Friday, September 13, 2013

Al-Q'aeda Hydra Far From Slain

Not long after SEAL Team 6 cornered and killed Usama bin Laden, Obama and his minions declared that Al-Q'aeda was "broken" and "on the run". Many Americans believed the man who is known for canceling or ignoring his daily intelligence updates. However, people who have spent the last 15-20 years of their lives tracking the terrorist organization cringed.

Refusing to admit his ignorance, Obama joined Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton in falsely accusing an American who made a YouTube video for events in Behghazi, Libya. Those events were initially reported as a protest turned into an angry mob. That "angry mob" somehow managed to infiltrate the consulate compound using sympathetic local national security guards. Once inside the compound, this "angry mob" found their target, the US Ambassador, and raped him. They sodomized him. They beat him. They murdered him. Then they dragged him and three other Americans' bodies through the streets of Benghazi.

But it wasn't an "angry mob". It wasn't some unplanned, spontaneous action. Hillary Clinton would have you believe that it no longer matters if this was a planned, coordinated, rehearsed, and well-executed attack or some spontaneous violence. The truth,as we know it, is that it does matter. This attack proved Obama to be lying when he stated that Al-Q'aeda was no longer a viable threat.

This is exacerbated by information that indicates the events may have coincided with covert attempts to arm Syrian rebels through their Al-Q'aeda affiliated associates in Libya in an "Operation Fast and Furious" type operation. We can hope that those involved in this operation keep better tabs on those items than Eric Holder and the ATF did when they armed Mexican drug cartels.

You can make up your own cover story. You can make up your own fairytale. But you cannot change facts or reality. You can merely obfuscate them with rose-colored perception alteration spectacles, smoke, and mirrors. The attack was planned and well coordinated by Al Q'aeda.

As it turns out, the brothers who committed the terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon were linked to Al Q'aeda. Nobody should be surprised.

Not long ago, Turkish intelligence and security personnel caught people with canisters of Sarin gas attempting to cross their border, illegally. It was discovered these people were members of Al Q'aeda (The Al-Nasra Front) who were actively working with the rebel factions in Syria. This should scare every American at least a little. Al Q'aeda operatives had (and may still have) one of the most deadly weapons of mass effects known to man. It wouldn't be the first time that terrorists employed chemical warfare, either. In fact, terrorists used to drop plague infested meat and rats into town water supplies.

Cut Off One Head & Two Replace It

Meanwhile, Ayaman Al-Zawahiri was busy making his own tape. Instead of video, he stuck to an audio transmission. In it, AAZ claims Sept. 11 on the Christian Calendar as a day of victory to be celebrated. He claims victory in the attacks in 2001. He claims victory in the attacks in Behghazi. He celebrates "Blackhawk Down" and other operations against US Forces in Somalia as Al-Qaeda victories. He also claims victory in the attack on the Boston Marathon, among others. He then calls for more small-scale, stealthy attacks of that nature.

Who is AAZ? Some like to claim he is the "next Usama bin Laden (UBL)". Others claim he is just a pale and reluctant replacement. He is lauded as the current figurehead in charge of Al-Q'aeda. His history goes much deeper than that.

When they were younger, AAZ recruited UBL into a group known as the Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ). Given bin Laden's family, UBL was a great asset to the terrorist group. UBL had funding. He had charisma. He had ties to the Saudi Arabian nobility through his wealthy and influential family. Usama was also a devout Wahabbi, to an extreme that made most Salafists cringe. The two were fast friends.

Later, when UBL began building Al-Q'aeda, AAZ served as UBL's second-in-command. He served as his ambassador. He served as UBL's closest confidante and adviser. Speculation indicates that UBL may have been more of a mouthpiece for some of AAZ's machinations. AAZ is smart. He holds several degrees and is a medical doctor, a surgeon. In fact, over the last 10+ years of UBL's life, AAZ served as UBL's personal physician. Usama needed regular dialysis due to kidney disease and diabetes.

With AAZ's audio transmission  came an attack on another US Consulate, this one in Herat, Afghanistan. The consulate compound was attacked with two Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices. Two security personnel at the consulate were killed. So were at least seven terrorists reported as members of the Taliban. They were most likely trained and outfitted by Al-Q'aeda operatives. Luckily, no US personnel were killed in the attack. Ironically, the attack happened within a week of a similar attack in Afghanistan.

Al-Q'aeda tied Taliban terrorists attacked the Iranian consulate. Iran has been supporting the Assad Regime in Syria in their fight against the Al-Q'aeda tied Al-Nasra Front rebels. That is the same rebel group who had Sarin gas canisters near the Turkish border. Those are the same terrorists that were to receive the weapons being smuggled in through Libya. They are the same rebels who Obama was going to ask Congress to approve to support. They all hang on the words of AAZ, and they all want to kill Americans.

Now, would somebody like to explain to us how Al-Q'aeda is no longer a threat? Those of us with open eyes and experience are seeing things quite differently. Perhaps there's information out there that isn't being shared with either US Citizens or the intelligence community.