the local plan could have kept the fire from reaching those areas. But the "federal experts" thought other areas took priority. The locals that understand the area were ignored. The result were that large rocks and boulders broke loose and crushed the water lines. 

Those water lines supply many towns in Cochise County to include the historic Tombstone, Arizona. The National Park Service now refuses to allow those water lines to be rebuilt. So, the Left now attacks Arizona by cutting off the water supply to towns such as Tombstone. The irony is that the extend of damage to those lines may be due to the ineptitude of the "federal authorities" that took over the battle against the Monument Fire. To exacerbate this issue further, the fire was started in an effort to tie up Federal and Local law and border enforcement assets so drug smugglers, sex-slavers, human traffickers, and gun runners could conduct their illicit activities in areas from where those assets were diverted in order to battle the blaze the criminals started. It leads one to question if the lack in effective border enforcement contributed to the starting of the fire in the first place.

On May 11, 2012, John Stossel interviewed Darcy Olsen of the Goldwater Institute about the issue. It's been almost a year since the fires and mudslides destroyed much of the Coronado National Forest, including water pipes the serve Tombstone, Palaminas, and Hereford Arizona: 

For further examples of the Left's war against the individual states, look at the suits over Voter ID Laws. Next look at the suits against state's immigration laws. Look at the attacks against "Stand Your Ground" and "Castle Doctrine" laws. Look at the imposition of USDA policies to inspect your kids lunches brought from home at your local public schools. Look at the PPACA ("Obamacare") and the states singled out for nullifying the unconstitutional legislation.

An example of how Leftist propaganda leads to mass atrocities, look at the reign of National Socialist Adolf Hitler and his Oligarchy. He murdered 11 million people. How did he get away with it? How was he able to do so without the German people standing up and questioning it? Simple, he lied to them. He disarmed all but his chosen few. He controlled the press. He put out his lies and narratives. By the time people realized what was going on, it was too late. It is not too late here. But we need to start now.

The Left is in a propaganda and policy war against this country and its founding principles. It is time to fight back. It is not too late. Don't trust the propaganda on the Mainstream Media. Fact-check everything they say. Research their narratives and look for what they are NOT saying. Fight their attempts at mind-control by feeding your own mind. Seek your own truth. Weigh all the facts and all your perceptions against what they are saying. Do the math. Weigh the facts and assessments of dissenting experts. Make up your own mind. THINK for yourself. Then speak up. Write. Tweet. Blog. VOTE! Do NOT let them tell you what to think, what to care about, who to believe, what or where to worship.

In the art and philosophy of Aikido, we are taught to take an opponent's energy and attack and to turn it against them. The idea is to redirect their energy in a positive direction. Failing that, you direct it towards a state of non-aggression where it is no longer a threat. The best answer is to turn an enemy into an ally. That not only weakens the evil of the opposition, but strengthens the defense of good. Use their narratives against them. Add your facts forcing them to agree with what is right, or to admit they are lying, deceptive, and destructive. Enable them to expose themselves for what they are. Help them defeat themselves, then help them to see the truth and make up their own minds, once the programming and brainwashing done by their comprachicos has been dispelled.

Choose: Accept Inevitability or Fight Tyranny

If you have any doubts about Barack Obama's extreme and radical agenda in undermining the US Constitution and undoing over 200 years of American progress and prosperity than you haven't been paying attention.

If you need a complete rehashing of  the data, you are looking in the wrong place. Go to your search bar and start doing the research. The proof dates back all the way to his birth. This is not a suggestion that he isn't a US Citizen. His mother was a citizen. The concerns begin with the circumstances of his ideological upbringing starting with how and where his mother raised him and the bedtime stories he was most likely told.

However, here is a synopsis of some of Obama's more questionable associations. His maternal grandparents were self-confessed communists who preferred the tyrannies of Stalin, Mao, and Castro to US Constitutional liberty. Obama's father was a self-confessed communist. Obama's mother despised the US. He was not raised by patriots that supported American Exceptionalism.

