Monday, April 16, 2012

The Left's 'Wars' on Everything

The memes and narratives fill the airwaves and old paper published newspapers of the Mainstream Media (MSM) that are owned and controlled by the Democrat Media Complex (DMC). Media Matters for America (MMfA) and Think Progress get preferred treatment for their talking points while those messages coming from the people of America who love the US Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the documents that define their creation. It is clear now more than ever that the Marxist, Socialist, Fascist, Communist, Oligarchy-pushing, Utopian left has declared war on the United States.

This war is one where the weapons are many, but few are violent. I say "few are violent" because there are elements that have openly attacked private citizens or called for actual violence. If you doubt that, go on YouTube and look at archive footage of Occupy Oakland for but one example. Then take a look at the Black Panther party's call to incite racial violence over a single, non-racially motivated shooting. It was a tragedy. The incident was investigated. The shooter will have his day in court. But the Critical Race Theory demagogues lied and claimed nothing was being done. They turned a non-racial tragedy into a call for racial violence. Ignorant and brainwashed people bought into those lies and emotive, hate-filled rhetoric. To top it off, they called for violence against Caucasians when the shooter is from a Hispanic ethnic ancestry. It was an excuse to incite senseless violence.

However, by and large, the Left's wars are, at this time, ones of words, ideology, and propaganda. The only proper means to battle these wars is to return fire with the truth. It is to use facts, reason, logic, cited documentation and litigation and not to use any form of violence. 

The simple facts about all of the Left's "wars" are these:

1. They start them then claim they are just defending against some invented and non-existent ideal they ascribe to Conservatives. Usually, they find some conservative who made the mistake of compromising with the Left to hang out as a scapegoat.

2. They are all separate battles in one war against America and her founding principles. These principles can be found through reading various writings such as the Federalist Papers, The philosophies of Aristotle, Locke, and Montesquieu, Thomas Paine, James Madison, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. They misquote these writings, taking phrases out of context and comparing them with works of Rousseau, Hegel, Marx, Thomas Moore (Utopia), Marcuse, and Alinsky.

The list of these "wars" is growing. It has taken on a variety of subjects attacking various social demographics in an attempt to divide the people and pit them against each other. Among these demographics are the States themselves.

One of the recent "wars" is the "war on women". This was falsely attributed as initiated by conservatives. Their claims include claiming that an ultrasound prior to a surgical procedure is a form of rape. Ultrasounds, MRIs, and X-rays have been routine practice prior to other surgical procedures for years. One prior to having metal rods shoved into a cervix to force it open, then having a vacuum cleaner and scraping tool inserted into a uterus to scrape and suck out tissue just sounds like common sense. On a personal note, I had  a procedure on my genitalia when I was 25. I had several ultrasounds performed prior. I am glad they were done instead of the surgeon just cutting into there and exploring around before doing what had to be done. Without the ultrasounds, the procedure may have either not been done (it was necessary and saved my life) or been done "blind".

However this "war on women" was extended to include a false narrative that conservatives despise contraception. That is simply not true. Conservatives just want to pay for their individual contraception choices without having to pay for those of somebody else. If you want to play, you have to pay. It is called "individual accountability and responsibility", something the Left despises.

And this battle continues. It is designed to divide and segregate women: Those who are confident, strong, self-aware and self-reliant (Conservatives) versus those who seek the security of their "benevolent masters" who enslave them to government programs (Socialists). On fact that the Left continually ignores is that the most successful and wealthy (she earns it) of Sam Walton's children is his daughter, Alice. Alice may have benefit from inheriting a portion of her father's hard earned wealth. Well, it was Sam's money and his right to will what he earned. Another detraction of the left's narrative is one of their own, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is self-made, confident, strong, and very wealthy. Of course, her allegiance to the Left is because she wants to control those "poor people" through her well-advertised "altruism".

We won't even discuss the "Race War". It is beyond ridiculous to suggest the conservative principles of Abraham Lincoln which lined up with those same federalist principles in 1787 that strongly debated the morality and constitutionality of slavery dating back to the Constitutional Convention. The majority of the states actually had an abolitionist, conservative position dating back to our foundation.

On the subject of the "class warfare", it is clear that even the invention of classes in America is a Leftist attempt towards segregation and division. There are no classes in the US. If somebody claims a "middle" or "working" class of "freed serfs" or "freemen" ask them for proof such exist. By proof, I mean some clause in the US Constitution or some federal law or policy that legally establishes such things as classes. If there is some policy or law, it is Unconstitutional. There are no classes. They are an invented demographic created by the Left and statisticians. If there were classes, you wouldn't have people such as Steve Jobs who built his business from a hobby in a garage to a multi-billion dollar company. If there were classes, you wouldn't have Oprah Winfrey with her humble beginnings forming her now $2.5 BILLION company. If there were classes, Chris Gardner would not have gone from homeless single-parent to Billionaire. There are no classes in the US. There are artificially created current income brackets used for taxation purposes. Of course, these same tax brackets are also used, illegally, to determine congressional voting districts, etc.

