Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Election Year! What Is Your Vote Worth?

Regardless of your political views, if you legally qualify to vote, I urge you to go out and register. If you want your vote to count and be legitimate, I urge you to register using your state's voter registration form.

When you register, if you can make it to a polling location instead of voting absentee ballot, I urge you to do so. Make your vote count. If you vote absentee or through a Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL), your ballot may get contaminated. Follow all of the instructions. Make your signatures match. If possible, notify your election officials and send that ballot through registered mail.

In some states, that will not matter. States such as Illinois count absentee and mail-in ballots only when the race is close. In others, such as Indiana, your ballot may be cast in your name, and for candidates other than those you would have selected. Recently, the Mayor of Austin, IN, Douglas Campbell, and some of his cronies were charged with felony-level voter fraud. They went door-to-door "assisting" voters by collecting early ballots and absentee ballots for them. Of course, they most likely submitted only those that they found favorable; altered or destroyed those they found unfavorable.

Arizona's Voter-ID law was recently upheld with one stipulation: no ID is required on federal voter registration forms. In addition, there is no longer a requirement for a notarized registrar to verify voter registration forms. Anybody can go door-to-door and register people. In states with Voter ID laws, these "volunteers" (many of them paid) use the federal form that does not require Identification to submit.

The DNC and the Obama-Biden campaign have a program to have these "volunteers" canvass neighborhoods to register voters. They plan to canvass cities such as Tucson and Phoenix seeking a minimum of 150K new voters. They are using the federal form and not checking ID. These volunteers are not versed in election law. But they are told to say "it's ok, you can still register. If you don't qualify, they just won't send you the card". They also try to convince these people to register for the PEVL, then suggest they can help advise people on filling in the ballots (then mail them for them) when they arrive in the mail.

Keep this tactic in mind as you consider that the DNC and the Obama-Biden PAC are doing the same type of thing in other "red states" as well as "swing states". One such "red state" is Indiana. There are "volunteers" blogging on the Obama-Biden campaign site bragging about how easy it is. 

We do need voter integrity laws. If you review the Supreme Court decision for Gore v Bush, there is no constitutional right to vote in a presidential election. However, many states determine their electoral votes by the state's popular vote.

However, if you are eligible to vote, know the US Constitution, value your Natural Rights, and prefer individual rights & liberty over slavery to a statist oligarchy; then you need to register to vote, cast your ballot, and make sure it is counted, legally.