His grade-school education was in an Islamic Madrassa that was later tied to the Abu Sayyaf arm of Al Qaeda. That does not mean they supported the group when Obama attended. However, the seeds of that extremism were planted in that school at some point long before they supported such groups. The question of when that happened lead to questioning if Obama was there when the seeds were being planted. Obama's collegiate and early adult influences include Frank Marshal Davis and Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers avoided incarceration as the terrorist he is due to some FBI procedural mistakes and failure to get proper warrants during their investigations. The facts remain that Ayers was directly involved in bombing the San Francisco and New Your City police headquarters buildings. Obama is directly linked  to Derrick Bell, a known supporter of racial division (Critical Race Theory)  and opponent to Martin Luther King's teachings.

If any further evidence is required concerning Barack's disrespect and disregard for our American Heritage, Republic, and Constitution then look no further than his recent remarks concerning the Supreme Court's deliberations over the Affordable Care Act AKA "Obamacare". He denies the high court's duty of judicial review and ignores the landmark case of Mabury v Madison. For a "Professor of Constitutional Law", it appears he failed all of his constitutional law classes. Some may attempt to compare those statements to Newt Gingrich's comments regarding tort and judicial reform in accordance with the provisions of the US Constitution. There is a vast difference. Newt was not contradicting the high court's authority. He was stating the checks and balances regarding all three branches to have some form of policing power over the other two. The Senate can impeach the president, for example. Congress also has powers to grow or reduce the number of courts subordinate to the Supreme Court. That is not the same as Obama's statements that the Supreme Court, since unelected, has no power to judge the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress and enacted by the President. Every high school graduate should know that.

So it comes upon those of us who love our Constitution and our way of life to champion a candidate who will oust this tyrant. We do this in the voting booth. Our weapons are our voices. In America, we do not evict rulers and empower leaders and legislators through force of violence. We do so through the will of the people. We vote.

We must find a champion. We may not like the one that rises to the top of the field. However, come November 6th 2012, we must give that chosen representative our full backing.

Regardless of your preference, it has become apparent that nominee will most likely be Mr. Willard "Mitt" Romney. He is not the preferred choice, no. In fact, that nominee may have been hand-picked by the DNC as their opponent of choice. I could find no direct proof of this. It is a suspicion based upon other Democratic Party leaders' political maneuvers.

In Arizona, the Democratic Party influenced the outcome of the GOP Primary as they chose the nominee to run against Rep. Gabby Giffords in AZ-CD-8. The Demoncratic Party (spelling intentional) openly campaigned for Jesse Kelly as the GOP nominee to run against Giffords. Why? The felt he was too weak to beat Giffords. They turned out to be correct. As the primary for the special election for Gifford's replacement nears, they admit to doing the same. Pay attention to Jeff Rodgers' remarks.

On Arizona Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Friday, March 23, 2012, Jeff Rodgers, Pima County Democrat Party Chairman, stated that the Democrat party weighed in on the 2010 Republican primary and stunningly admitted to putting up "Payday Paton" signs to "push it (election) over to Kelly". He went on to state, "we will be happy to run against him and beat him again".
If the Democrats are doing this sort of thing in an Arizona Congressional Election, can there be any doubt that this tactic is also being employed in other primaries including the GOP Presidential Primary? It is more commonly used than you may think. In open primaries, so far, many Democrats have voted in GOP nomination primaries. In fact, Rick Santorum even campaigned to have Democrats cross the aisle and vote for him in Michigan. It is evident he knew that was occurring and suspected that the hive-mind was trying to direct  them to vote for Mitt.

A recent concern about Mitt rises with his recent statements about "New Media". Mitt's comments that there is a "lack of quality control" in the blogoshpere and among new media outlets such as the Drudge Report and amounts to his concerns that such outlets will continue to report and write without government oversight. There is a word for when the government provides oversight and filtering of news outlets:  CENSORSHIP. It demonstrates that Mitt fears an inability to censor and direct this profound information outlet in order to back his own propaganda machine if and when he gets into office. He has seen that these outlets already challenge the propaganda spins MSNBC and CNN with complicity enjoins Media Matters for America and Think Progress in publishing.