Then there is the "battle" known as the "war on religion". The Left wants to establish a national religion known as ATHEISM. Atheism is a religion. It takes various forms varying form the nihilist sect to the worship of self, to the worship of scientific theory, to the worship of narcissists such as Hollywood celebrities, a Marxist President, etc. Notice, there is no claim coming from this author that Christianity should be the religion of choice. No, religion is a personal choice and a personal freedom. The US Constitution states that no laws can be passed infringing upon the freedom to believe, worship, and practice a religion. Not allowing any prayer or devotion in a public location such as a school or a courthouse IS forcing the religion of Atheism down the throats of the people. I don't care if the citizen is a druid who wants to take a cup of water and an electric candle out to a tree during recess or a Jew who wants to take a few minutes to say a kaddish, those practices should not be restricted from public locations such as schools, as long as all the religions of the demographic are allowed and not restricted. "I'm an atheist. Your prayer is offensive". Fine, read a book or go pick your nose. Nobody is forcing you to participate. You cannot restrict them from practicing any more than they can prevent you from sitting quietly and ignoring. Keeping people from praying IS you forcing your religion onto others.

These battles in the War on America are numerous. However, ones that don't seem to get the attention they should are some of the more dangerous ones -- the ones against the states. For example, take the Recall Election of Governor Walker in Wisconsin. The Marxists want the Proletariat to overthrow the elected governor of a state with a constitutional republic form of government. "Workers of  the state unite". Walker led the state congress to pass a budget and several laws for the benefit of the state and each individual. He increased individual freedom, accountability, and responsibility. Why the uproar against liberty? The answer is simple, the Marxist labor unions don't want their slaves freed. It is that simple. They want the union comprachicos (public school "teachers") and other government bureaucrats subjugated and dependent upon the unions for their livelihood, health, property, and security. By controlling their minions, they control voting. By controlling voting, union leaders join the Marxist Oligarchy. Oligarchies are the fundamental rulers in tyranny. This is their ultimate goal. It is not to increase the liberties of the union members.

 Another state the Left has declared war upon is Arizona. The issues are numerous. Each is taken as a separate issue so people ignore the aggregate.

One such issue is illegal immigration and border enforcement. Among various laws passed in Arizona is SB1070. SB1070 was passed in the wake of the murder of Robert Krentz. Krentz's case was not the first nor has it been the last attributed to illegal immigrants, "coyotes", sex-slavers, gun-runners, or drug smugglers along the Arizona border. Robert's widow was also a victim of the unlawful conduct of illegal immigrants. She was struck and almost killed by a drunk driver in Douglas, AZ. That drunk driver was an illegal alien. To support and bolster the federal laws already in place, Arizona passed SB1070. The Arizona law mirrors the federal law, except it is more restrictive towards local and state police in prohibiting racial profiling. That actually makes sense as more than one race comes across that border illegally. 17% of  the illegal aliens coming across the border are from the Middle East, for example. For supporting the federal law, the Left's response was a suit against the state filed by AG Eric Holder.

Eric Holder then took aim against Arizona by attacking many of  the state's county Sheriffs, including Joe Arpaio and Paul Babeu. These attacks re-surged in the wake of Eric Holder's Operation Fast and Furious directly led to the murder of Border Patrol SRT Agent Brian Terry. At the time of that killing, the Left's Janet Napolitano had executed a policy called "Turn Back South" in Arizona. This policy directed ICE and BP agents to not arrest or halt illegals, but to point them back towards the border. This policy led to hundreds of illegals dying of exposure (or contact with wildlife) in the area known as "The Devil's Highway". This same policy has led to American Citizens being banned from portions of National and State parks, leaving them open to exploitation by smugglers and infiltrators.

