Friday, July 11, 2014

Everytown Mom Shannon Watts uses force to avoid debate

Everytown's Mom, Shannon Watts | Image Credit: modified from a Youtube screen capture.
Everytown’s Mom, Shannon Watts | Image Credit: modified from a Youtube screen capture.

Everytown Mom Shannon Watts refuses retraction, sicks armed guards on journalist

Everytown’s Shannon Watts, seems to avoid debate. Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action merged into the new organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, believing they speak for everybody and every parent. MDA’s outspoken founder likes to issue false allegations but will do anything to dodge a debate of facts.

The Blaze’s Dana Loesch confronted Watts several times through social media. Watts continues to deflect issues when confronted about inflammatory or inaccurate statements. She accused Loesch of working for the firearms accessory company, Magpul. When Loesch confronted her, asking Watts to provide evidence supporting her allegations, the only “proof” provided was a picture of Dana posing next to a Magpul banner. That picture is no more proof of Loesch receiving direct compensation from Magpul than a picture of a US Soldier wearing his issued Wiley-X eye protection.

When Loesch caught up with Watts at an Indiana event, Watts refused to answer Loesch’s questions regarding clarification or retraction. In fact, she rudely ignored Loesch.  Watts even went the extra step of having her armed security guards push and shove Dana, something that is construed as criminal assault in many states. Here is an approximately one-minute long clip from the incident:
This isn’t the only time Watts refused a debate after she stated something inaccurate.

After the Ivan Lopez shooting on Fort Hood, Watts thought herself legally licensed to diagnose Lopez with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Watts feels that anybody screened, diagnosed, or treated for PTSD should have their second amendment rights stripped. For some insight, it requires a minimum of a masters degree in a psychology field plus a license in order to diagnose mental health conditions. Watts’ published career details indicate her specialty is media communications, not psychology. When asked to provide her license and credentials, she ignored the request. She has yet to recant or retract her allegations and illegal diagnosis.

In Texas, where the Fort Hood incident occurred, it is a crime to diagnose mental illness without a license:
Sec. 503.452. CRIMINAL OFFENSES. (a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly:
(1) engages in the practice of professional counseling without holding a license under this chapter;
(2) represents the person by the title “Licensed Professional Counselor” or “Licensed Counselor” without holding a license under this chapter;
(3) represents the person by the title “Licensed Professional Counselor — Art Therapist,” “Art Therapist,” or by the initials “L.P.C. — A.T.” or “A.T.” without:
(A) holding a license with a specialization in art therapy under Section 503.303; or
(B) holding a license under Section 503.309; or
(4) uses any title, words, letters, or abbreviations that imply that the person is licensed under this chapter if the person is not licensed under this chapter.
Ivan Lopez was never diagnosed with PTSD. He was undergoing screening at the time of the incident that resulted in his taking his own life. Experts can speculate and review his screening results, so far. However, the official and legal diagnosis is now impossible. Regardless, Watts provided no lawful documentation granting her the license or certification to make a diagnosis.

She made other claims revolving around PTSD that demonstrate her lack of familiarity with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) either version four (DSM-IV) or five (DSM-V). She displayed no knowledge of Dr. Jonathan Shay’s works on the subjects. While I am not a psychological professional nor a licensed counselor, I do have access to the above publications. I also have direct, intimate experience with PTSD and war veterans.

Facts appear difficult for Watts and her organization. When confronted with them, they turn to purely emotional statements devoid of logical content or context. It also appears that the law is difficult for Watts and her organization to comprehend. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land. There is no higher legal authority in the US. The Constitution supersedes local, state, and federal laws. It supersedes federal court decisions made by justices that ignore it. The Second Amendment is clearly stated. It has not been amended nor repealed. It is the only constitutional gun-law in the US. Law abiding citizens that follow all other gun laws do so because they are law-abiding, something Watts is not, given her suspected violation of practicing mental health services without a license.