Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joey Biden Thinks Deregulation Equals Slavery

"Keep cheering me on, my useful idiots"

In a recent speech, Joe Biden decided to once again infect his tongue with athlete's foot fungus. The feat was attempted with a further feat of gymnastic prowess as he did so while in a state of rectal-cranial inversion. This is just the latest of Biden's gaffes that demonstrates the desperation in the socialist party salons -- forcing them to reveal their complete lack of reason. 

In the speech in Danville, VA, a town that is approximately 50% black, he stated that those individuals, allegedly like Mitt Romney, who wish to reduce government intervention into private enterprises do so with the intent of enslaving special tribal collectives of stereotyped people. Biden went further to state that freeing people and businesses from the shackles of prosperity-killing over-taxation would result in those same shackles having to go someplace.

President Lincoln would strongly disagree. So would have Moses. Moses didn't tell Pharaoh to put the chains onto somebody else. Lincoln in signing the Emancipation Proclamation didn't order others be enslaved to replace those freed. So why does Joey Biden want his useful idiots to believe that shackles need  to be on anybody? 

Those on the left do not see people as individuals who can succeed, or fail, on their own merits. They see people as groups categorized by some identifying characteristic such as skin color or ancestral language. Joe Biden's illogical, unreasonable, and ludicrous claim just demonstrates even more how ignorant the left believes individual Americans are. Those who believe his statement just prove him right; not in the truth of his statement but in his belief in your ignorance.

The truth is that deregulation is the removal of shackles placed upon individuals by a tyrannic government seeking to restrict, confine, subjugate, and  enslave. Perhaps that is what the lazy, less educated, handout junkies want. Perhaps they want those who produce, succeed, invest, and seek prosperity to be enslaved.

Another truth is should Romney and other capitalist-minded US Constitution followers seek some level of deregulation, it will never be a complete deregulation. Some restrictions may be lifted, yes. That will enable opportunity and growth for those who wish to take the risks. However, a complete deregulation would lead to unethical and dangerous activities. The necessary regulations and government involvement will still remain. For example, the government and its judicial branch will continue to enforce lawful contracts and prosecute fraud. They will also keep regulations and laws against insider trading, to keep the market fair and from being artificially inflated. Doing so is more than reasonable. It is necessary to protect individuals' investments and retirement accounts, to include those of the very legislators. It also protects those 401k and 403b pension accounts most Americans accrue.

When looking at deregulation, look towards Ronald Reagan. President Reagan pushed for several deregulation programs as well as the busting of several unions. Among those unions was the Air Traffic Controllers' union. However, one of the most successful deregulation programs also busted up the monopoly AT&T held on telecommunications. Because of that deregulation, we now have choices for cell phone service, DSL services, internet providers,  Android Tablets with 3G or 4G, Kindles, Nooks, Kindle Fires, etc. Because of that deregulation, you now have a choice between an iPhone or an Android. Because of that deregulation, you can choose between Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Cricket, and several smaller cellular service providers. Had Reagan not deregulated telecommunications, we'd all be stuck with AT&T's crappy service.

More choice is liberty. It is options for personal accountability and responsibility. It is opportunity. Deregulation means more choice, more options. It is the exact opposite of slavery. It is a removal of those invisible shackles. However, Joey Biden is either too ignorant to know the facts, or he believes you are too ignorant to pay attention to reason and logic. Then again, he believes that his voter base consists of a few elites and whole collectives of "lesser, lower, little people". In reality, he wants Americans  enslaved and dependent upon the government.

No thank you. I'm a big boy. My parents raised me correctly. I can take care of myself. How about you?