Friday, February 15, 2013

Running From The Slave Traders (Review)

Courtesy Runaway Slave Movie Copyright 2011 Ground Floor LLC & Freedomworks

Some may think I'm a little behind the curve in reviewing the documentary "Runaway Slave" at this time.

I think it's time for people to sit down and be quiet for the 1 hour and 48 minutes of the movie. There is a lot of information. There is a lot of opinion backed by facts and emotions from both sides of the aisle. It is eye-opening.

The movie is meant to contrast black American conservatives against the ideology of their liberal-leaning counterparts.

It does far more than that, though. It demonstrates how socialists sell less-informed people on ideas that enslave them economically. It shows how left-wing political ideology works to create distinct classes that segment society in an effort to destroy the American Dream.

Though the movie was done to illustrate the differences in ideologies among a certain ethnic group, the lessons are valuable to each individual American.

At the start, the host contrasts members of the Tea Party with those who attended a similar rally orchestrated by socialist demagogues such as Al Sharpton. Sharpton and his useless idiots chant slogans and ideology designed to segment and compartmentalize citizens based upon religious beliefs, skin color, gender, and ethnic heritage. Of course, their biggest obstacle is the US Constitution which forbids the establishment of any class or title of nobility upon any citizen.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party attendees speak of unity, individual merits, and getting government out of the way so individuals, regardless of gender, race, creed, or color, can prosper.  The Tea Party members and other speakers, including Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece, push for individual rights and a return to the founding ideals behind the US Constitution.

Rev. Steven Broden and Mr. Eric Rush discuss how progressives slowly introduced socialism in a way that would get them to embrace it. The programs suggested behaviors intended to break down segments of society and enslave them, willingly. Lyndon Johnson made the largest push towards this with his ill-named "War On Poverty".

"The worst thing that could happen to our communities was that which took place in the 'Great Society' program of Lyndon Johnson. He introduced government programs that came into our community that said simply to the mothers in that community 'we will provide you with home, with housing, with food for your baby -- all of your needs. We will. The big government will. The one thing that is required is that you do not have a man in that house.' And they single-handedly destroyed the black family." ~Rev. Steven Broden
It goes back to a common practice among slave owners in the early 1800s. To keep the slaves in line and subservient, they broke up the families. They sold fathers away from wives and children. They sold children away from parents. They encouraged promiscuity and breeding, but not family values. Why? The answer was simple. Without the support of a core nuclear family, the slaves were easier to control. The promiscuous breeding produced more slaves while manufacturing the false stereotype that slaves were less moral, therefore sub-human.

Johnson's programs sought to do the same thing under the false banners of "social justice", "the War on Poverty", the "Great Society", and "Civil Rights". In reality, they were counter to the ideals they used to sell the programs. In other words, black citizens were lied to.

Eric Rush discussed how these policies and the manner in which socialists push for "justice" over the civil injustices alive in the 1850s and 1940s do nothing but increase and enhance an artificially created divide today. It's done on purpose, to keep people "in their place" and keep them voting for the very people who want them there. They do nothing to heal. They do nothing to enhance prosperity or equal opportunity. They hurt society as a whole.

After slavery, the black marriage rate was higher, per capita, than white. There were more black families staying together and building prosperous lives. (approximately 80%) Then came the 1960s with "welfare politics". Now the trend is disgustingly towards the opposite.  90% of the urban area black communities are single, unwed mothers with 70% across the whole black demographic unwed, single parents.

The black population was just the test bed for these divisive and enslaving programs. The entire purpose behind these programs is to segregate and divide Americans into collectives that are dependent upon the government while fighting each other over who will get which scraps that the masters will toss them. The lessons apply to all Americans.

Herman Cain made a statement in this documentary that rings true. The government programs are the new plantation to which the government wants to enslave you. Escape.

This is just a small summary of the important information within the first 25 minutes of the documentary. It is more than worth your time. It should be shown to every High School student in America as part of their civics requirement.