Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Need To Get Permission From The Wind?

Yesterday, I put up my first YouTube video. It was rough, raw, and barely edited. I took care to make sure no trademarks were within the frame. The video was mostly a practice run of me just speaking my mind, unscripted, with a general idea of a topic. I will admit that it sucks.

This morning I received an email from YouTube. They claim that I need to get some sort of usage agreement or permission for the background music.

That "background music" is a set of wind chimes. I have two sets of wind chimes in my apartment. They calm me down. If I have the windows open and/or my ceiling fans running the chimes emit some nice tones, at least to my ears. The ones in my bedroom help me sleep and do assist with my PTSD.

I guess YouTube ascribes to that ridiculous meme that "the Earth is a Person". 

I sent in a response to YouTube. I am waiting to see if common sense and reason will apply. I am not holding my breath.

I am wondering if any of the YouTube gurus out there know how to get permission of usage from the wind. If not, I may end up taking the post down within the next 24 hours.