Among my writings are select philosophical essays and allegories. My philosophical views are based upon many sources. Among these are readings started when I was a barely a teenager continuing to present day. I have also had the privilege of knowing and listening to many wise men and women, including my father, grandfather, and several senior military officers. The greatest sources of my philosophical outlook are my experiences.

The essays are tagged for easier navigation and searching.

The best part of life is living it.

If we never had any problems, we'd never have any challenges. Without challenges, we don't have incentive to excel and prosper. Without those problems and challenges, our lives would be boring. We would never know the sense of accomplishment. We'd never experience the joys of overcoming. We'd not know the value our our lives and the lives that surround us. We'd never appreciate luxury, solace, quiet, or love.

Pay Attention.

Embrace the moment you are in.

Enjoy it!