Friday, May 18, 2012

The Five Phase Plan

Several pundits and investigative journalists have, over the past few years, exposed George Soros's alleged five-phase plan to take over a country. Let's examine the state of the world and some facts as viewed through this plan.

I am not too quick to join any conspiracy theories. I tend to lean towards a stance of empirical skepticism, waiting for facts to come to light. As each new batch of facts joins the data-set, I assess the data as a whole. I tend not to filter out too much of the data. Doing so is to go through life accepting only facts that support a single hypothesis. To do so is to intentionally allow yourself to remain ignorant of the truth. For example, once upon a time, biologists stood firm on the belief that there was no such thing as a "black swan". A few years ago, one such creature was discovered in Australia. One hundred years ago, the concept of receiving many newspapers and magazines on a single plastic gadget was considered impossible. Today, many of us do so on an Amazon Kindle 3G or a Barnes & Nobles Nook.

So, as you examine these facts through this filter, understand that it is just one perspective. As more evidence comes to light, the theories concerning this plan, its existence, and its effectiveness (if it is true) can be assessed.

Step 1:  Form a shadow government, a hidden oligarchy, a sort of Illuminati to guide the country towards its "new direction".

We have those dedicated to Frankfurt School and Marcuse-ian thinking that currently have large lobbying and financing influence in state and federal government. These include "owning" influential people in various bureaucratic departments of the executive branch.

At the end of the 70s, many of the more militant socialist activists embedded themselves within the so-called "green" movement. Members of the Weather Underground have become "environmental activists", for example.

Others have embedded themselves into public and higher education, in an effort to train and indoctrinate the newest batch of "useful idiots". Bill Ayers himself was a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (AKA "Circle Campus"). The Marcuse-ians and Frankfurt School acolytes already had a base there dating back before the 1950s. They gave birth to the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), an organization that worked towards undermining capitalism and our Constitutional Republic under the guise of opposition to the Vietnam War.

There are several rather wealthy businessmen and organizations who support these ideals, seeking to be among the elites once the plan is complete. Among them are people such as George Soros and William Buffet. You can further see this influence within the SEIU and NEA. Those organizations tend to push socialist ideology and strongly financially support the more socialist-leaning bureaucrats, candidates, and elected officials within the Democratic Party.

Step 2: Take over the mainstream media -- control the newspapers and television news sources, and control the narrative.

Here they employ the infamous Alinsky Tactics. You have to look no further than the socialist-leaning bias among the major news networks of CNN and MSNBC to see this in action. To increase their credibility, the organizations of, Think Progress, and Media Matters for America who attempt to show only the facts they want Americans to know. When facts that contradict their spin come to light, they do their best to debunk them In recent years, their difficulty in doing so has increased do the the efforts of individuals in the so-called "new media".

MMfA was originally set up as a Non-Profit organization whose sole purpose was to fact-check stories presented by the less-left-leaning Fox News. Since Obama began his campaign for president in 2008, MMfA has allegedly gone beyond that fact-checking role and actually, according to some allegations, had regular meetings with Obama and those close to him in order to determine the key talking points the more left-leaning segments of the news media would push.

Step 3:  Undermine the current system, cause economic instability, and civil unrest.

First, look at Greece and Europe. They are in far worse states than the US is these days. France is teetering on economic collapse. Greece has, for all intents and purposes, already collapsed. Unrest in Greece became a near daily story on the world news. The failings of the "capitalist remnants" of their economy were blamed as were so-called "austerity policies". The same recently influenced the presidential election in France.

Around the world, you have the so-called "Occupy Movement". Among the leaders and more vocal members of the movement are die-hard socialist activists. What is the major point of  their narrative? "Capitalism is bad. We are the 99%." Look at their actions. They have physically attacked successful businesses and banks. Among the "1%" they detest are George Soros, Warren Buffet, Michael Moore, the more left-leaning "Hollywood Elites", the UAW, the SEIU heads, and the NEA heads. However, they deny that these people are part of that "despicable 1%" because, well, "they're on our side". Of course they are. They want to be part of that shadow oligarchy.

Causing unrest and division among moral and social issues you have the Westboro Baptist Church. Reverend Fred Phelps is a devout leftist with heavy national socialist and fascist ideals. Even some of the more ignorant among the "useful idiots" see this. What they are ignorant of is the fact that these ideals are base tenets of the left side of the political spectrum. You have divisive racist elements as well. the KKK is a huge supporter of the socialist-left. Next you add in the divisive race-baiting ideology of "Critical Race Theory" and its socialist, racist supporters in the "New Black Panther Party". Do not forget that Obama was a student and strong apostle of Derrick Bell's divisive theory.

Next, add the strong push for "green energy" and "green jobs". Include in this failed "green companies" such as Solyndra. Add in the known failure of wind farms such as those in Coconino County, Arizona. Look at the attempts to block hydraulic-fractured drilling ("Fracking") and the Keystone Pipeline. Proposed Cap and Trade laws supported by AZ-CD-8 candidate Ron Barber could cost each Arizona family $1000 more a year in energy costs alone. Let's not forget the hidden cost increases to groceries, transportation, education, and other necessities. This is all an effort to make people more dependent upon the government.

The more people kept out of private enterprise employment, the better. The more money wasted on failed projects, the better. The higher the US National Debt, the better. The higher the costs of energy, the better. Higher energy costs mean higher overhead for businesses, workers, and households. The intent is to further insert government control and influence on these things. the more unstable and expensive they currently look, the better they will appear later, once the plan completes.

Step 4: Influence elections, cause election chaos, invalidate the electoral process.

Many Americans would see this as impossible. After all, the US isn't Egypt who is undergoing a painful and often violent transition in their government. So how is this even possible in the US?

First, block any form of voter integrity law. Look at how hard the left's narrative has pushed that voter-ID laws are "racist". Look at the 2008 and 2010 US Congressional elections in Houston, TX. They are still collecting evidence and seeing patterns of fraud from those elections. Go back to the 2000 election. That had to be decided by the USSC. Investigators allege that many of those "hanging chad" ballots were created in voter fraud attempts to "stuff the ballot box". Allegedly, those ballots would not have had "hanging chads" if the ballots were punched individually. The theory is that stacks of them were mass-punched.

Next you have the "useful idiots" jumping in with the Velvet Revolution, Anonymous, and Occupy in attempts to invalidate electronic balloting. Assisting them, you have states with SEIU contracts for the maintenance on those machines. SEIU is a "heavy-hitter" donor to the more socialist elements of the Democratic Party. In 2010, the New Black Panthers employed some of its members to intimidate voters, election judges, and poll watchers at polling places. We can expect even more of this activity in the 2012 general election.

 In France, they elected a new President. He's a devout socialist. He wants to raise taxes to a top marginal rate of 75%. Imagine if you work for $4 an hour only to take home $1 and hour. Now have your transportation costs at $4 a day to get to work. Now add in that the government and the chosen oligarchy get the majority of that $4. Your net earning is now $.50 an hour. Let's not even include minimum wage laws into this. At that point, the average worker would take home more, and the private companies either have to fire people (can't afford to pay the wage) or go bankrupt just from payroll and taxes, before even calculating the cost of materials, overhead, and resources.

In Greece, they also moved to a more socialist government. It is failing, waiting for that 5th step to occur. It will most likely happen soon.

Step 5:  The shadow Oligarchy "saves the day" and takes over.

They are not the benevolent tyrant from Sir Thomas Moore's Utopia. Even that "benevolent king" was a tyrant. Those who didn't fall in line with his directives were sentenced to work camps, exiled, or killed. Nobody was allowed to speak out in dissent.

Under this oligarchy, the US Constitution would be scraped and considered a "failed experiment". Any dissent to this idea would be punishable under "The New Order". Countries with like ideals would combine into a one-world government. The UN would go from an advising and diplomatic body to the governing body of the world. The strongest oligarchy would take over, leading to one-world-leader. Many fundamentalist Christians could liken this to the "rise of the anti-Christ". I simply call it the "end of free will".

I do not claim that there is any single organization at work to accomplish this. I do, however, see the possibility of several, independent groups around the world who have this megalomaniac goal. I see them allying with each other or battling each other until one such alliance emerges as victor. But before any of them can even vie for this outcome, they must overthrow enough of the more right-wing governments on the planet.

As each domino like France, Greece, South Korea, Germany, the UK, etc. falls; the more an more vital the hold to the founding ideals, US Constitution, and our capitalist-based economy are looked to as a "last hope". If this plan is true, if it does exist, it truly is a danger to the world as we know it.