Thursday, September 4, 2014

PODCAST Mouth of Matuszak Radio Show #MMRS 9-4-14

Mouth of Matuszak Radio Show

With host Paul-Gregory Matuszak

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Paul-Gregory is the editor-in-chief of Mental Aikido, the Managing Editor of the Tavern Keeper's Brenner Brief News Magazine, and a contributor at BuzzPo.

Topics discussed:

Waiting for BLS employment report -- low expectations
DoJ investigating local police departments
Federal Government still not willing to take decisive actions on Syria, Iraq, ISIS/ISIL
Debbie Hand-puppet Wassermann-Schultz pokes nose into Wisconsin to falsely accuse Walker of domestic violence
Perry County, PA Sheriff sued for upholding/obeying US Constitution and privacy laws.
Texas Lone Star Medals awarded
San Antonio Gestapo Supreme Commander (Police Chief William MCManus) wants to fine people for giving to charity instead of arresting.prosecuting actual law-breakers and Con-artists
Colombia U student brings mattress she was raped upon wherever she goes
California school is so against the 2nd Amendment that they don't want police to have guns in school zones