Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Celebrity Class Has Spoken!

Just like every other law-abiding adult citizen of the United States, celebrities have the First Amendment right to express their political views and opinions without fear of retribution from the US Government.

However, an alarmingly high number of citizens believe many celebrities to be experts on the subjects simply because some of them make movies written about certain subjects. Those same citizens seem to forget that the films and television programs are entertainment and usually works of fiction. Even things based upon real life events are partially fictionalized for entertainment purposes.

Playing a part does not make an actor an authority on a subject. It doesn't make the actor an authority on anything other than being able to memorize lines and do certain actions on cue. I am not dismissing their jobs as easy. I am merely putting them in perspective.

I restate, however, that they do have the right to express their opinions. Their opinions and analysis should be weighed, however, by their supporting facts and data. In addition, they tend to ignore any data that contradicts their opinions, even when that data is overwhelmingly contrary to their hypothesis. Then again, most people fall into the same trap.

Acting is a profession of the arts. It requires high empathy and sympathy in order to recreate and realistically portray emotional situations. So it follows that many actors tend to react to emotional stimuli more than reason, facts, and logic. Some have mastered their art to the point that they have not renounced logic and reason, though.

Celebrities get the people's attention not because they have authority. They get it because they have popularity. People enjoy watching them or listening to them as they portray their characters. It's fun and entertaining. This makes celebrities social mouthpieces that can garner wider attention to a message than some solitary blogger such as myself. They have the access. They use it.

So it follows that we get emotionally charged celebrities trying their hands at activism and punditry on certain issues such as the Second Amendment. Surprisingly, though, there are many celebrities who don't fall in lock-step with leftist oligarch gun-grabbing tyrants. Still, there are plenty who ignorantly do.

During one celebrity's (Obama) anti-gun campaign speech, another celebrity piped up. Anybody listening with some active brain cells that utilize reason over neanderthal emotions would have quickly dismissed Chris Rock's diatribe.

Rock stated that Obama is "our boss". He then stated that Obama and Michele are "like our mommy and daddy" and we should "do what they say".

Sorry Chris, I have actually read the US Constitution and the Federalist Papers. You may want to close your mouth for a while and read them yourself.

First of all, Obama is not my "daddy". Michele is not my "mommy". I am a grown adult who has served my country and survived some extreme hazards and threats. I don't need Michele to write me a letter telling me, as though I am a five year old, that I "made a good choice" for selecting an Asian pear with cinnamon for dessert instead of a piece of triple chocolate layer cake.

Obama is not my "daddy". You see, my father taught me several important life skills. These lessons and values have served me very well in life. These are things that Obama demonstrates a complete lacking. My father taught me financial responsibility. Obama is financially irresponsible. My father taught me how to budget within my means. Obama cannot even submit a budget on time, much less one within his means. My father taught me the difference between luxury and necessity. Obama's own rhetoric demonstrates that he does not -- or that he at least doesn't want his mindless followers to know the difference.

My father taught me what "fair" means. Obama gets that backwards on a regular basis. Fair is that you keep what you earn to do with as you will. Fair is equality of opportunity, not results. Fair means just compensation for labors and efforts, not rewarding laziness. Obama believes that punishing success and productivity are "fair".

My father instilled in me a work ethic. Obama wishes to reward laziness, calling getting a manicure an "effort to gain employment" that fulfills requirements necessary to receive an unemployment handout and food stamps. My father worked hard from the age of 14 until he retired at 65. Obama worked for a couple of months and called it being "behind enemy lines" (in his own words, his own book).

My father taught me charity and compassion. I learned  at a young age that it is far better to teach somebody to be self-sufficient than to make them dependent slaves. That is true compassion. Charity must be freely given, otherwise it is not charity. Obama wants me to justify stealing from people in order  to keep others dependent.

My father taught me that there are evil people who will seek to harm the innocent, the undefended, and me. He taught me that being able to defend myself and others against that evil is necessary to maintaining the natural rights with which we are all born. My father taught me how to shoot. He taught me some basic judo. He encouraged me to compete in wrestling. 

In conjunction with this, my father taught me about responsible and proportionate application of necessary force. When I was bullied in the 2nd grade, I was told to fight back if necessary. When that bully ripped a new shirt and pushed me on the ground, I hopped up and broke his glasses and his nose with a single punch. That bully never bullied me again. In fact, we became friends. However, I also learned a hard lesson that my reaction may have been a little too extreme. Obama wants to disarm people like me so that the bullied are left undefended. Then again, Obama is a bully.

Obama failed to defend those who needed to be defended. He left Chris Stevens and three others to die at the hands of terrorists. Instead, he advocated arming bullies. He allowed Eric Holder and the DoJ to supply criminals and murderers with weapons. However, he wants law abiding US Citizens to be inadequately equipped to defend our property, our rights, our families, and our lives.

My father taught me that there are rules for reasons. There is a supreme law in our country called the US Constitution. Obama does not follow that law. His unconstitutional appointments to government bureaucratic positions of perceived authority such as the NLRB are examples of this.

Also, Chris, Obama is no longer my boss. However, I am a tax-paying US Citizen. More  than that, I have served this great nation longer and under harsher conditions than he ever has. I am one of Obama's bosses. He answers to me and those like me. he answers to our votes. He answers to our First Amendment rights to redress of grievances and petition.

Chris Rock, you have joined the ignorant celebrities who advocate blindly following the tyranny-seekers of the leftist oligarchy. You, Ashley Judd, and others who seek to control a narrative contrary to the US Constitution and the American way of life just expose yourselves as ignorant.

Perhaps, you and your fellows need to sit down and listen to a few other celebrities who are not as ignorant.

Adam Baldwin is one of the most intelligent people I have interacted with. The guy knows the US Constitution, history, and civics. I have seen him quote the Federalist Papers from memory, and explain them in modern vernacular. You can learn something form him.

Clint Eastwood can be fairly wise at times. He stated "I have a very strict gun control policy:  If there is a gun around, I want to be in control of it".

Bruce Willis made some key and intelligent points. Violation and infringement of the Second Amendment gives license to violate, infringe, and ignore all other clauses in the US Constitution.

"I think that you can't start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it's all going to become undone," Willis told The Associated Press in a recent interview while promoting his latest film, "A Good Day to Die Hard." ''If you take one out or change one law, then why wouldn't they take all your rights away from you?"
So, not all of your Hollyweird brethren are falling blindly in lockstep with the hype. People just need to be wise enough to do a little research before deciding who among the celebrities is worth listening to.