Despite these concerns, however, the numbers indicate the inevitability that Mitt will be the nominee. Though the primary season is at its halfway mark, any other candidate will have to pull off a 4th quarter miracle to get that nomination. It is not impossible. However, there are fears that such a candidate will leave the conservative field so fractured that Obama will have an easy victory. That is most likely the DNC's next phase. To defeat that tactic, it's time to set the field to get behind whoever that nominee is, regardless if it is Romney or Newt or Santorum. To be honest, I think the strongest ticket would be Mitt for POTUS with Newt as his running mate, at this point. Newt's experience as Speaker of the House lends very well to the Vice President's role as President of the Senate, something Joe Biden appears to have failed to perform, allowing Harry Reid to act in his stead.

The bottom line is that Obama MUST be defeated on November 6th. Conservatives, Moderates, Libertarians, Patriots, TEA Party members, Constitutionalists, and lovers of American Exceptionalism must get behind that one opponent who stands the best chance to beat Obama once the general election begins. To further defeat the Marxist agenda to destroy our country, we must get behind those candidates in Congressional and Senate general elections that can defeat Obama's Marxist cronies such as Ditzy Debbie Hand-Puppet (Wasserman-Shultz), Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi.

New Media bloggers and journalists need to get out and seek the truth. Get it out there. Grassroots efforts need to step up. Citizens and Patriots need to get out and make sure that our voices are heard. One message needs to be clear: "NO MORE! We Want Our Country Back!"

Failing to do so will result in an inevitability of four more years of tyranny under Obama. There is little doubt, based upon his actions and his recent comments to President Medvedev that Obama seeks to destroy what we have spent over 200 years building should he be re-elected. After those four additional years, the damage will so extensive it will take decades to repair. Obama promised "hope and change" as euphemisms for his desire to turn the USA into the USSR and Warsaw Pact of the 1970s. (Do you really want to stand in line for 4 hours for a chance to buy a loaf of bread like they had to in Poland?) As a casual reminder, the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. The USSR collapsed in 1991. The collapse led to the ethnic violence in the former Yugoslavia under the Socialist tyrant Slobodan Milosevic. That is what Obama wants, racial and economic division that creates a channel for  a tyrannic oligarchy to take control of our lives and eliminate the blessings of liberty guaranteed by the US Constitution.

I have joined a group dedicated to the efforts of divulging the truth and taking back our Republic. #BreitbartNet on Twitter. For more information on the group and our mission, click here. Sitting on the fence and remaining passive and apathetic is support for the deconstruction of our Republic. Time to stand up and be active. It's time to pick a side. It is time to fight for your country.

Friday, April 13, 2012

We DO Need Parental Guidance Here pt. 2

Part One went straight for the figurehead, the one who wants his face on the $1 bill. It was not complete. It hit some highlights to get people thinking. The Narcissist-Marxist #Occupying the White House needs to be exposed for not only his lack of accomplishments, but his complete failures.

Should the US Supreme Court do the logical and obvious necessity of repealing the whole of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also know as "Obamacare"; Obama would be left with one accomplishment:  Allowing Navy SEALs to take out Usama bin Laden. In reality, that is all he did. He didn't come up with the plan. He didn't face a huge moral decision. He sat with his military advisers and the National Security Adviser who told him "It's go now. We found him. We have a plan. We have the forces arrayed. Just give the order then you can go back to bed. We did all the work and you can go and pretend you can have  the credit."  In reality, he didn't do anything except cave to those who did know better. You know he had to check his campaign advisers, first, to find out what the impacts on his re-election would be one way or the other. He cares nothing for the security and defense of our nation. If he did, he would not be apologizing to our enemies for their attacking us.

This next scolding is for one of his most staunch supporters. It is directed towards the Representative for Florida and Chairperson for the Demon-cratic National Committee otherwise known as the US National Workers Socialist Party and the US Communist Party and the US Khmer Rouge.  If you do not yet know the name Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, otherwise known as "Ditzy Debbie Hand-Puppet", then you've been living under a cow patty, taking nourishment from the excrement. Yes, if you are not enlightened on who this woman is, you are a mushroom. That is fine. Through the magic of Google,, and other new media outlets, you can be quickly transformed into an informed human being.

