Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quips From DNC -- Truth Of Collectivist Thought

I am not watching the DNC live just like I did not see the RNC live. What I am seeing and hearing are through rebroadcasts on and other sites. I will admit I heard some things come from the RNC that raised my eyebrows. I acknowledge that there are uniformed and uneducated people everywhere in this country.

Nothing I heard or saw coming out of the RNC scared me the way things coming from the DNC are.

One example was the DNC's little talking-point platform video that claimed that those not in government offices belong to those who are in office. Basically, the Democrats re-engaged the same advocacy for slavery and segregation that they promoted in 1860 and 1960. They haven't changed a bit, in that aspect, except to pull the wool over the eyes of those who fail to actually listen and comprehend what they are being told.

Ben Howe and his team followed that with a video containing interviews with Democratic Party Delegates who were proud to be slaves. 

Michelle Obama attempted to portray Barack's childhood and upbringing as "normal", "average" and demonstrative of the "American Dream". The dude spent most of his early life in other countries, raised by his mother, his grandparents, and his childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis to despise the USA and our Constitution.

Some Political Science teacher from Tulane University (Melissa Harris-Perry, also a commentator on MSNBC) spoke. She proudly brandished a button she was wearing that said "I am a vagina". Wow. I was half expecting misogynist Slick Willy Clinton to come out with a button admitting that he is "a walking penis". I find it sad that such an allegedly educated woman who is paid to educate college students in an unbiased class on political systems sees herself as nothing more than her genitalia.

One of the speakers was "poor victim" Sandra Fluke. She is not really anybody in the political realm, though it appears her little stunt may have been intended as a springboard into public office. She is the poor law student who went to college for the sole intent of challenging the Catholic school's policy on providing birth control. She came to the convention hall to reiterate that she spends over $3000 on condoms (at $.75 each, in bulk, that is 4,000 condoms a year or just under 11 acts of sexual intercourse a day). She thinks that other people should pay for her promiscuity.

Then there are other buttons all over the place. One political reporter was told that he is a "nobody unless you have a button". One design being sold around the convention reads "Vote Black". I hope they include Mia Love and Allen West in that sentiment. However, this is just another demonstration of the racism alive in the Democratic Party.

Peter Schiff walked around and interviewed delegates. While doing so he asked for support for an amendment to the Democratic Party platform that included either banning corporations from making profits or capping corporate profits. The mental magnitude of the delegates displayed itself openly as those interviewed either said they would support a proposal to make profits illegal. Some of the more astute delegates stated they should be capped or limited.

For those who do not understand economics or business, these people basically support limiting our GDP or eliminating it. They support crushing small businesses, most of them existing as Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs). They support keeping companies from granting raises to employees. They support keeping companies of all sizes from expanding, thus they support shrinking available employment (in other words, increasing the unemployment rate).

Profit is what a company makes after paying its bills, paying its operating costs and overhead, paying its employees, paying on loans, and paying maintenance costs. It is the money used to expand production by either upgrading its facilities or opening new ones. It is the money they use to pay dividends on stocks, the very stocks used to provide return on investment to retirement funds such as 410K funds. So, these "enlightened" individuals don't want to see any increase in what they pay into their own retirements.

Without profit, companies would not bother researching, developing, and producing that "next best thing". There would be no new video games. There would be no new Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Elite , Blackberry 9810 Torch Cell Phone with Optical Trackpad, or Black 3.5 inch Android 2.3 A7. There would not be a next generation iPad. They wouldn't exist because the companies would not have the capital (profits) to spend on creating such things. In fact, if profits were capped, most companies would cease all production as soon as that limit was hit. So, factories and stores would close once they hit that caps and all the employees would be laid off. Imagine if your local Wal-Mart hit their profit cap. They close the store. Where would you shop? Where would all of those employees work?

For a question that would spin socialists heads and make them explode from lack of comprehension and reason:  Where would the funding for your precious Obamacare come from if profits were restricted or limited? It wouldn't come from the unemployed former employees. It wouldn't come from the closed factories or stores. It wouldn't exist. 

A delegate from Puerto Rico stated that if she saw Mitt Romney around the convention area that she would kill him. There is more of that "new tone" on display.

Then you had Slick-Willy praising Obama for adding over $5.4 TRILLION to the national debt, investing in failures such as Solyndra, retarding the recovery to an extent we have hit a double-dip recession with unemployment at its highest since the Great Depression, and producing the lowest workforce participation rate since the 1970s. The damage Obama's policies have done are even worse that the damage Jimmy Carter did in inciting his "malaise". 

Then one delegate spoke about Israel, Conservatives, Christians, and Republicans. He claimed that all Christians want is to slaughter Jews to bring about the "second coming". So, this guy supports Democrats in waging a war against all religions but Judaism. However, many Democrats actually support denying the country of Israel exists and will not recognize Jerusalem. Of all the Christians I know, I cannot name a single one who supports "slaughtering Jews". Last I checked, it has been left-wing oligarchs such as Hitler, Mao, Hussein, and Stalin that advocated the slaughter of Jews, not right-wing minded Republicans.

What is truly frightening is that these people honestly believe these ridiculous and absurd fallacies. They vote. They support voter fraud. They believe the US Constitution and the principles our great Republic was founded upon are "evil".