Friday, November 9, 2012

Do I Owe You An Apology?

I began pondering this essay a few weeks ago. With the presidential race in a statistical tie, I accepted the possibility of Obama's re-election. I actually fought against those thoughts, attempting to not let them deter my efforts to do what I could.

One of my current projects is the book I am writing documenting how my political philosophy developed over the decades and the influences and events that brought me to believe what I do today. The effort is one that hopes to share something with future generations how and why ideals similar to mine come to be. This election cycle will likely encompass at least one chapter of that book. But I wanted to leave a more personal note for somebody to find.

The original title of this essay was going to be "Do No Look For Me. Do Not Look For My Property, Intellectual or Physical. I Am Retired. I Have 'Gone Galt' Until The Country Ends Its Mid-Life Crisis and Grows Up." The problem is that I am a warrior to my very core. I cannot stop fighting those fights that need to be fought.

At this juncture, we can only extrapolate and interpolate what will become of our great republic. If left unchecked, socialism will destroy it. The republic will find itself like Rome in its final century, or like Greece in modern times.

These past few days I've been second-guessing my efforts. Could I have done more?


That led me to think I might owe some apologies.

To my children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews -- I tried. I worked as hard as I could without sacrificing something else I highly value, my time with you. Maybe  I should have explained how important this election could be  to the future and asked you to understand -- and spent more time out there campaigning and working. 

To my wife -- You supported me with understanding. I pushed your patience and tolerance. I asked you to give up some evenings with me to give me latitude to do what I could during key events. I promised you that I had a necessary and hard fight that I needed to engage in. It turned out to appear as a folly. 

To my friends who have supported my efforts, seeking what they thought to be wisdom -- It seems I may not have really known as much as I thought. 

To Andrew Breitbart, Matt Kibbe, Tabitha Hale, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Erick Erickson, Tony Katz, Adam Baldwin, Kurt Schlichter, Dana & Chris Loesch, Mary Chastain, Brandon Darby, Katie Pavlich, and all the others who inspired my voice to boom and my body to action -- I...

What were Andrew's words? "Apologize for what?"


I know several undecided fence-sitters my words and answers inspired to vote, and vote for the republic and against socialism.

I know the despotic lovers of socialism whose evil and oppression I exposed, leaving others to question the lies they were told/taught.

I know the time, effort, sweat, and money I gave (and more than many would say I could have afforded) to support the fight.

I will do it all again. I will take what I have learned and redouble my efforts. I will not be silent or silenced.

Now more than ever, we must defend the ideals we hold so dear, the truths we thought self-evident, though there are many indoctrinated to not see them.

Experience is the best teacher. I will bastion my family against the socialist tide, and prepare myself to help educate those it drowns.