How dare you, Debbie? Who do you think you are?

That second question gives Mrs. Wasserman-Schultz a large benefit of the doubt. The words that spew from her mouth leave great doubts that she can even think in the first place.

How dare you, Debbie, claim to be a Jew? You extol moral relativism and ethics that are contrary to the base beliefs of the religion. You are NOT a rabbi. Who do you think you are?

How dare you support National Socialist programs designed to enslave the people of  the US?

You must have failed history. National Socialism is the political ideology of  Hitler, the man who called for the murder of the disabled. Instead of, for now, calling for their extermination, you cry out to enslave them to a socialist government-issued check. For those unaware, under social security disability, those people are then restricted from working over a certain number of hours a week, and earning above a certain wage. In other words, it keeps them down, enslaved, and dependent. If such a person were still able to type and write, they would lose that hand-out if they were to write, say, a cookbook that sold enough copies to earn them $30k in a year. The policies you support tell them that hey are not capable of doing anything to better their own lives. You tell them they have no more merit. You tell them they are done, dependent, weak, unskilled.

That same socialism and the Marxist ideology of your lord and master, Obama, and his mentors:  Ayers, Alinski, Davis, Marx, and Marcuse; were responsible for attempted genocide of Jewish people around the world. Stalin and his ilk persecuted Jews, killing millions of them in the USSR. Hitler and the Nazis in Germany's attempted genocide during the Holocaust are well documented. Take a trip to Dachau is you have any doubts. You can still smell the death. How dare you claim to be a Jew and support a political system that is unapologetic and  responsible for such atrocities? Like Hitler, you hate your own ancestry, calling for actions against Israel and denying any possible need for contingency plans concerning Iran as they attempt to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal. You are an enemy facilitator responsible for enslaving your own people. Moses looks upon you with shame. Who do you think you are?

How dare you claim to know anything about economics? From your own rhetoric, it is clear you failed basic mathematics in grade school. You most likely paid some math whiz to take your calculus and statistics exams for you in college. If not, you should pull those books off of your shelf and study them. You contradict the studies done by the CBO. You spew figures that not only lack complete logic, but have no empirical data to back them up. They are obviously fabricated figures based solely upon fantasy. You then claim to be a subject matter expert despite having no credibility in the fields of economics and finance. In fact, your BA is in Political Campaigning, not in economics, civics, law, finance, or any functions of government. It is in propaganda. A high school student that has paid attention in his economics class should see through your lies. They are that obvious. We are not that stupid. Only those under-educated people you wish to keep enslaved grant you any credibility. Who do you think you are?

How dare you, Debbie, support the PPACA? The majority of your own constituents do not want this law. It is over 2,000 pages long. any bill longer than the US Constitution is cumbersome. Laws should be written in terms common people can understand. How else can they be expected to comply? I guess your answer to that is "just do what you are told, and we, your masters in the oligarchy, will take care of you, trust us". We do not trust you. You voted for that bill without even reading it yourself. That is blatantly irresponsible. This subject alone serves as an example of how you have failed to do your job. Who do you think you are?

How dare you push "Critical Race Theory" over supporting the military members that support and defend the US Constitution. We know why you do so. You hate the US Constitution. You hate our founding principles. You hate individual liberty and freedom. You don't see individuals. You see groups of cattle, slaves that you want to control. You wish to incite racial division. You claim to be Jewish. You may have Hebrew ancestry, but your actions have already proven to be anything but in line with the religion of Judaism. In fact, you have openly supported making Atheism the religion of choice in public venues of our country. You have supported Obama and the Marxist war on religion. Then you make statements making special favors for certain races over others. You did so in attacks on bills designed  to support and care for the brave warriors in our military, and those veterans who served honorably, especially those career-military retirees that sacrificed the first halves of their adult lives for this country. Then you claim they don't deserve the same protections under Hate Crime legislation as other groups. That is a violation of the 14th Amendment. Perhaps you've heard of it since you love to misuse it quite often. Who do you think you are? 

How dare you Debbie, pervert the "4th Estate", the press?  You tell them what facts to filter and what misinformation to report. You give them talking points to spin their commentary away from the true issues, attempting to take the public perceptions away from facts and issues that should be important to the people. You use them to tell people what to be concerned about, what to think. When appearing in mainstream media interviews, you deny facts and attempt to suppress them with hyperbolic and baseless opinions that lack substantiation from empirical data. Claiming that the decreased unemployment percentage is due to failed socialist and Keynesian programs is partially true. The reality is they reflect more people leaving the workforce, not more people gaining employment.  You do so in an attempt to control people's minds and enslave them. That is a direct violation of the First Amendment. Who do you think you are?

How dare you, Debbie, spew the talking points of your lord and master, Obama, instead of being the voice of your constituents? You job is not to be a hand-puppet on the arm of Obama and his handlers.  You were elected to represent the people of your congressional district. Moral Relativism has no place in your job. I will agree that Madison warned about the "Tyranny of the Majority". However, when you ascribe to the "Tyranny of the Socialist Oligarchy" over the moral outrage of your constituents, you are committing an even worse evil. You were elected to represent, not to rule. You defraud your constituents by taking a paycheck yet time and again fail to do the job you were hired to do. You are a disgrace to those representatives of integrity that share the House floor with you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Who do you think you are?

Monday, April 9, 2012

We DO Need Parental Guidance Here (Part 1)

There has come a time for people to be held accountable. Once upon a time, those morals and responsibilities were instilled unto us by our parents, teachers, preachers, rabbis, and elders.

Looking at the "senior leadership" of our country, it appears that mom and dad failed many of them.

Now comes the time for a good old-fashioned scolding. It's time that certain politicians heed the words their parents never imparted upon them when they overstepped their bounds, acted irresponsibly, and claimed authority they were not permitted.

"Who Do You Think You Are?"

"How Dare You?"

These questions are being asked. They are being aimed at some specific people. The rest of us demand answers. We demand accountability. We demand personal responsibility. When asking "who permits the government their authority?" The answer is simple. The US Constitution is unique in that it is not the government granting rights and authority to the people, it is the people and the states granting limited authority to the federal government.

Barack Hussein Obama, Who do you think you are? How Dare you?

How dare you announce that you are ready to "rule" the US? If you look at our founding documents, we have no nobility in this country. We have no "rulers". We are not North Korea. Who do you think you are?

How dare you claim to know the "plight" of the once enslaved families that were freed by the 13th Amendment on December 6, 1865?  Your father was not an American. Your family was never part of  that infamous period of our history. If you knew the history of our nation, the more staunch supporters of Natural Rights and the founding principles of our US Constitution opposed slavery. At the time of the ratification of the US Constitution, 8 states opposed slavery and already had state laws prohibiting it. You use your skin color to commit a fraud and deceive the people of this country. You cannot change the facts of our history.  Who do you think you are defrauding the people of America with such a claim?

How dare you make that same claim of opposing slavery yet be complicit or complacent in regards to modern human trafficking and sex slavery within, into, and exported from these United States? Drugs, weapons, and sex slaves are among the greatest crimes conducted in conjunction with illegal immigration. Failure to secure our border is, at the least, criminal negligence with complacency. Refusing to allow Texas and Arizona to take steps to secure their portions of the border is an action complicit with facilitating those crimes. Who do you think you are?

How dare you remain supportive and mostly silent regarding the criminal actions of your Attorney General, Eric Holder? You know about his plans concerning Fast and Furious. You knew there would be no accountability of these weapons. You allowed Holder to be complicit in the murder of Brian Terry. You failed to hold him accountable. You hold the high responsibility for your staff and cabinet. Who do you think you are?

How dare you not chastise Eric Holder in his suits against states that wish to increase voter integrity? Do you not support lawful elections? Your sycophants cry out that these laws are prejudiced against minorities. Do you claim them as inferior people who are not capable of acquiring legal identification? That means that you believe minorities are incapable of driving. That means you believe minorities are incapable of getting a library card. That means you believe minorities are incapable of purchasing many items including alcohol, tobacco, or anything requiring a credit card or an EBT card. Do you think minorities stupid and inferior? Who do you think you are?

