Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Violent Objections To Liberty & Natural Rights

Anybody with a cursory familiarization in American History and the development of our governmental system known as a Constitutional Republic will, undoubtedly, know of the ideals used in establishing our great nation.

Thomas Jefferson along with Adams' advisement drafted the Declaration of Independence. Within that document, Jefferson addressed several ideals that most Americans today still hold sacred. The Declaration states that each individual person is endowed by his or her creator with certain rights that nobody has a right to take away. Among those are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

However, without doing the due diligence, most people don't even know to what those items refer. To understand them would require a bit more reading. Those who wish understanding should read the source materials Jefferson and Adams drew from, the philosophies of John Locke and Montesquieu. Of note, the term "Pursuit of Happiness" was a euphemism of the times for intellectual and physical property.

When drafting the US Constitution, still leery of government having too much power and turning tyrannical, Madison and his cohorts added the Bill of Rights to enumerate certain things necessary for individuals in order to insure that the government doesn't over-step the limitations placed upon them by the base document itself. Within the first are the rights to not have the government dictate what religion you follow or have anybody prevent you from worshiping as you see fit. (It does not give anybody the right to tell somebody that they cannot pray in public). It grants the freedom of speech, meaning that the government has no right to hinder you from expressing political, religious, or cultural views. It goes a step further and prevents the government from controlling what the press does and does not report. It also allows people to gather peacefully and to petition the government without fear of recourse for doing so.

The Second Amendment grants the right to defend those rights, to be able to remain armed should the government become tyrannical and attempt to use the militia to enforce laws that are contrary to life, liberty, or property.

The list goes on. However, one can easily see how each of the first ten amendments is set up to secure the blessings of liberty and insure the natural rights of Life, Liberty, and Property are not infringed upon.

The left hates that.

The left really hates that.

Unions are the thugs and extortionists of the left.

The Michigan legislature passed their Right To Work (RTW) law on December 11, 2012. They became the 24th state that sees mandatory union membership as an infringement upon Life (how you wish to spend your time on this Earth), Liberty (what labors or recreations you choose to engage in), or Property (intellectual or physical, what you have created, earned or otherwise lawfully and legally acquired as the fruits of your labors or gifts from that of others). RTW laws and the states that employ them do such as methods to insure those natural rights. Opposing RTW laws necessarily equates to opposing natural rights.

The tyrants on the left put their union thugs and other champions of repressive oligarchy into action.

They protested while the bill was voted on and while it awaited signing by Michigan's governor. they had hoped that their loud threats of violence and baseless propaganda would sway the state's government from championing natural rights. They had hoped that the government would join them in enforcing tyranny and depriving those rights. When the RTW law passed, the demonstrations turned violent.

The union goons assaulted a reporter who was attempting to interview them to get their side of the story:

The union goons vandalized Americans For Prosperity's (AFP) tent while children were inside:

The union thugs, acting worse than the mobsters that own them, then cut up the tent to sell as souvenirs to commemorate their turning to violence when their days of oppressing citizens seeking employment ended:

Then they attempt to blame the violence on the victims of their assaults. It is like some coward who beats his wife and children then blames them for "making me do this to you".

Just like the black bloc of the socialists infamous "Occupy Movement" did in Oakland, CA, among other locales. Remember when members of the Black Bloc attempted (and failed) to blow up a bridge in Ohio?

Perhaps some may recall when two members of the Black Bloc were arrested for conspiring to firebomb the 2008 RNC convention. Had it not been for the bravery of Brandon Darby in informing the FBI they may have gotten away with it.

See, rational and reasonable people see violence as something necessary when all other recourse have failed and no other viable options remain. The left, on the other hand, sees it as a necessary, daily intimidation and scare tactic required to get their point across. Since their arguments are devoid of logic, reason, or empirical data, they resort to attempting to force people to see things their way. When people don't, they employ violence to set examples of what happens when they aren't given power over you.

Some on the left claim to promote anti-bullying campaigns. However, the hypocrites employ intimidation, extortion, and terrorist tactics on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, conservatives tend to be less violent. They tend to just inform others that they are willing and capable of defending themselves, but would rather reach a reasonable agreement or employ a reasonable and logical discourse to settle grievances. When meditations fail, conservatives are more than happy to  employ an objective judge or mediator.  The left employs violence, vandalism, assault, theft, and bullying. They  cowards seeking to steal what others have and are willing to earn.