Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Paul-Gregory is the editor-in-chief of Mental Aikido, the Managing Editor of the Tavern Keeper's Brenner Brief News Magazine, and a contributor at BuzzPo.

Topics Discussed: 

Is it "hump day" still with a 4-day work-week?
Day 3 smoke-free
No guns = No money counter campaign against MDA/MAIG/Everytown/Bloomberg/Watts
Obama still stagnant, non-commital on ISIL/ISIS after Sotloff murder
US Veterans send clear message to ISIS/ISIL/AQ
Ben Carson states stance on ISIS/ISIL/AQ
Andrea Tantaros refuses to apologize for statements about ISIS/ISIL/AQ
Lois Lerner & IRS targeted conservative non-profits, but ignore unions' overstepping regulations
SWAT-ting hoax tale serves as lesson to domestic terrorists who use that tactic
"We Will Not conform"-- new Julie Borowski video joins Glenn Beck and Freedomworks at

Teachers and school administrators are NOT your partners in raising YOUR kids.

Folks, if your local school workers have used that line, you need to remind them they are NOT your partners in your kids' education or upbringing. They are your employees. They are your human resources, tools, paid contractors. You pay their paychecks through tuition or taxes (or both). They are NOT your partners. Were they there at conception? Did they wake up at 2am when the kid had a fever or a nightmare? No. o they feed your kid? No... well, maybe, through taxes that illegally end up in the "federal school lunch program". But, if you are an adult and you earn your own keep, more than likely you pay for your kids' food.

So why would you let these collectivists and union goons dupe you into giving them a "partnership" in the raising of your kids. They make it sound like they want to work with you, almost like they are giving you a say. The problem is, it isn't their say to give, but yours to allow them, the employees. They offer a partnership that isn't theirs to offer. They assume you are too stupid to catch-on to the fact making them a partner means you are giving up YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS, authorities, and responsibilities.

Tell them, "No, you are not my partner, I am your boss, like it or not." Do not let them silence or minimize your voice any more. Attend school board meetings. Show up to PTA/PTO meetings. When they laud some new program or pedagogy, research it and call them out on it when it seems fishy or to push a political agenda (or moral relativism). Heck, watch out for the latest "anti-bullying" programs that blame victims for being targets or punish them if they fight back.

Make up your own minds, do not let the "teachers" make them up for you, and do not let them do your job as a parent for you, either.