Fast and Furious was intended to be used to demagogue for anti-2nd Amendment legislation and policies. These  were further aggravated by the shooting of Rep. Gabriel Giffords. The irony is that, though blamed on the Tea Party, the shooter held a leftist and socialist ideology. Instead of  helping to prosecute illegal arms trade with cartels and terrorists, Fast and Furious was used to attack the US Citizens, legal gun dealers, who assisted the ATF, FBI, and ICE. How does this affect Arizona? Arizona is known to be among the states with the fewest laws that violate the Second Amendment. Arizona not only has "shall issue" concealed carry laws, it has open carry laws. In Arizona, if you can legally own the weapon, you can carry it, as long as it is in open view, without a permit. (There's that "bear arms" part of the Second Amendment being enforced). To further irk the left's hatred of the Second Amendment, Arizona has also passed a law allowing citizens, with some key restrictions, to carry concealed without a permit. Certain zones still require a permit. But Larry Law-Abiding can walk from his house to the local deli with his concealed pistol, no permit needed.

The Left does not want the citizens to arm and protect themselves. Arizona is a state of ranches and rural areas where law enforcement can take up to an hour to respond. The Left wants people dependent upon the government, the oligarchy, thus enslaved by them. If you disarm the people, you can control them. If you can disarm them, you take their lives out of their hands and place it in the hands of the government or the criminals (sometimes one in the same thing). That is a violation of Natural Rights as described by Locke and explicitly stated in the Declaration of Independence. It is one of the primary reasons for the Second Amendment. The federal government gets an army and gets law enforcement (militia). So individual citizens get the Second Amendment to balance this out in an effort to mitigate a potential propensity for these militia to be used as tools to impose tyranny. Arizona and her laws stand against that disarmament and in support of the Second Amendment.

Another issue in the Left's war against Arizona is in Education. Arizona's public school record is  abysmal. The reasons why are the national standards and US Dept of Education policies work together from opposite directions to accomplish this. First, these standards call for certain levels to be attained. Of course, these standards are lowered at regular intervals. Then the USDoEd imposes restrictions and policies that keep public schools from accomplishing these standards. Non-English speaking students are given special classes instead of being taught English (or in English), by these federal regulations. Arizona has passed laws that, IAW the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution as well as against attempts to reinstate segregation, outlaw special classes that restrict any student from attending. That means that classes in Hispanic Heritage and History must be taught in a manner that non-Hispanics can take the classes. The same law outlaws any class that singles out any race as superior or inferior to another. The Left hates that. Why? It counters their desires to divide people based upon race. Federal Suits have been filed claiming racism for Arizona Laws that actually fight against racism and segregation. The Left's narrative to Hispanics is "See, they want to keep you down. They are against diversity!" This is false. If non-Hispanics are not allowed in these classes, then diversity cannot exist. What the laws do is promote diversity as well as keep any demographic from getting special treatment under the law.

In addition, Arizona has one of  the best charter school programs and homeschooling support programs in the country. The Left wants students in their public schools where their union comprachicos can indoctrinate them in Marxist, Marcuse-ian, and Frankfurt School ideologies. They abhor children being taught to think for themselves, collect facts, and learn how to make individual decisions based upon those facts. So the Left targets Arizona's education programs. Why? It opposes their desire to enslave the kids. The home-school and charter schools also keep money out of the Marxist Oligarchy's pockets, reducing their influence on the government. Fewer union dues and fewer members means less ability to enslave teachers under their promises of dependency.

Next we have the US Dept. of Energy and their "green energy" hypocrisy. I wrote about that hypocrisy here: The Ecologic Cost of Windmills -- 'Green' Hypocrisy. These "wind farms" not only kill raptors, thus having a drastic and negative impact on the ecology of our desert, but they are ugly spots of blight upon otherwise beautiful landscapes.

Read This Article from on the "wind farms" in  Coconino County, Arizona.

These "wind farms" also fail to actually provide enough energy to justify their costs. They cost more to operate than they can contribute to revenue. Due to US Dept. of Energy tyranny, Arizona was strong-armed into having 15% of its electricity generated from "renewable sources". So, funding was sunk into these counter-productive and fund-sucking economic sinkholes. Now, Arizona is considering leaning towards more solar alternatives. Hopefully the "smart guys" will take a hard look at the solar energy companies that are falling into bankruptcy like dominoes. Does the name Solyndra ring a bell with anybody? They are but one of numerous such companies to prove unable to generate a profit. These "alternative, renewable energy sources" do not yet have technology at a level that is cost productive. First gasoline and coal prices skyrocket due to government regulations inducing an artificial lack of supply. Next, due to these "renewable sources", it will cost more to charge your $50k electric car to go 30 miles than that 1-2 gallons of gas costs for the same trip. Why? It is because these "renewable" sources of electricity reduce supply and cost too much to provide an adequate amount of power to meet the demand. Of course, the Left wants this. They want people to flock to cities where they can huddle around the government issued fluorescent bulb to read during the government rationed hour people will be allowed by the good graces of the lords and masters of the Marxist Oligarchical Tyrants.

