Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear DNC, I Belong to Only Me

One of the themes, memes, and talking points at the center of the Democratic Party platform is "The government is the only thing we all belong to". Disregarding the poor grammar, there are several other problems with the message.

Along with the message is a call for more government involvement in order to "use it to benefit and increase the lives of all". That message assumes that adults cannot decide anything for themselves and that it is the government's role to force people to do what the government thinks is best for each individual. In making that statement, they also deny all individuality. It echoes strongly with the socialist and collectivist belief that each individual is not unique, but defined by the little invented demographic "tribes" each person is, against their will, lumped into by the party.

To the Marcusian Marxists, I posit this simple thought:  I bend knee to no man. I bend my knee to only my patron deity. No man (or woman), living or dead, is my patron deity. I hope they let that sink in while worshiping the false idols being sold around the DNC. Those false idols depict Obama as though he is a messiah. The closest to a messiah he comes is the description of the antichrist depicted in St. John's Book of Revelations.  I must note that religious text is not even part of my religion.

If you want to lump me into demographics, here are a few. I am a member of a distinguished group of retired military service members who are also war veterans with multiple tours. We comprise less than 1% of the US population. So, I am in an extreme minority. As such, I entered into a contract with the government to provide several services. In return, they provided me with certain compensations for my time, effort, and very life. I have retired. My end of the contract is complete. The government and the taxpayers I defended still owe on their end of that contract. Even under that contract, they didn't own me. We had an agreement we mutually entered into with our own free wills. If anything, because the government is still paying the debt they owe me (to include savings bonds), and I am the creditor of that debt, I own them!

If you claim some debt I owe based upon my education, my parents sacrificed and sent me to a private school. I worked hard and paid for my own college. No, I have not yet used my GI Bill. I paid my own tuition. The roads?  They were paid for by the taxes and tolls I paid. I am part owner of them. Same with every other thing the government performs. I have paid an average of 37% of what I earned in taxes since I was 15.

I am also a minority of one. There is only one person on this planet who is me. I belong to one person, the exact one person who is a member of that minority:  me. Last I checked, ownership of another human being is illegal and unconstitutional. Their claim that anybody belongs to the government assumes ownership and slavery. If anybody wondered which party supports slavery and indentured servitude, it is the Democratic party. They think we all belong to the government as long as their party has the majority of both houses as well as control of the executive branch.

Speaking of that executive branch. currently it is one whose bureaucratic regulations and policies overreach their constitutional limits. The US Supreme Court has already overturned several of the EPA's regulations for that very reason.

The executive branch's primary role is to execute constitutional laws passed by the legislative branch in a manner that restricts government involvement in our lives. Anybody who believes otherwise must have failed their US history classes, all of them. The very founding of our country, the very war we fought for that independence, was to combat the very ideology that we are lumped into groups and belong to the government. The US Constitution states within its preamble that the government belongs to us. It reinforces that very primary premise in each clause and article.

Because the US Constitution does not allow for ownership and forced servitude, the Democrats/Socialists/Marxists/Oligarchs/Marcusians/Progressives/Liberals attempt to enslave the people by making everybod dependent upon government controlled programs. These programs now include General Motors, energy production companies, subsidized farmers, anybody taking a housing subsidy, and those on food stamps. Obamacare is just another part of that dependency attempt to enslave and own "the poor little people" by controlling their health care options, therefore their very lives.

Black, White, Latino, Oriental, Asian, Indigenous Native, Man, Woman, Eunuch, Hermaphrodite, Lawyer, Accountant, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Novelist, Teacher, Psychologist, Physician, Steel Worker, Landscaper, Architect, etc.  are each individuals regardless of any of those listed categories. The only professions that belong to anybody are politicians and bureaucrats, while in office. We hired them. We own those offices. While we allow the bureaucrats and politicians to hold those offices, they are accountable to us. We do not belong to them. It is the other way around. That is the design of the US Constitution. That is the philosophy from men such as John Locke, Montesquieu, Aristotle, Paine, and Voltaire. We are not the slaves of Plato's Republic or Moore's Utopia. We are not the USSR, that felt they owned the citizens. That backward tyranny of a government experiment failed miserably.

To my readers, I ask one question -- who owns you? Does the government? Are you a slave to the nanny state? If so, why don't you liberate yourself?

The question asked to the people in this video should have been "What do you think of the fact that the Democratic Party thinks is owns you like a piece of property or a slave?". However, Ben Howe and his crew captured the clueless answers of Democratic Party delegates in the video below.