Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Contender vs The Hand-Puppet



The reigning "representative" from Florida's 23rd Congressional District, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, is facing off against a conservative contender deemed an underdog by the Mainstream Media. However, Debbie has national exposure and is the current head of the DNC. So, why is Debbie so worried?

Simple, Karen Harrington fights hard, fights honest, and packs a killer combo of truth, facts, determination, and a desire to actually represent her constituents. This worries Debbie. Why? Debbie has a glass jaw.

In her national exposure, Ditzy-Debbie Hand-Puppet has loyally stood by her master in the White House. So, why should this be one of her greatest detractors? Well, she was elected to represent her constituents, not to fall in lock-step with Obama with her jackboots shined. She has failed to do her job.

Debbie panders to special collectives, making promises she knows she won't keep. She'll turn on her constituents to tow the party-line every time. She'll do this even in the face of facts and data that openly display her lies and inaccuracies. If you want to see this, just do a search for any debate between Debbie and Paul Ryan. Among the favorites are ones where Debbie attempts to quote CBO and GAO figures while saying "President Obwumah says...". Each time, Rep. Ryan brings up the actual numbers and calculations from those offices with info-graphics. See, Debbie comes across as though she failed 8th Grade pre-algebra and hasn't passed a math quiz since.

She cannot even get her own platform straight. First she emphatically stated that the PPACA was not a tax. After the USSC decision, she backpedaled stating it is, indeed, a tax "absolutely". However, her puppet-masters Obama and Valerie Jarrett still hold that it isn't a tax. For somebody who is a so-called expert on the bill, who attempts to explain it to her constituents, it appears she hasn't even read the it.

Debbie uses her own bout with cancer as an emotional plea for votes. She uses that heart-string pulling in an attempt to get sympathy and empathy votes. In addition, her claims lead people to believe that, without Obamacare, they'll die of cancer, untreated. That is just plain factually inaccurate. The tactic is also reprehensible. I dare somebody to find one instance of Herman Cain politicizing the fact he is a cancer survivor. ("But Herman Cain is Rich!" -- Well so is Ditzy-Debbie Hand-Puppet). One key fact that Debbie failed to acknowledge is that Karen Harrington is also a cancer survivor who has worked countless hours with various charities to help others in their battles with the disease.

For somebody who allegedly supports the "99%" socialists and Occupiers, Debbie does one heck of a job obfuscating her belief she is of the elite who should rule (not lead). She refuses to release her tax records and her travel records and expenses, for example. She's not exactly the pillar of transparency she claims to be. Then again, Ms. Hand-Puppet takes her cues from Obama and Jarrett.  

Then Debbie goes on to pander to her "Latino Base". She believes that lying to American citizens attempting to convince them that devaluing their voices and votes by allowing non-citizens to cast fraudulent ballots is somehow in their best interests. Furthermore, she panders to them promising to make them more dependent upon the government. They, instead, seek to be free to live and control their own lives. Debbie panders  under the guise of being "the benevolent master". If those constituents blink away the shining lights and wait for the fog machines to stop, they'll realize that she wants to put them under the very thumb that many of them fled Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Honduras or Mexico to escape.

Javier Manjarres at The Shark Tank has years of coverage on Debbie's inconsistencies. I suggest reading his site often.

So who is this contender, Karen Harrington? Ask Karen or anybody who has taken the time to interact with her. From my personal experience, I can attest she has a great sense of humor. She is willing to listen. She is honestly grateful of any support, even if it is kind words. I get at least one "tweet" a day from her just thanking me for mentioning her. She is connected with the people. It is obvious that this is not just for campaign purposes.

This is a stark contrast to Debbie who is aloof and condescending, even to those who DO know better. Her attitude and demeanor express a desire to "rule from above" not to represent and lead from among her constituents. Karen has a desire to lead and represent from within. It's her calling, not her desire for elitist power. 

Karen's stance on "the issues" is clear. It's more than obvious that she understands that the US Constitution was designed to grant certain LIMITED powers to the federal government. She knows it is not a list of what the government "allows" to the people. It's obvious that she holds true to the concept that "We the People..." agree to give those authorities to the federal government in conjunction with shouldering that government with the weight of all the responsibilities that go along with them. That includes being accountable for any blame for misuse or abuse of those authorities.

Debbie holds to the false concept that "We the elite in power give to you, the little people. Aren't we nice and kind?". No Debbie, that isn't kind. You hold the idea you can take from us and give us back a small portion with a smile and a lie. What you claim to "give" is ours in the first place. You are giving us nothing.

While Debbie attempts to obfuscate her membership in the so-called "1%", Karen is self-made. She and her sister run their family restaurant, building a life and demonstrating the blessings of liberty, hard work, and Adam Smith styled capitalism. Her work ethic and business sense already serve as a strong example to her community. That same example, service-oriented mentality, and dedication have been missing from Florida's 20th CD since Ditzy-Debbie took office.

While Debbie has the backing of the hoodwinked "Occupiers" and union indoctrinated socialists, Karen has the diverse backing of TEA Party supporters, "established" Republicans, "independent" conservatives, and libertarian-leaning personalities. If you look at her list of endorsers, this becomes more than evident.

Why do they back Karen? The first answer you'll hear many emote is "She's not Debbie Hand-Puppet". However that is not the root of her support. While many people across this great republic would love to see Wasserman-Shultz out of office, Debbie actually does a lot for the conservative-minded by constantly making the left look bad in her radio and television appearances. No, the main reason people support Karen is that Karen WILL represent her constituents. The people believe in Karen.

The major difference is between Karen and Debbie is simple. Debbie wants to deceive her constituents into voting for her fairy-tale. She is phony. Karen Harrington is real. She wants to better this real country in the very real world. She doesn't want you to pray for magic. She wants to do so that others may prosper. 

Stay tuned. Ms. Harrington has agreed  to answer a few questions. The results of the interview will be in a future article. In the meantime, please go to The Shark Tank. Javier not only covers Debbie, but is a great conduit of information relating to all of Florida, including Rep. Allen and Sen. Rubio.