Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PODCAST Mouth of Matuszak Show 8-26-14

Mouth of Matuszak Radio Show 

hashtag: #MMRS Twitter: @pavelgregory  
With host Paul-Gregory Matuszak
Aired live 8-9 AM Central (9-10 ET)
August 26, 2014
Call-in Number: (520) 226-8567

Paul-Gregory is the editor-in-chief of Mental Aikido, the Managing Editor of the Tavern Keeper's Brenner Brief News Magazine, and a contributor at BuzzPo.

Topics Discussed: 

Primary Day in Arizona, why you should vote for Chuck Wooten
Obama on vacation, order action in Syria, maybe
Michael Brown Funeral turned into circus
Democrat CA state senator hates Uber so much he'd rather drive drunk
Texas schools start year with armed teachers
Open Carry Texas versus Black Panthers in Houston
Federal Court rules waiting period for firearms is unconstitutional
Bill Gates spends $1M to lobby for gun grabbers
Things taxidermists find while stuffing alligators
University of Texas study links violent video games to depression
Governor Rick Perry's attorneys file writ to dismiss democrats lawfare attempt