Friday, April 13, 2012

We DO Need Parental Guidance Here pt. 2

Part One went straight for the figurehead, the one who wants his face on the $1 bill. It was not complete. It hit some highlights to get people thinking. The Narcissist-Marxist #Occupying the White House needs to be exposed for not only his lack of accomplishments, but his complete failures.

Should the US Supreme Court do the logical and obvious necessity of repealing the whole of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also know as "Obamacare"; Obama would be left with one accomplishment:  Allowing Navy SEALs to take out Usama bin Laden. In reality, that is all he did. He didn't come up with the plan. He didn't face a huge moral decision. He sat with his military advisers and the National Security Adviser who told him "It's go now. We found him. We have a plan. We have the forces arrayed. Just give the order then you can go back to bed. We did all the work and you can go and pretend you can have  the credit."  In reality, he didn't do anything except cave to those who did know better. You know he had to check his campaign advisers, first, to find out what the impacts on his re-election would be one way or the other. He cares nothing for the security and defense of our nation. If he did, he would not be apologizing to our enemies for their attacking us.

This next scolding is for one of his most staunch supporters. It is directed towards the Representative for Florida and Chairperson for the Demon-cratic National Committee otherwise known as the US National Workers Socialist Party and the US Communist Party and the US Khmer Rouge.  If you do not yet know the name Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, otherwise known as "Ditzy Debbie Hand-Puppet", then you've been living under a cow patty, taking nourishment from the excrement. Yes, if you are not enlightened on who this woman is, you are a mushroom. That is fine. Through the magic of Google,, and other new media outlets, you can be quickly transformed into an informed human being.

How dare you, Debbie? Who do you think you are?

That second question gives Mrs. Wasserman-Schultz a large benefit of the doubt. The words that spew from her mouth leave great doubts that she can even think in the first place.

How dare you, Debbie, claim to be a Jew? You extol moral relativism and ethics that are contrary to the base beliefs of the religion. You are NOT a rabbi. Who do you think you are?

How dare you support National Socialist programs designed to enslave the people of  the US?

You must have failed history. National Socialism is the political ideology of  Hitler, the man who called for the murder of the disabled. Instead of, for now, calling for their extermination, you cry out to enslave them to a socialist government-issued check. For those unaware, under social security disability, those people are then restricted from working over a certain number of hours a week, and earning above a certain wage. In other words, it keeps them down, enslaved, and dependent. If such a person were still able to type and write, they would lose that hand-out if they were to write, say, a cookbook that sold enough copies to earn them $30k in a year. The policies you support tell them that hey are not capable of doing anything to better their own lives. You tell them they have no more merit. You tell them they are done, dependent, weak, unskilled.

That same socialism and the Marxist ideology of your lord and master, Obama, and his mentors:  Ayers, Alinski, Davis, Marx, and Marcuse; were responsible for attempted genocide of Jewish people around the world. Stalin and his ilk persecuted Jews, killing millions of them in the USSR. Hitler and the Nazis in Germany's attempted genocide during the Holocaust are well documented. Take a trip to Dachau is you have any doubts. You can still smell the death. How dare you claim to be a Jew and support a political system that is unapologetic and  responsible for such atrocities? Like Hitler, you hate your own ancestry, calling for actions against Israel and denying any possible need for contingency plans concerning Iran as they attempt to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal. You are an enemy facilitator responsible for enslaving your own people. Moses looks upon you with shame. Who do you think you are?

How dare you claim to know anything about economics? From your own rhetoric, it is clear you failed basic mathematics in grade school. You most likely paid some math whiz to take your calculus and statistics exams for you in college. If not, you should pull those books off of your shelf and study them. You contradict the studies done by the CBO. You spew figures that not only lack complete logic, but have no empirical data to back them up. They are obviously fabricated figures based solely upon fantasy. You then claim to be a subject matter expert despite having no credibility in the fields of economics and finance. In fact, your BA is in Political Campaigning, not in economics, civics, law, finance, or any functions of government. It is in propaganda. A high school student that has paid attention in his economics class should see through your lies. They are that obvious. We are not that stupid. Only those under-educated people you wish to keep enslaved grant you any credibility. Who do you think you are?

How dare you, Debbie, support the PPACA? The majority of your own constituents do not want this law. It is over 2,000 pages long. any bill longer than the US Constitution is cumbersome. Laws should be written in terms common people can understand. How else can they be expected to comply? I guess your answer to that is "just do what you are told, and we, your masters in the oligarchy, will take care of you, trust us". We do not trust you. You voted for that bill without even reading it yourself. That is blatantly irresponsible. This subject alone serves as an example of how you have failed to do your job. Who do you think you are?

How dare you push "Critical Race Theory" over supporting the military members that support and defend the US Constitution. We know why you do so. You hate the US Constitution. You hate our founding principles. You hate individual liberty and freedom. You don't see individuals. You see groups of cattle, slaves that you want to control. You wish to incite racial division. You claim to be Jewish. You may have Hebrew ancestry, but your actions have already proven to be anything but in line with the religion of Judaism. In fact, you have openly supported making Atheism the religion of choice in public venues of our country. You have supported Obama and the Marxist war on religion. Then you make statements making special favors for certain races over others. You did so in attacks on bills designed  to support and care for the brave warriors in our military, and those veterans who served honorably, especially those career-military retirees that sacrificed the first halves of their adult lives for this country. Then you claim they don't deserve the same protections under Hate Crime legislation as other groups. That is a violation of the 14th Amendment. Perhaps you've heard of it since you love to misuse it quite often. Who do you think you are? 

How dare you Debbie, pervert the "4th Estate", the press?  You tell them what facts to filter and what misinformation to report. You give them talking points to spin their commentary away from the true issues, attempting to take the public perceptions away from facts and issues that should be important to the people. You use them to tell people what to be concerned about, what to think. When appearing in mainstream media interviews, you deny facts and attempt to suppress them with hyperbolic and baseless opinions that lack substantiation from empirical data. Claiming that the decreased unemployment percentage is due to failed socialist and Keynesian programs is partially true. The reality is they reflect more people leaving the workforce, not more people gaining employment.  You do so in an attempt to control people's minds and enslave them. That is a direct violation of the First Amendment. Who do you think you are?

How dare you, Debbie, spew the talking points of your lord and master, Obama, instead of being the voice of your constituents? You job is not to be a hand-puppet on the arm of Obama and his handlers.  You were elected to represent the people of your congressional district. Moral Relativism has no place in your job. I will agree that Madison warned about the "Tyranny of the Majority". However, when you ascribe to the "Tyranny of the Socialist Oligarchy" over the moral outrage of your constituents, you are committing an even worse evil. You were elected to represent, not to rule. You defraud your constituents by taking a paycheck yet time and again fail to do the job you were hired to do. You are a disgrace to those representatives of integrity that share the House floor with you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Who do you think you are?