Friday, February 22, 2013

Chinese Treats Allegedly Making Dogs Sick

Dingo Chip Twists boast real chicken that dogs will love. Your dog may not love the treats so much after suffering ill effects occurring after the treats hit your pup's digestive tract.

Chicken-flavored dog treats made in China may have caused severe digestive tract illnesses in over 900 reported canines. The FDA confirmed that complaints have continued to pour in. The agency stated it conducted an investigation. However, they do not normally screen or test pet food or treats.

As many as 500 cases of digestive tract infections have now been blamed on Dingo Chip Twists, specifically.

One dog owner stated that he bought the treats for his dog, a normally healthy and sturdy lab-mix. Since, vets bills have passed $190. The dog has been placed on a special diet, which costs even more, to help the dog fight the infection. His dog has been on that special diet, but it has not yet resulted in much improvement. The dog was at a healthy weight of 63 pounds before the affliction. In the past couple of days, the pup has lost about 10% of his body weight, dropping to just under 57 pounds.

Under the warning section for the treats posted on Walgreen's website is included a statement for humans to wash hands immediately after handling the treats. This should set off alarms. Should the treats not be safe for humans to handle, perhaps they shouldn't be fed to a dog. 

"Always provide plenty of clean fresh drinking water and visit your veterinarian regularly. Wash hands thoroughly after handling treats."