The Left and their bureaucrats in their growing and encroaching oligarchy within the Executive Branch of the federal government attack Arizona from yet another direction. In the early summer of 2011, several wildfires destroyed national forests as well as state, county, and private lands throughout Arizona. One such wildfire was the Monument Fire.

I was among the volunteers fighting the fire, clearing brush, evacuating citizens, providing food and necessities, and worrying about how many days it would be until I lost my home. The local firefighters and volunteers had a plan. They had prioritized what properties needed to be defended against the beast first and which infrastructures needed to be protected first. Federal assets were needed to accomplish this goal. We will never know if the local experts, used to battling fires in the mountainous desert of  the area, had a better plan. With those federal assets came their "experts". Those "experts" don't live here. They don't know life in the desert. They really didn't care, either. They took over the fight. Speaking to several firefighters, they were stopped from doing what they knew had to be done by these "federal authorities". The local experts surmised, however, that the federal plan probably allowed the fire to burn days longer than it should have, and cost millions of dollars more in damage than the plan the locals wanted. Among the infrastructure destroyed were key water lines running through the national forest.

Some of the lines were destroyed directly by the Monument Fire. Others were destroyed by the mudslides that resulted form the 2011 Monsoon Season that started in early July. The grasses, trees, and mountain vegetation burned away. Those plants no longer existed to suck up much of that water. They also no longer existed to hold the soil and rocks in place. In many of those areas, the local plan could have kept the fire from reaching those areas. But the "federal experts" thought other areas took priority. The locals that understand the area were ignored. The result were that large rocks and boulders broke loose and crushed the water lines. 

Those water lines supply many towns in Cochise County to include the historic Tombstone, Arizona. The National Park Service now refuses to allow those water lines to be rebuilt. So, the Left now attacks Arizona by cutting off the water supply to towns such as Tombstone. The irony is that the extend of damage to those lines may be due to the ineptitude of the "federal authorities" that took over the battle against the Monument Fire. To exacerbate this issue further, the fire was started in an effort to tie up Federal and Local law and border enforcement assets so drug smugglers, sex-slavers, human traffickers, and gun runners could conduct their illicit activities in areas from where those assets were diverted in order to battle the blaze the criminals started. It leads one to question if the lack in effective border enforcement contributed to the starting of the fire in the first place.

On May 11, 2012, John Stossel interviewed Darcy Olsen of the Goldwater Institute about the issue. It's been almost a year since the fires and mudslides destroyed much of the Coronado National Forest, including water pipes the serve Tombstone, Palaminas, and Hereford Arizona: 

For further examples of the Left's war against the individual states, look at the suits over Voter ID Laws. Next look at the suits against state's immigration laws. Look at the attacks against "Stand Your Ground" and "Castle Doctrine" laws. Look at the imposition of USDA policies to inspect your kids lunches brought from home at your local public schools. Look at the PPACA ("Obamacare") and the states singled out for nullifying the unconstitutional legislation.

An example of how Leftist propaganda leads to mass atrocities, look at the reign of National Socialist Adolf Hitler and his Oligarchy. He murdered 11 million people. How did he get away with it? How was he able to do so without the German people standing up and questioning it? Simple, he lied to them. He disarmed all but his chosen few. He controlled the press. He put out his lies and narratives. By the time people realized what was going on, it was too late. It is not too late here. But we need to start now.

The Left is in a propaganda and policy war against this country and its founding principles. It is time to fight back. It is not too late. Don't trust the propaganda on the Mainstream Media. Fact-check everything they say. Research their narratives and look for what they are NOT saying. Fight their attempts at mind-control by feeding your own mind. Seek your own truth. Weigh all the facts and all your perceptions against what they are saying. Do the math. Weigh the facts and assessments of dissenting experts. Make up your own mind. THINK for yourself. Then speak up. Write. Tweet. Blog. VOTE! Do NOT let them tell you what to think, what to care about, who to believe, what or where to worship.

In the art and philosophy of Aikido, we are taught to take an opponent's energy and attack and to turn it against them. The idea is to redirect their energy in a positive direction. Failing that, you direct it towards a state of non-aggression where it is no longer a threat. The best answer is to turn an enemy into an ally. That not only weakens the evil of the opposition, but strengthens the defense of good. Use their narratives against them. Add your facts forcing them to agree with what is right, or to admit they are lying, deceptive, and destructive. Enable them to expose themselves for what they are. Help them defeat themselves, then help them to see the truth and make up their own minds, once the programming and brainwashing done by their comprachicos has been dispelled.