Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama Almost Got Something Right (Immigration)

If this had been done through the legislative branch as part of a comprehensive law that enacted other necessary policies first, this would almost be a good idea. Almost.

However, in the way the policy is being enacted and without those other necessary measures, it is a dangerous policy that will harm America. To make matters worse, it was done as a knee-jerk campaign stunt and not done as a true act of leadership.

Early morning reporting indicates that Obama has issued another executive order. This should come as no surprise as he seems to issue them like pizza places hand out coupons. However, he almost got this one right, almost.

This most recent executive order employs a little bit of common sense. It seems he partially paid attention to Newt Gingrich during the GOP Primary debates. It actually makes sense, almost. The order to his bureaucrats within his oligarchy is to make provisions for illegal immigrants who were brought across the border, illegally, while still minors under the age of 16. In reality, they did come across as minors, not completely responsible for their actions. Many of them came over with their parents, just doing what Mom and Dad told them to do. The order basically states that those illegal immigrants, if presently under the age of 30, are not to be prosecuted.

The order does not present a path to citizenship. It just says that these people who came here as kids won't be prosecuted for the crimes of their parents. That makes sense to me, almost. A path to citizenship for those deserving that is constitutionally legislated would be a better plan.

It provides no protections for the parents. It provides no protection for felons. It also does not make them here legally, though it does provide a path to acquiring visas, work permits, and legal residency (though not citizenship).

Obama almost got this right. Almost.

It is also just a move to secure more votes from one of Obama's collectivist-socialist demographics. Since his Marcusian ideology conjoined with his adherence to Critical Race Theory loves to segregate the individuals that comprise our great republic into little special-interest demographics, this is meant to appeal to a segment of "hyphenated  Americans". It is intended as special treatment for some in order to gain the votes of another group that sympathizes with that special little group. Our Constitution isn't about groups. It is built upon the ideals of Individual Natural Rights. So, this move, though almost the right thing, is done in a way that actually violates the American Ideology.

The executive branch does have a certain level of power in what laws it chooses to enforce and prosecute (and to what extent). However, the constitution is clear on which branch is the ultimate authority in immigration and naturalization policy -- The Legislative Branch. In issuing the executive order, Obama did bypass Congress and did violate Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution. This is something that he should have tried to put through Congress first. It is a good idea, very poorly enacted.

The other place that Obama got it wrong is that he has not coupled this with a move to more aggressively execute other laws already in place to thwart and prevent illegal immigration. He got the cart before the horse, then chock-blocked the cart and pointed a gun at the horse for not being able to make the cart move.

The first step must be to better secure the borders and deter/combat illegal immigration.  You can't effectively employ a common sense policy concerning those already here until you stop others from coming over. By issuing this policy before securing the borders, all he has done is encourage more illegals to pack up their minor children and come to America. After 5 years, this policy applies to the kids. So all they have to do is evade deportation for five years.

In addition, illegal border crossings are not just people seeking a piece of the American Dream. Many of them are done in conjunction with other criminal activities such as drug and weapons smuggling. "Coyotes" that bring those seeking the American Dream also traffic in people intent on harming our great republic such as terrorist financiers, intelligence gatherers, and direct-action operatives.Others conduct human trafficking to support underground sex-slavery and "sweat-shop" slavery activities.

Living near the border gives me a certain perspective on illegal immigration. People who jump the border illegally cause millions of dollars in damage to private property and national forests. They also engage in theft, vandalism, and home invasion during their treks. There are areas in the Arizona mountains that would be great hiking areas if they weren't destroyed by illegals and made dangerous by smugglers and traffickers who will attack, rape, steal, and brutalize American Citizens camping or hiking along their "ratlines".

All of the above do nothing less than harm our great republic and threaten our individual citizens. The primary responsibilities and obligations our federal government is mandated to perform includes providing the common defense of the individual citizens of this country. Failing to secure the border and drastically reduce illegal immigration is failing to perform this basic function. The federal government also has the core mandate, obligation, and responsibility to secure the blessings of liberty to our individual citizens. Allowing their land to be destroyed and trampled is contrary to this mandate. It also disrupts the businesses of ranchers and farmers along the border. That is anything but "securing the blessings of liberty". Those responsibilities are to individual citizens, not special-interest demographic groups invented and catered to by collectivist, Marxist and Critical Race Theory ideologies.

If you doubt those mandates and obligations to the federal government are in the US Constitution, I challenge you to read the Preamble, then go and read the Federalist Papers if you have any questions on what those terms actually meant in the day they were scribed (the definitions that apply, not modern slang interpretations).

The second step is to engage Congress with a proposed plan to eliminate some of the red-tape involved  in the immigration and naturalization process. One of  the reasons illegal immigration is so rampant is that legal immigration is cumbersome. There is too much bureaucracy involved in the process. That bureaucracy belongs to the executive branch. So, Obama's own minions in his oligarchy are partially to blame for the difficulties. However, those policies need to originate in Congress.

 We want LEGAL immigration. We want people who can better our society to come here. We need engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists,  and mathematicians. People with these skills need to be encouraged to come here and seek citizenship. If you need a historical example of why this is a good policy, look no further than Albert Einstein and Elon Musk (creator of Paypal).

The third step is subsidy reform. Tax-paying Americans should not be paying for health care, housing, and food for these immigrants, legal or illegal. Part of immigrating to our great republic needs to include being a productive contributor. We already subsidize our own lazy citizens too much. Our "poor" would be considered rather wealthy in other countries such as Iraq, Kenya, and South Africa.  Subsidizing those who come here illegally that seek the American Dream will not realize it if they never have incentive to earn it. Showing them that hard work and merit are the road to prosperity does much more for our country than giving away our tax dollars. My great-grandparents worked their butts off and earned what they acquired during their lives. They knew that the American Dream in their day meant merit and earning their own way. That attitude cultivated the admirable work ethics of my grandparents and my parents. Handouts do not cultivate that work ethic or prosperity for anybody.

Without first accomplishing those first three steps:  Secure the Border, Reform/Streamline the Immigration and Naturalization Process, and Subsidy ("entitlement") Reform; this policy really does nothing positive. It encourages more people to break the law with impunity. It may grab some knee-jerk backing from some citizens/voters who don't take the time to actually research the issue. However, without the first two steps, it will make things worse for everybody in the long run. It will even make things harder on some of these immigrants who were brought here as minors. Many of them may not be prosecuted or deported. However, they may end up watching their parents shipped back home when they are allowed to remain.