How dare you attempt to mandate what people must purchase with the money they earned through the fruits of their labors? This is an assault against the Natural Rights our country is founded upon. The founding principles as described in the writings of Locke, Madison, Jay, Hamilton, Washington, and Jefferson directly oppose that concept. It is as un-American as calling the President "Your Highness". It is a clear violation of the limits placed upon the federal government by the US Constitution, a document of which you falsely claim to be an expert. Who do you think you are?

How dare you impose your will over parental rights and execute unconstitutional executive orders allowing public employees to violate our children's 4th Amendment rights. I will agree that school lockers are the property of the school. However, a child's lunch box is the property of the child or the child's parents. You have no right to tell a child that her parents are not feeding her right. To make this more laughable are the documented cases where a lower-quality and less nutritious meal was substituted. Then, you attempt to fine the parents who provided a proper lunch in the first place by forcing them to pay for your substitutions. Your executive order does nothing less than attempt to tell parents how to raise their own children. Inspecting those lunches without a warrant is a violation of the 4th Amendment, plain and simple. Those teachers and administrators work for US. They do not have that authority. We do not grant it to them. You have no right to countermand the 4th Amendment. A bigger travesty is that you have the gall to use OUR kids as pawns against us to enforce your totalitarian and tyrannic policies. Who do you think you are?

How dare you instigate a war against religions in the US? You propose a mandate under the unconstitutional PPACA in order to force religious groups to violate their beliefs. That is a violation of the First Amendment. You strive to push religions out of public areas. That is in direct violation of the First Amendment. You may claim that the amendment states "congress". Read Articles 1 and 2 of the US Constitution. You do NOT have the power to legislate at all. Atheism is a religion. It is the religion of no-gods. Forcing religion out of the schools, parks, public buildings, and court rooms is attempting to dictate a national religion -- atheism. You have your cronies and comprachicos in the schools teaching kids to worship you in place of the deities traditionally worshiped by their families. You are not a deity, despite your inflated ego. Who do you think you are? 

How dare you attempt to undo the progress and works of civil rights leaders from the past? You demagogue a local case of an unfortunate and tragic shooting in order to increase racial divisions undoing 155 years of hard work to eliminate racial divide and inequality. You falsely claim the shooter as a race he is not, and make race the issue of the shooting. You do so in order to not only increase racial division but as part of an effort to subvert revoke the Second Amendment. That is an act of sedition. Look the word up. Then you support a group that has now committed criminal solicitation calling for racial violence and "blood to be spilled". You support them instead of rebuking them. That is beyond irresponsible. It is criminal. By the Tenth Amendment, it is also a gross and blatant abuse of your office. Who do you think you are?

How dare you apologize to our nation's enemies who attacked us? Your home was invaded by criminals intent on molesting your children and murdering you wife. They destroyed your property and openly threatened to do so to your neighbors, many of which they already attacked. Then you apologized to them for their doing so. Since, you have turned a blind eye to their increasing their offensive capabilities. You have enabled, aided, and abetted them in infiltrating your home and your neighbors' homes through refusal to improve border security. Instead, you imposed tyrannic policies and orders upon your children and your neighbors restricting their abilities to defend themselves, leaving them more vulnerable. Removing the symbolism, you have restricted the liberties and self-defense capabilities of our citizens. You have allowed Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, and Iran to gain more power and become greater threats to our national security. In doing so, you also violated treaties with several allies such as the UK and Israel. Who do you think you are?

How dare you waste vital revenue on unconstitutional subsidies to businesses you knew were doomed to fail? If a stock broker on Wall Street used that sort of information to intentionally waste his clients' money he would face a long jail sentence for the fraud. Yet you do the same. Then you chastise those financial, securities, and investment brokers on Wall Street who succeed as "greedy". You chastise those who made honest mistakes with no malice, no intent of fraud, and not unethical or illegal actions. What makes you exempt from the same criticism? Who do you think you are?

