Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Open Response to a Democratic Congressman

On Friday, I attempted to call Representative Cuellar (D-TX-28)'s office. His offices were not answering any phones. I left a message.

I then followed up with a rather lengthy email addressing several specific concerns.

In the past, Cuellar identified himself as a "blue dog democrat", misrepresenting himself as fiscally moderate, if not slightly conservative, and "in tune" with his constituents. This is, of course, pure hogwash.

As a constituent, I demanded he vote along with the conservative budget and continuing resolution proposals and get the essential portions of the bureaucracy back to full functionality. I also addressed many of my problems with the PPACA and asked him to vote to cut funding and to support a full repeal.

I also asked that he vote in favor of the "line item" bills that would establish continued funding of the Veterans Administration, among other key things.

Concerning the current Democrat-manufactured crisis, Rep. Cuellar responded in a rather condescending and patronizing manner:

"The Republican Leadership has brought multiple Continuing Resolutions to the Floor that place politics over policy.  We should be focused on passing a budget that funds the government not voting on a political issue.  As an appropriator, it is very problematic for me to see how little focus there has been on the actual issues of how and at what level we fund our government.

"Federal workers, veterans, small business owners applying for a federal loan and companies importing or exporting goods are being harmed today due to an unnecessary and unacceptable government shutdown.  The Federal workforce should not suffer the consequences of the failure of the Republican House Leadership to govern.  I have signed on as a co-sponsor to H.R. 3223, a bill that would make sure all furloughed federal workers affected by the shutdown receive any pay they miss while furloughed. "
I wish to publicly respond to Representative Cuellar.

First, he insinuated that there is some difference between politics and policy when it comes to the federal government. There isn't.

Policy: "prudence or wisdom in the management of affairs" (policies -plural)
Politic: "sagacious in promoting a policy" (politics -plural)
 In other words, Cuellar accused House Republicans of choosing the wise promotion of the management of affairs over just prudence and wisdom in the management of affairs. In other words, he accused the "Republican Leadership" of doing the right and legal thing.

Cuellar's buddy in the Senate, Harry Reid, asked where the House (and its Republican Majority) get the authority to pass these budgets and continuing resolutions. Here is the US Constitution, Art. I Sect. 7.:

"All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills."

Cuellar also makes the accusation that the budget is not a political issue, but Obamacare is. He has that backwards. Obamacare is anything but wise, sagacious, or prudent in the management of anything except the oligarchs grab for more tyrannical power. Passing a budget that properly funds essential and necessary federal government functions and NOT funding those that are non-essential and unconstitutional is, in fact, politics. It is sagacious in promoting a prudent and wise management of the federal government's lawful (constitutional) responsibilities, obligations, and limited authorities.

The three CRs the House passed, despite Cuellar's "nay" votes, all did what Cuellar claims they did not focus on. What those CRs did not focus on was funding a law that the majority of US Citizens do not want. The majority of Cuellar's constituents don't want it, either. But Cuellar is busy hosting conferences on how the US is going to provide healthcare to foreigners who jump the border and illegally invade the US. He hopes to buy their votes once they steal some citizen's identification and illegally and fraudulently register to vote.

Cuellar then goes on to mention a few collectives. Collectivist oligarchs do not think of people as individual people. To them, everybody who is not them must belong to some faceless demographic or collective. They love their stereotypes.

Since he brought them up, let's discuss those federal workers. Cuellar failed to mention that many of the DoD (DA, DAF and DN) civilian job positions were created to be temporary. They were created to alleviate warfighters, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen, to deploy in support of the Global War on Terror. With Obama ending the biggest portions of the military mission in Iraq, the necessity for many of these DoD civilians expired. The same goes with many private companies with defense contracts. That is the painful truth. They are not all required any longer. For example, the US Army has Soldiers trained to handle military pay, personnel actions, and the like. With many deploying, civilians were hired to handle that paperwork on the homefront. Not as many are needed downrange anymore. the Soldiers are home and able to go back to their jobs. But you will still find civilians occupying those slots that are intended for Soldiers.

There are other "federal programs" that are unnecessary. The Department of Education is full of them. Per the US Constitution and the 10th Amendment, the US Government is not supposed to be involved in education. The workers within the bureaucratic agencies under this cabinet position are largely unconstitutional and superfluous.

Veterans are owed a debt that the citizens of our country will never be able to repay. These patriots will never ask them to. However, the government has made them certain promises. Article I Sec. 8 of the US Constitution grants congress, not the president, the authority to commit to their responsibilities in doing so. The 14th Amendment, Sec. 4 reinforces this supreme directive to the federal government.

"The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned." 
When the House voted on, and passed, a bill to fund the Veterans administration, Rep. Cuellar voted "Nay". That completely contradicts his rhetoric on "veterans". In short, Cuellar's hypocrisy is showing just like the "emperor's" lard-rolls and man-tits when he donned his "new clothes" in public.

Veterans are being harmed by Obama's choices and by Cuellar's "Nay" vote. They are further harmed by the Senate Democrats' refusal to pass that bill or even negotiate. Negotiation comes before you sign a contract, not after you have started working and are looking forward to your first paycheck, buddy.

In regards to the "small business owners" who are looking for loans, this is not an approved or appropriate function of the US Government. This is something best left to the private sector. It is already proven that the federal involvement in loans, be they small business, college education, or housing, blow up in the face of citizens. Cuellar need look no further than Dodd-Frank and the government-caused housing market collapse in 2008. Cuellar backs the very unconstitutional government interventions that caused that fiasco. Simply put, small businesses would be better served getting their loans from proper lending and banking institutions.

There are a few economic and political systems that employ government intervention, infringement, and manipulation of private sector industries. They have some rather disliked names, though these are those systems by their very definitions and ideology. They are National Socialism and Fascism. They spurned several wars against oppressive and tyrannical governments over the past hundred years. The latest was a war in a country named Iraq.

Looking at this whole debt-ceiling and budget debate, it is painfully obvious that they are not caused by or to be blamed upon the people who voted the will of the people. It is not the fault of those who did their constitutionally mandated duty and passed the CRs. The House Republican Leaders appear to be the only ones doing their jobs. No, Cuellar, it is not their fault. The failure is yours and your komrades' in the Senate.

Don't lie to me, son. Stop being a "blue dog" like a Russian Blue (that's a breed of cat, son). Stop pointing fingers and do what your constituents tell you. Be a man and take responsibility for your own actions and inaction. Be accountable. Do your job. We're watching, and your next election is only 13 short months away. We're already taking resumes for your replacement.