Monday, December 17, 2012

To Emotive Anti-Gun Knee-Jerkers

Friday's shooting in Newtown was a tragic crime. It was an act of inexcusable evil. No rational, reasonable, moral person would debate that fact. 

The same with the shooting at the Sikh temple earlier this year. The same with the shooting in Aurora, CO. The same goes with every mass murder.

The same is with the terrorist attacks in 2001 that killed thousands at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. No firearms were used.

The same with the mass murder committed by Timothy McVeigh. No firearms were used. He used a large improvised explosive device in the cargo bay of a box truck.

The same with the mass murder at Jonestown. Poisoned (potassium cyanide) purple Kool-Aid was the weapon in that case.

Same with the Speedway bombings. Bret Kimberline's weapon of choice was not a firearm, either. He used pipe-bombs.

Then you have the attempted murders committed by Bill Ayers. His weapon of choice was also home-made bombs.

Home-made bombs are illegal. However, their components are not. Anybody who paid attention in high school chemistry class can make them.

Mustard Gas is illegal. You can make it with household cleaning supplies. Yet it is considered a weapon of mass destruction. Again, if one paid attention in high school chemistry class, they know how to make it.

Maybe the gun-grabbers on the left will seek to make high school chemistry classes illegal as well. They already control what are children are taught in government schools. 

Adam Lanza murdered his own mother before he shot up the school where she worked. More than likely, using firearms or not, he would have still killed his mother. After that, we can only speculate whether he would have stolen those firearms and shot up the school afterward. Perhaps he would have mixed the cleaning supplies and used home-made mustard gas instead. That could have killed and harmed even more people. We do not know if this was premeditated. If it was, firearms were just his weapons of choice  due to availability in his home. However, he would have still done the deed using some other weapon.

Adam Lanza was not a law-abiding citizen. Law-abiding citizens do not commit mass murder. Law-abiding citizens do not commit murder. Law-abiding citizens are not slaves to their emotions, they act with reason and responsibility. Adam Lanza was clearly a criminal. The blame lies squarely on his cold, dead shoulders.

Was Friday's crime perpetrated by an evil madman a heart-retching event? Yes, it was. I ran to my child's school to pick her up. I hugged her tight when she came through those doors as she does every school day. I told her I love her and assured her that I would do anything to protect her from evil. I held her hand the whole way home, afraid to let her beyond the distance of my touch. Did that act of evil in Newton have an emotional impact upon me? Yes. However, I am "enlightened" enough to allow emotions to flow through me, but to allow reason to reign over my decisions.

Knee-jerk reactions lead  to more tragedy. They lead to poor decisions and poor actions. They aggravate the pain, the evil, and the infringements upon individual liberty. They have never and will never make things better. They do far more harm than any good they intend.

Knee-jerk reactions are usually mistakes. They are the desired outcome terrorists seek from their attacks. After 9-11, the US drastically increased security at airports and began policies that many see as violations of 4th Amendment rights including unwarranted searches and seizures.

Knee-jerk reactions are famous for their wakes of violence and destruction. Case in point, the LA Riots after the Rodney King trial. That was a knee-jerk reaction that caused 53 deaths, countless casualties, and millions of dollars in damage to private property.

Over the weekend, many supporters of the second amendment have come under attack from supporters of tyranny who want to disarm law-abiding citizens. They use emotional (and emotive) pleas that lack any substantive empirical data. They argue not with their minds, but with their ids and impulses. They attempt to appeal to the emotional waves that reasonable people are feeling in the wake of this terrible crime.

Until Friday's massacre, the perceived general mindset among legislators in the US Congress have largely been against increased infringements of the Second Amendment. Chances are that the weather isn't going to change much over the next two years, either. Even with gun-grabbing socialists seeking to demagogue this crime to support their illegal desire to violate the Second Amendment in order to capitalize on emotional knee-jerk reactions, reason will most likely rule the day when the votes come down.

In some counties in Georgia, armed police officers are actively patrolling schools in order to deter any copycats.

In Texas, one district is allowing school faculty members that have lawful concealed carry permits to do so in the schools in order to protect the children. There will be restrictions on caliber and type of ammunition, requirements for additional marksmanship training, and approval for each prospect by the school board, though.

In another part of Texas, a school principal, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke about the events. She stated that her district employs district police officers who are supposed to patrol in and around the schools. However, they never seem to be around. She commented that, with the number of military in the community, she wished military parents would come to and from the school in uniform more often. She also commented that she wished select faculty could carry, concealed, if properly trained. She also wished parents who walk with their kids who had legal concealed carry permits could do so. However, local laws prohibit firearms and knives from school grounds. 

The only thing that will stop a mad criminal set on harming people is a proportionate means of stopping him. He has no respect for the law. The law will not stop him from acquiring the tools he will employ in his evil acts.

All it takes for evil to do its vile acts is for a good, law-abiding, moral person to stand by and do nothing.

The faculty and Sandy Hook Elementary obeyed the law. They were unarmed. They had no means with which to protect those kids. The law disarmed them and left them victims. Had that principal been allowed to keep a lawfully owned and registered firearm locked in a gun safe next to her desk, she could have stopped that man from killing as many kids as he did. She also could have stopped him from killing her.

Had the custodian, a hero who ran down the halls warning people and trying to get them to safety, had a lawfully owned and legally carried firearm concealed, he could have engaged Adam Lanza and stopped him.

In a mall in Oregon, a criminal began shooting people at a mall. A man who was legally carrying his concealed handgun presented that gun. He took aim at the gunman while he attempted to clear a stoppage. That law-abiding citizen did not shoot simply because he saw possible collateral casualties behind the criminal. However, just the presentation of the means to resist caused  the criminal to cease shooting until he fired  one final, fatal shot into himself. The armed. law-abiding citizen saved lives.

One commentator accused me of racism and hatred because I support individual natural rights and the second amendment as necessary to protecting them. That same commentator claimed that Obama cares about people. If he did, he'd be supportive of people being allowed to retain the means to protect themselves. Instead, part of his agenda has been to undo the Second Amendment. He did so as a state senator. He did so as a US Senator. He did so in his use of Operation Fast and  Furious as an excuse to attempt to push anti-gun legislation. Obama doesn't care about anything but increasing his power and that of his oligarchy. That much is obvious.

Anti-Second-Amendment activists from Canada referred to all law-abiding gun owners as "monsters" and attempted to attribute Adam Lanza's crimes to all gun owners. One attempted to tell me I am a poor parent because I own firearms. I have never shot an innocent person, ever. I have not shot anybody with my personal firearms, ever (so far). I hope I never have to. Have I shot criminal terrorists while at war? Yes. I found it a regrettable necessity that saved lives. However, I am not a monster. I do what I legally can to protect my family. That is not evil. That is the active preparedness of a loving, caring, responsible adult.

The murders in Colombine and Newtown do make me worry for the lives of children, especially mine. I want to see them safe. I want to see them protected. Removing tools necessary to protect them does not make them safer. It puts them in greater jeopardy.

You disarm people in order to restrict their means to resist. You disarm people in order to make them weaker and more less defended. You do not disarm law-abiding citizens in order to protect them.

A monster seeks to leave innocents unprotected soft targets ripe for evil to prey upon.

That monster is the gun-grabbers on the left.