Thursday, September 26, 2013

True The Vote Jumps To Defense of Texas

On Sept 20th, True The Vote won their 3 year long battle for NPO 501(c)(3) status. The US Dept. of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service immediately filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit True The Vote filed against them.

Just a few days later, True The Vote has announced it is jumping to the defense of the Republic of Texas. During the last legislative cycle, Texas passed several voter integrity measures to include requirements for government-issued picture identification cards to register to vote and to file a ballot. The state law includes measures to provide the necessary identification without any costs of service fees to the applicants. That avoids any allegations of a "poll tax".

“The Holder Justice Department has made clear its litigation against Texas will serve as a warning that other states should not pursue election integrity measures – True the Vote stands ready to fight their effort to dilute voters’ rights.” ~True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht
True The Vote filed this motion to intervene and inform/educate on the need for the Texas voter integrity laws.

In this case, Plaintiff asks the Court to enjoin the State of Texas from continuing toenforce Senate Bill 14, the state’s requirement that registered voters establish they arewho they say they are before they cast a ballot by means of a variety of state approved identification documents. 

Plaintiff seeks this relief on the grounds requiring  that voters establish identity through various documents violates Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act (42 U.S.C. § 1973), Section 12(d) of the Voting Rights Act, and violates rights contained in the Fourteenth Amendment and Fifteenth Amendment. 

Proposed Intervener respectfully submits that Plaintiff is wrong and that Plaintiff lacks standing to assert any constitutional claims. Plaintiff also notably seeks to re-impose federal mandates on the entire state of Texas which the Supreme Court recently invalidated as unconstitutional in Shelby County v. Holder  133 S. Ct. 2612 (2013) under Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act.

AG Eric Holder dislikes voter integrity laws. Holder filed a suit against Arizona for their voter integrity reforms. The suit lost most of the counts, but won one in regards to the use of federal registration forms. The State of Arizona was told any registrant using the federal form does not have to show ID or prove citizenship. The form asks for only a signed affidavit under penalty of perjury, cases of which are seldom prosecuted.

So, Holder set his sights on Texas. He is also a close associate of Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Houston-TX). It was one of Lee's past elections that spawned True The Vote in the first place. Smelling something fishy, the founders of True The Vote conducted an independent audit and investigation of the ballots. They found thousands of suspicious ballots. In response to this and several alleged cases of voter fraud and intimidation since, Texas passed several laws including SB14. Eric Holder contends that SB 14 and the other Texas voter integrity reform laws are "discriminatory", according to the tort filed against Texas.

True the Vote is non-partisan. They do not serve any political party. Their mission is to help insure that elections are fair and legal. Their idea is to work towards making sure votes have their proper weight and value without being devalued through ballot-stuffing, ballot fixing/forging, and voter fraud.

Those who claim that voter fraud is a thing of the past were not paying attention when unions in Wisconsin bussed in Michigan residents to vote in the Wisconsin recall elections. These people were not Wisconsin residents. The unions hoped to flood the ballot boxes with same-day registrations. Perhaps they wanted to stuff the ballot boxes. Perhaps they sought to invalidate the election that Governor Scott Walker was destined to win. In any case, the attempted fraud was blatant.

Most attempts are less blatant and obvious. People ineligible to vote acquire fraudulent identification, usually through identity theft. They vote, usually multiple times, illegally, using other people's names. Through mail-in early voting ballots, some will gather up the ballots of registered voters and fill in the bubbles for them. They pick who they want, not who the voter wanted to vote for.

The list of tactics goes on. Dead people somehow vote, many times because the death certificates were not filed before the deadline to clean voter registration rolls. Voters are registered on the PEVL, but another address, to one of the criminals, replaces theirs on the form. The voter never gets the ballot, but somehow has a vote cast in their name.

True the Vote educates people on how voter fraud is pulled off and how it affects them. They lobby for legislation meant to mitigate and deter voter fraud. These measures are called 'Voter Integrity" measures.

Votes have power. According to the US Constitution (and the decision in the US Supreme Court decision on Bush v Gore), citizens do not have a right to vote, directly, for US President. They vote for representatives, electors, who vote for them, traditionally. These days, many states have changed to a popular vote means of determining the electoral votes in the presidential elections, though. The US Constitution set up the election process for US Representatives to be by popular vote of eligible voters in each congressional district. An Amendment to the US Constitution changes the selection of US Senators to the same popular vote in a state-wide election process. These are the people who legislate (create) laws and run the federal budget.

On the local level, elections determine who will have the responsibility to govern the local school districts. They determine who will legislate local ordinances and state laws. The list goes on. Ballot stuffing, voter fraud, and votes cast by non-citizens corrupt the process. This process is considered "democratic in nature". It seems highly suspicious that the so-named "Democratic" party would prefer corruption of such a process that determines the elected representatives in our constitutionally-mandated republican form of government. Perhaps these "democrats" do not really like any democratic process?