Friday, December 21, 2012

Boehner Pulls Plan B At Last Minute

With very little time left before the scheduled late-night vote on the so-called "Plan B" bill, Speaker Boehner pulled it.

Speaker Boehner cited that the bill had a lack of support necessary to pass the House.

The bill most likely would have died in the Senate. Too many Republican senators would have opposed it due to its call to raise taxes on job creators. The lap-dog Democratic-Socialists in the Senate would have heeled to Obama's threat to veto the bill. The RINOs and the Blue-Dogs would have amended it to death, leaving it a mess.

In the house itself, Nancy Pelosi rallied the Democratic-Socialists against the bill, though it was mostly her plan to begin with. Tea Party caucus representatives such as Paul Ryan would have voted against it because it fails to make any declared cuts in spending, particularly in entitlement spending and ridiculous so-called "stimulus" grants such as the one to test shrimp on an underwater treadmill.

Freedomworks and other conservative activist organizations pushed for letters, emails, and last minute phone calls to Representatives and to Speaker Boehner's office calling for Plan B to be pulled. The general consensus among conservative voters is that the GOP needs to show leadership in putting forth a plan demanding budget & spending cuts, broadening the tax base, and not increasing any tax rates.  

So, lacking support from conservatives and already receiving a preemptive call to veto from the Socialist-In-Chair, the bill was doomed from the start.

It was a bad plan, anyway.

Boehner needs to show up at his next meeting with Obama having Art Laffer and Steve Moore at his side. The meeting may need to be a few hours while Obama first gets a Economics lesson so he can understand the basics of any advice Laffer and Moore may offer.

The house needs to pass a plan that would work. A Veto by the socialist-in-chair or being shot down in the socialist dominated Senate would have been a Pyrrhic political Tea Party victory. The "Plan B" bill provided no such possibility. Plan B was the capitulation the socialists claimed they wanted. The truth came out that they just want to control everything and confiscate all personal property.