Friday, May 4, 2012

It's (not) About Cinco de Quatro (Mayo) Comrade!

The Obama-Biden 2012 campaign has released it is officially kicking off its re-election campaign with several rallies scheduled on Saturday May 5th. This will come as a huge surprise since he has been campaigning for re-election since 2007.

I'm sure that his propagandist politburo will spin this as solidarity with "Latin-Americans".

Of course, if you look at his site, the elements of divisive Critical Race Theory are more than obvious. He even has a tab "Groups" that is mostly about labeling and categorizing various ethnic backgrounds. 

A little research reveals another, more likely, purpose for choosing this particular date. On May 5th 1818, one of Barack's favorite heroes was born:  Karl Marx.

Karl Marx is credited with the birth of the tyrannic oligarchy form of economic-political philosophy known as "Communism" (also known as Marxist Socialism). His most famous work is "The Communist Manifesto".

Barack Obama's chosen campaign slogan is "Forward", another link back to Marx. Throughout 1844, Marx published a propaganda paper every two weeks entitled "Vorwarts", German for "Forward".

If  there was any doubt in Obama's devout Marxist ideology before, it should now be more than obvious.

We fought the Cold War against these ideals. Marxism failed the USSR within 75 years. Our Republic based upon Natural Rights with a capitalist economic system based upon the economic philosophy of Adam Smith has lasted over 200. Do you really want to pick a system that is a proven failure over what we know works?

"Ready to Go"? Yes, Mr. Obama, we are ready for you to go. We are ready for you to "go forward" towards your next job, as long as it as far away from our White House. You have failed. It's time for the adults to take over and fix the damage you've done.