Friday, August 31, 2012

After Four Years Of The Amateur We Deserve Better

During the course of my relocation to "places not Arizona", I read a great book entitled The Amateur by Edward Klein. The book grants an honest profile of Barack Obama, his closest advisers, his staff, his inner-circle supporters, and his chief bureaucrats also known as "Czars". If you do an internet search on Mr. Klein, you will find numerous interviews. In many of them, he not only talks about some parts of the expose, he expounds upon information not included in the book.

The book delves deep into Obama's failures. It demonstrates not only his inexperience, but that of some key individuals. The book explores, in depth, the relationship between Valarie Jarrett and the Obamas, showing exactly how much she assumes the role of puppet-master despite her complete lack of knowledge and experience on the majority of subjects she advises.

The book also contains information from interviews with other prominent liberals and so-called blue-dog democrats. When even the more extreme socialists refer to Obama by the book's title, all voting-age Americans need to heed the warning.

Regardless which side of the aisle your political ideology may reside, this book is a must-read before Election Day in November.

While on my little 26-hour unplanned trip to Chicago to take care of some business, I filled the waiting hours and flight time with Monica Crowley's What The (Bleep) Just Happened? .  This book will infuriate the more deep-ceded socialists, fascists, "progressives", and liberals. Blue-Dog Democrats may find themselves cheering with some of Ms. Crowley's diction and rhetoric while nodding in assent at some of her indictments.

Monica's book chronicles the first three years of Obama's administration. Unlike Klein's book, this one is an indictment. Ms. Crowley juxtaposes Obama's promises with his actions. She sits Obama in front of the floodlight and interrogates him through this book. Armed with the facts from Obama's constant self-contradiction and blatant anti-American actions, Ms. Crowley executes this questioning utilizing both indisputable evidence and a challenge to Obama's narcissistic ego. Her catchphrase from the book "What the @#$& just happened?" will leave your average Constitutional Moderate, Libertarian or Conservative Republican feeling like a teenager at her first college frat party.

This book is another "must read" prior to Election Day this November.

Another is How To Kill Eleven Million People .

Then you need to see the documentary "2016".

He's been an Illinois State Senator. He's been a US Senator for the State of Illinois. Now he's almost done with his first term as President of the United States. Isn't it about time people actually got to know Barack Obama, what he believes, what he intends, and the real direction he wants to take the USA?

Those who don't are lazy, afraid, illiterate, or complicit in trying to destroy our country.

Let's take a quick look at some considerations in this upcoming election:

Obama's staff

Most of his staff had little to no private sector experience. While some may say these public sector jobs need public sector people, the reality is that our country and our economy are based upon the private sector. They are based upon individual, natural rights. They are based upon individual responsibility, accountability, effort, merit, rewards, prosperity, etc. The "public sector" staff is about making people dependent upon government, and enslaved to the few in power -- namely the oligarchy of the bureaucrats themselves. If you need a prime example, look no further than Valerie Jarrett. 

Obama's Czars

These bureaucratic heads have been operating under "executive authority" with impunity. They have enacted policies that step outside of the limited powers of the executive branch in attempts to undermine legislative and judicial authority. The EPA and the US Dept. of Education are two great examples. However, look under the banner of the Department of Homeland Security for some of the gravest violations. If one reads the US Constitution, you will find that immigration is one of the enumerated legislative powers. DHS has no right to look away, ignore, and fail to prosecute illegal immigrants while ordering elderly women in wheelchairs to be strip-searched in airports.

Worse, they overstepped their authority when, in conjunction with Eric Holder's "Department of Injustice", they ordered an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran held in a psychiatric facility without just cause, warrant, or due process.

Then you have the joint "gun czar", "drug czar", "immigration czar", and "terrorism czar" get in bed with the ATF and Eric Holder to conduct an operation to field working US Weapons to foreign threats with no intentions of tracking them or using them for prosecutions. Operation Fast and Furious led to countless deaths, including two known Americans and over 300 law-abiding Mexican Nationals.

Executive Over-reach

If you have any doubts this has been going on since day one, take some time to review and remind yourself about Solyndra. Remind yourself about the executive branch mandated union buyout of GM. Remind yourself about the attempts to fine farmers for "kicking up farm dust".  Familiarize yourself with the regulatory fees (in addition to taxes) imposed upon sugar producers and fossil fuel refiners. The fees and fines are for companies failing to comply with standards that are impossible under current technology, and may be impossible until technology catches up in 10-20 years (if at all).

Statism and budding Tyranny

The suits against Arizona and Texas for attempting to uphold federal laws are nothing short of tyranny.  It's like some jerk from the next county over coming onto your property and telling you that you cannot put a swing set in your yard for your kids. It is like some jerk from Botswana coming to your house and telling you what to feed your kids and what school you should send them to. It is like the above do so while pointing a gun to your head.

And they do so while imposing the greatest tax increase in history, the PPACA also known as Obamacare, down our throats. The tax law (as decided by the US Supreme Court) is the government telling you what you can do with your body, how you can live, and how you can die, then making you pay for it. Worse, they are making you pay more for it than if you purchased a regular healthcare plan plus catastrophic/emergency medical care insurance.

As you look through all that has happened in Obama's administration and make your decision for Election Day 2012, this November, keep one thing in mind. The harsh reality is that, if you do not want Obama to be re-elected, you need to vote for Mitt Romney. Sitting home is the same as voting for Obama. It is actually worse, since you will probably complain about something the government is doing in the future. If you don't vote, your opinion doesn't matter. Why? It doesn't matter because you have proven that you won't do anything about it other than blow hot air. If you vote for one of the other candidates or write one in, you are voting for Obama. If you vote for anybody other than Romney, the simple truth is that your candidate will not gain enough votes to win. Your vote is wasted on folly, and we'll be stuck with Obama. It is simple math.

Regardless of your decision, I urge all of my readers to do their own research. I urge you to not take any rhetoric or commentary (including mine) at face value. Do your research. Read. Fact-check (that means do it yourself, don't just listen to Politifact, etc.). Read the US Constitution, the supreme law of the land. Make an informed, conscious choice.