Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Texas A&M - Nazareth Campus!

Imagine you want your degree in some environmental engineering field or in agricultural engineering with a concentration in irrigation and water conservation technologies. Perhaps you want a degree in archeology, anthropology, theology, or even international relations. Now imagine you are a Texan, through and through but would love to get some first-hand, real world experience in an environment of cultural immersion, but want to stay in a Texas-based university.

While on his economic development trip to the UK and Israel, Governor Rick Perry made an announcement that could open those doors.

Governor Perry announced the Creation of a new branch campus of Texas A&M, this one in Nazareth, Israel. This would be the second Texas A&M campus to open in the Middle East. This campus is dubbed the "Peace Campus".

It will also open the Texas university systems to the international market. This could attract some high quality students and future legal immigrants of high caliber. They would bring potential innovation to our country and help increase our country's global marketing potential in many fields. 

Governor Perry's remarks on the occasion:

"Texas A&M and Israel make a good fit, as communities built upon the values of family, commitment and tradition. That's reflected in the goals we've established for this university. We want to see the Nazareth branch as a means to preserve peace and build understanding between cultures. We want to see students and instructors from a diverse array of nationalities, faiths and backgrounds within its classrooms, each student learning more about the world and what bright possibilities lay ahead for all of us."
Shai Piron, Israel's Minister of Education, added the following comments:

"Today is a day of celebration. Our joy is even greater, knowing that we are establishing a campus of peace located in the city of Nazareth, in the Galilee. The founding of such a renowned institution in an Arab city in the State of Israel sends an important message to Israeli society and the Arab public in Israel. I am certain that this splendid institution will have the power to enhance the vision of peace and equality, and the founding of this institution is a giant step in that direction."
In 2003, Texas A&M opened its first campus in the Middle East, in Doha, Qatar. Texas A&M has three other international campuses outside of Texas. They are in Mexico City, Mexico, San Isidro, Costa Rica, and Santa Chiara, Italy

Governor Perry is currently in Israel to attend the Water Technology and Environment Control Exhibition and Conference following several days in London where he met with several UK-based business leaders. He is expected to return to Texas on Friday the 25th.