Thursday, August 8, 2013

Help Fight Sex Slavery & Its Victims

Regular readers will find one of the pet topics reported upon or discussed at this site is sex slavery. Sex slavery is closely tied to human trafficking. It is a crime committed mostly against children and young adults. Most, but not all, of the victims are female. It is a crime that occurs locally and internationally.

The crime has been linked to organized criminal organizations that tend to also participate in the illicit drug trade. Many also run "sweat shops" for other forms of slavery and indentured servitude. The crime has also been linked to terrorist networks, used as a source of financing their violence.

In short, sex slavery is evil.

Imagine your own daughter or some other young lady you know. Say she is a "tween" or young teen. She is a little rebellious. She is a bit of an independent thinker. She is smart, yet not yet wise in the ways of the world. Her parents both work full-time. She starts hanging out with friends after school or on weekends. She comes home late, shrugging off curfews. Grounding her goes only so far, as she starts sneaking out at night anyway.

Next, she disappears. She seems to have run away. Friends start out "covering for her" thinking she is out with some boy whom friends know you disapprove. Perhaps she has even started experimenting with drugs or alcohol. Now, she is gone. A day latter, she still hasn't come home. Her friends get a little angry thinking she ran away and didn't tell them, or didn't take them with her.

Meanwhile, some "cool" guy or gal has duped her into attending a party. That party ended with her drugged and abducted. Now she's in a living hell. She is being used by middle aged perverts. She is kept on a steady stream of drugs until she is so addicted that she'll do anything to earn more. She has been duped into believing this is all she is good for, her parents no longer care (have given up looking), and she owes for her food, housing, and drugs. She may still be in the same town or state. She may have been moved out of state. She may have been moved out of the country. She may even be on another continent.

It happens every day, around the world. It happens here in the US. Not long ago, three such sex slaves were liberated in Ohio. Their slaver, Ariel Castro, admitted to his many crimes. The scary fact is this is not as uncommon as some would like you to believe. This was not an isolated incident perpetrated by a unique criminal. Ariel Castro is an individual criminal, yes. But his crimes are not unique.

There are several charities and organizations that aid in fighting against sex slavery and human trafficking. They each need your time, your voice, your donations (non-monetary) and your money. As with many charities, there are some that are not completely honest about their accounting. However, these few are established and worth consideration.

 Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC)

ARC is made up of several former military and intelligence personnel. The organization's founding comes from those used to risking their time, effort, and lives for causes greater than themselves. These are people who took oaths to defend freedom, fight tyranny, and support and defend our nation against all enemies. Slavery is a concept in diametric opposition to our founding principles; the individual natural rights of life, liberty and earning property (pursuit of happiness).

This is from the mission statement on their site:

The Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Tax ID #68-0650925, comprised of former and active Intelligence, Military, and Law Enforcement personnel, dedicated to the recovery of missing and exploited children, foreign and domestic.
ARC is an under-the-radar operation contracted through various sources for intelligence and information on missing and exploited children.

 Currently with a 100% rescue rate, it is our goal to be the most effective child recovery organization in the United States.

Please contact the ARC site to see ways you can help or to donate. 

Trafficking In America Task Force

This organization is less of a "direct action" type of association. The task force works more to educate, assist in legislation, and raise awareness. They also assisted the FBI in their Operation Cross-Country series.

We are a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. We have been working since 2004 to educate the American population about the reality that 1) the sale of American women, men, and children into sexual slavery for the profit and pleasure of their perpetrators, and 2) the forced labor trafficking of both adults and children is real in this country.
Our Vision is --To help eliminate the human trafficking of people in America, and to provide a culture free of sexual exploitation and slavery, where people know their own intrinsic value.
Our Mission is --To motivate and inspire people to use their own talents to create grass roots movements in their areas in relation to ending the tragedy of human trafficking in America. While restoration of victims is imperative we are simply going in circles if we don't stop the DEMAND and that means affecting the culture in America so that the climate for such blatant inhumanity changes.

The Task Force has multiple avenues through which you can assist. Just educating yourself and your kids is a start. They also need time, voices, and donations at local and state levels. Please see their site for ways you can assist. 

 Free The Girls

Free the Girls is an organization worth your time and used bras.

Blink twice and read that again.

The charity was originally set up to help freed sex slaves in Mozambique to get back on their feet. The charity has since expanded its footprint. Many sex slaves have highly reduced self-esteem. They believe they have no skills other than sexual ones to offer. Many of them had their educations cut short and believe they cannot even entertain the thought of returning to school.

These are all lies they were told and continue to tell themselves. The fact is that they can still learn. They can still develop skills and talents that are marketable. They still have a future. Their lives are still of value.

So, this charity gives them a means to rebuild their self-confidence. It allows them to learn skills and earn for themselves. That builds self-esteem quicker than having to rely on others to take care of you.

They launder and repackage the bras (and other items). They then market and resell them. In many lesser developed countries, bras are luxuries, not everyday undergarments. Mostly the wealthy can afford new ones. So, these gently used bras are sold, as used, at a rate more modest incomes can afford.

Because a significant portion of the bras are donated, the women sell them for a decent profit. The proceeds are then used to acquire more raw materials, pay overhead, pay rent, buy food, pay for school, and assist others.  Of course, the girls earn a personal paycheck.

While they started in Mozambique, they have also started centers in Central and South America. In addition, they have started a program assisting victims of sex slavery here in the US with bra and shirt programs. 

It is a good charity that promotes self-sufficiency and capitalism. Donations of time, resources, and money can be made at several locations or through their website.