How dare you take your parents' credit card and check book and spend money beyond the limits of those accounts? How dare you then borrow from the loan shark across the Pacific ocean using your parents', your neighbors', your children's, and your grand-children's capital as collateral? While your predecessor spent in deficit at an alarming rate over his eight years in that office, you have outspent him at by almost 50% in just 3 years. Your financial irresponsibility is beyond criminal. We understand that your cronies in the Senate have assisted in this. You propose an unrealistic and irresponsible budget. You were told "no". So you act like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum instead of accepting a reasonable budget. You direct your cronies in the Senate to not accept that budget. You claim to be the responsible adult in the room. Your actions prove to be those of an ignorant spoiled brat. When told to spend in accordance with the law, instead you stop your feet, cry, and attempt to deflect blame onto those who provide you your allowance. You demand that, instead of spending wisely, we increase your allowance to a point that is bringing the household near bankruptcy. Who do you think you are? 

How dare you claim to be a modern Lincoln? You claim to be opposed to a social hierarchy  defined by unequal opportunity. Yet you support further enslavement of the people to the government though increasing dependency upon government subsidies for basic needs. Instead of encouraging, facilitating, and motivating people to become more self-sufficient, the bastion and necessity of true freedom and liberty; you execute policies and programs designed to make them more dependent. You do so while using force against those who do, lawfully and ethically, pursue happiness through their own toil, effort, and merit. That is called theft. Forcing them to work, against their will, for the benefit of another is called slavery. You are a hypocrite. Your policies have slowed the recovery and kept employment artificially decreased. The unemployment rate has decreased mostly because more and more people have either given up seeking employment or been prematurely removed from the workforce just because their government handouts have run out. To replace the subsidies of "unemployment", you have issued policies enabling and encouraging healthy citizens to claim handouts for "disabilities" such as depression due to inability to find employment, or their personal failure to learn how to read, among numerous other false "disabilities". We are not your subjects. You are not our "benevolent ruler". You are our employee. Who do you think you are?

How dare you strive to keep your past a sealed and closed secret? What are you hiding? Do you feel the citizens have no right to know the character of their "dear ruler"? Even Hitler had much of his past in the open for the sheep in Germany he duped into following his evil, socialist cause. It is not your skin color that matters to the American people, as your sycophants and propagandists falsely claim. It is your character as a man and as a citizen that we question. Your actions and associations dictate the patterns that define that character. So far, we know you are a close associate of a known domestic, socialist terrorist named Bill Ayers. We know you were mentored by the known racial division and conflict demagogue, Derrick Bell. We know you were indoctrinated by known Marxist Frank Marshal Davis. We know your uncle is not only a criminal but an illegal immigrant. We also know these are only the tips of the iceberg you are intentionally concealing. Is your intent in hiding that iceberg a designed and planned intent to destroy the US as an iceberg sank the Titanic? Who do you think you are?

How dare you increase the bureaucracy of the federal government and impart upon these unelected workers with the power to enact and enforce regulations, fines, and fees without the due process of legislation? You then chastise the US Supreme Court when they strike down these illegal regulations such as the several proclamations and tyrannic totalitarian attempts by the EPA. That is beyond hypocritical. It is unethical, unconstitutional, and illegal. You are not a monarch. You are not the figurehead of a ruling oligarchy, a proletarian politburo, though we know that is what you want to change our government into. You are an elected servant of the people. You work for us. Stop working against us. You are a disgrace to that office we allowed you to  hold. Who do you think you are?

Anthony Holm wrote a great book about you. It is 52 Reasons NOT to Vote For Obama. I encourage everybody to read the book and use it as data to make up their own mind. Of course, Mr. Obama, you would ban this book, if you could. You don't want people to seek the truth. You especially despise when people find it. However, I encourage people to at least take a look at what Mr. Holm has compiled about you. The people have a right to know.

You have been weighed. You have been measured. You should be indicted. You have overstepped your bounds. You have exceeded your authority. We the people are your employer. It seems we must also be your parents, since they failed you so extensively. I call for you to be grounded and for all your privileges revoked. The vote will come in on November 6. 2012. We have had enough of your childish irresponsibility. Expect a long "time-out" to come on January 20, 2013. It is long overdue.