Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Red State The Movie (Review)

A while back there was a movie made entitled "Red State". It is billed as a "horror movie" but would be better billed as "horrible". The movie is available on various streaming video outlets such as Apple iTunes or Netflix.

Anybody who had a competent 8th grade civics teacher who taught them facts instead of pushing revisionist lies such as those propagated by Howard Zinn and his compatriots would easily identify this movie as far off the mark.

It is worth watching as a form of dark comedy as you munch popcorn and make fun of the obvious lack of intellect behind the script and the poor attempt to label any of the antagonists as being anywhere close to "right wing", "conservative" or "Red State" in ideology.

First, the title is highly misleading. Though the setting may, indeed, be in a conservative so-called "red state" such as Kansas, none of the main players appear to be conservative.

The main antagonists are portrayed as some odd mixture of the Westboro Baptist Church and David Koresh's Branch Davidian fanatics from near Waco Texas. The other antagonists are from other pages of modern history. They are a task force of ATF agents portrayed to be as competent and law abiding as those who carried out Operation Fast and Furious. They also appear to be as restrained and professional as Janet Reno's shining boys who stormed the Davidian complex near Waco.

Let's break this down by political ideology.

The Phelps family who comprise the majority of WBC are, by and large, "democrats". That is, they are card-carrying members of the Democratic Party. They are left-wingers. Rev. Phelps has run for political office at both the state and federal level on the Democratic Party ticket. He seeks an oligarchy, a religious caliphate based upon his skewed and perverted version of Christianity. That is not a right-wing, conservative ideology. It isn't even close.

The federal agents and those issuing their orders also appear left-wing. They want to secure that their oligarchy has power. They willfully ignore the US Constitution and order a raid and executions in violations of the 4th and 5th Amendments to the US Constitution. They also seek to infringe upon 2nd Amendment rights. The task forces they are set to imitate both fell under left-wing executive administrations. Janet Reno is a die-hard left-winger who ran her tyrannical bureaucracy under leftist Bill Clinton. Op Fast and Furious was done by the ATF under the direction of left-wing hero and anti-gun crusader Eric Holder.

Of course, the Ruby Ridge incident was on Bush (41)'s watch. That ATF task force also violated the US Constitution several times over starting with the killing of the family dog. However, the Weavers and his gang were noted white supremacists. That is another left-wing collective who believes that different groups should have different, special rights based upon some determined common factor, in this case, skin color (and ancestral origin). In the case of Ruby Ridge, there was an attempted cover-up. Both sides behaved badly. However, constitutional protections were ignored.

Whoever titled this movie should have renamed it "Left-Wing Extremists Behaving Badly in a Red State". It's a shame that Kevin Smith of "Jay and Silent Bob" fame ascribed his name to this movie as both writer and director. Perhaps he should have done a little more research before allowing such a misleading title.

For those who need a quick reminder of the political spectrum: