Monday, September 22, 2014

PODcAST Mouth of Matuszak Show 9-22-14 #MMRS

Mouth of Matuszak Show

 With host Paul-Gregory Matuszak

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  September 22, 2014

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Topics Discussed: 

Happy Birthday to Chuck Augustiniak and my mother, AnneMarie Matuszak

Blessed Mabon and Autumnal Equinox to Druids and Pagans. Let the apple festivals and Oktoberfest begin! 

Sadie Robertson's cha-cha on Dancing with the Stars ... WOW!

Abbot v. Davis Texas Governor Debate... Davis has meltdown, leftist reporter confused on difference between facts and emotive hyperbole, where was Katie Glass?

Loonie Leftists --

Global warming alarmists and "climate change" crowd leaves behind mountains of litter after rally. 

Mary Burke, Democratic Party candidate running against Scott Walker, plagiarized her economic plan. from plans that already failed.

Dept. of Homeland Security can't keep its people, revolving door with no tenure or competence.

More US military personnel join the boots on ground to battle... ebola!

college student at San Diego state in California forced to remove his US flag because it may "offend foreign students".

Sunday, September 21, 2014

podcast mouth of matuszak radio show 9-1-9-14 #MMRS

Topics Discussed: 

Crowder on spanking

Minnesota Kid cannot wait for mommy's homecoming ceremony to finish... so he joins the formation.

Let's look at our "separation of powers" government -- sunlight time

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz discloses that 4 ISIS-linked individuals arrested in Texas on Sept 10, 2014 after they crossed the border illegally. This made DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson more than a little uncomfortable.

Joseph on War Powers Act

Bill Whittle -- Obama is Bush Lite

2nd Amendment/Freedom vs gun-grabber tyranny

Shannon Watts's MDA loonies kicked out of Kroger! It seems they are as welcomed as code Pink at a Marine corps picnic

Goddesses with Guns rally in San Antonio, group led by Emily Grisham.

Those Looney Liberals --

Charles Barron, a democrat,  is about to be elected to the NY state assembly... and he tells reporters that his childhood heroes were all enemies of the the US, freedom, and humanity. He loves people like Qadaffi, Idi Amin, and Fidel Castro. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

PODcAST Mouth of Matuszak Show 9-18-14 #MMRS

 Topics Discussed: 

Tucson woman beaten over Taco Bell breakfast. Why? In Tucson, really? Why would anybody living in Southern Arizona or Texas go to a Taco Bell in the first place? The thugs that beat her up are even worse. That food is not worth fighting over. 

Actress Daniele Watts arrested for indecent exposure and public lewdness. She cried "racism" claiming she was just kissing her non-black boyfriend. But evidence reveals they weren't just kissing.

 Rick Perry responds to Pina Nieto's criticism of Texas National Guard Soldiers guarding the border. Perry then invited Nieto to visit Texas. Perry's full letter to Nieto at this link:

Pennsylvania follows Texas example, considers arming teachers

Tea Party Leadership Fund has started a national campaign to replace John Boehner with Trey Gowdy as Speaker of the House.

DNc and Obama's lovefest with Ditzy Debbie Hand-puppet Wasserman-Schultz cools toward arctic temperatures. Maybe this is their cure for global warming?

Bill Ayers tells Scotty Nell Hughes that Rahm Emanuel is a white supremacist

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

PODCAST Mouth of Matuszak Show #MMRS 9-17-14



Mouth of Matuszak Show

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 With host Paul-Gregory Matuszak

Aired live 8-9 AM Central (9-10 ET)
  September 16, 2014

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Topics Discussed:

US Constitution signed by 12 of 13 states Sept 17, 1787 Stop Obama's Amnesty

US Rep. from Iowa wants terrorists to keep US passports VA Manager stole $20k from vets, gets no jail time because SEIU members get special privileges.

Sort of like Solis when she and Sebelius broke the Hatch Act

 John McRino McCain asks Rand Paul if he met ISIS, Claims he has. If Johnny Mac has, they weren't the same ones I sat aross a desk from in interrogation rooms. The ones I met were unrepentant evil.

chairmen of the Joint chiefs of staff General Dempsey admits what I've been saying all along -- Iraq's military and police were not ready, we pulled out too early

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

PODCAST Mouth of Matuszak Show 9-16-14 #MMRS



Mouth of Matuszak Show

 With host Paul-Gregory Matuszak

Aired live 8-9 AM Central (9-10 ET)
  September 16, 2014

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 Topics Discussed:

Separation of Powers Government?
NLRB & WH conspired to hide criminal activity -- violations of Hatch Act by Hilda Solis and Kathy Sebelius
ISIS at our borders?
Officials say another 279,000 households are at risk of losing health law tax credits due to income question 115,000 people may lose coverage under the Obama health law due to immigration questions

Those looney liberals -- 

Wendy Davis wants truth retrated, will she sue if she loses like last time?
Allison Grimes's campaign strategy -- "I'm Not Obama"

Arizona Dreamin' 

AZ Dems fly Mexican flag instead of US Flag.
AZ GOP Vice-chair forced to resign for being a conservative.

The empty cage

On my wife's dresser rests an empty cage.

Well it isn't completely empty, and it isn't a cage. It is an aquarium tank that was converted, eventually, to a hamster habitat enclosure. It was a room, an apartment for a beloved pet.

The enclosure has housed three previous pets. A corn snake named copper lived in there when he was 2-3 feet long. He's now about five feet long and has a much larger room.Then the enclosure sat empty with some bedding in the bottom. We entertained using it as a feeding tank for copper. His meals like to climb the screen walls of his current enclosure.

Then one of his meals survived for much longer than expected. So, the little mouse went into the empty cage. copper was shedding the next feeding day. So, the mouse was kept alive another week. Then we named it. We decided to keep it as a pet, but it died the day we bought all the stuff to make the tank a small rodent habitat.

A second mouse replaced the first as a pet. After a couple of weeks of treating the little bugger like a pet, it became mean. While buying copper his meal we found an adolescent Syrian Teddy Bear hamster that we instantly fell in love with. We took her home with us. We sanitized the enclosure and set it up.

I never thought I'd get emotionally attached to a rodent.

Over the next 7 months or so, we enjoyed our lives with Truffle Bear. We learned her habits. My wife would complain about Truffle's nightly marathons. She would run 6-8 miles a night on her little wheel. She also loved to rearrange her habitat. So, after weekly cleanings, we'd leave it a shambles and wait to see how she'd arrange things. She's move everything but her water bottle and her litter box. Yes, she was litter box trained. She wasn't really trained so much as we bought her a litter box and she knew exactly what it was for.

Every other day or so, she would get fresh vegetables. She loved them. She had some treats we bought at the store, sure. But if we handed her one of those, then presented her with a leaf of fresh kale, she'd drop the treat. She liked carrots and other vegetables on the "safe" list. Kale was her favorite by far.

The enclosure was not a cage, not like a cell. It was more like an apartment. It was set up to give Truffle her own space, secure and safe from our other pets. It was a place she could set up as her own. But we petted her often and put her in a run-about ball. When she'd have run of the house in the ball, she had a habit of chasing the cat. 

She was gentle, easily the most gentle creature I've had as a pet, a member of my family. The dog and cat are playful and you an pet them. But they do not always play "nice". The cat attacks toys like he's hunting prey. The dog loves to play tug-of-war when he's not chasing a ball. He's also been known to kill garter snakes and square off against possums. The pet snakes kill live prey for dinner. Truffle didn't bite, didn't attack. She'd enjoy back rubs, being hand-fed treats, and demonstrating yoga poses.

That was the reason she was named "Truffle", because she was so sweet. The "Bear" part of her name was for two reasons. The first is her breed. The second was the look on her face if you woke her. It was just like our kid, and my wife. She's look at you with that "who are you and why are you bothering me" form of stink-eye. It it was me, that look would fade when I pet her or gave her a treat or just did the daily cleaning of her litter box or refilling her food bowl. Despite the initial grumpy look if I woke her during the day, she always seemed happy when she realized it was me.

In her last week, after she got sick, she would walk up to her wheel and take 2-3 slow steps. Then she'd get off and curl up in one of her two favorite sleeping corners. We had to bottle feed her while she was recovering from the sickness that came on so suddenly. It swelled up her tongue, making it difficult for her to chew on the hard food and seeds that were her daily diet.

The morning she died, I had just fed her and watered her just after midnight. I watched her go on her wheel for a few steps, then she walked to her corner. At 2 am, I woke to the sound of her wheel squeaking. I looked but didn't see her on it. But I went to get her food and water syringes. When I opened the cage, she was curled up a little looser than the tight ball she normally slept in. But she had snoozed a little looser on some occasions over the past week. I leaned in and pet her. I noticed she wasn't breathing. I picked her up. She wasn't moving. She was cool.

Now, on my wife's dresser rests an empty cage, except it isn't empty. Inside is Truffle's wheel, her favorite chew toys, her water bottle, and empty food bowl, and her litter box, still unused from the last cleaning, done just a few hours prior to her passing. In that empty cage lives fond memories of a gentle old soul that lived 10 months, 7 in this little room. In that empty cage is the spirit of a little four-legged aerobics instructor that I loved.  

PODCAST Mouth of Matuszak Show 9-15-14 RIP Truffle Bear #MMRS

Mouth of Matuszak Show

 With host Paul-Gregory Matuszak

Aired live 8-9 AM Central (9-10 ET)
  September 15, 2014

Listen on Heartland Radio through Live365

Topics Discussed:

Pets are family. RIP Truffle Bear, the most gentle pet I've ever had.
California school bans patriotic clothing
What is the truth behind the Palin Family's alleged bar-room brawl?
Armed robber meets armed citizen...
ISIS kills another hostage, a British citizen. Why? For being an ally to the US.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

#MMRS Sept. 11 memorial show 9-11-14

Topics Discussed:

Obama will act decisively when he decides what actions will be best for his approval ratings.
Obama will act with his coalition of 9, not unilaterally like Bush did with his coalition of 37 partner nations.
Speech reminiscent of Bubba on Sept. 10, 2001.
Overcome -- Live
Reflections on Shattered Glass (11-Sep-01) written on 10 year anniversary
Patriots' Day Sept 11 (written in 2012)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PODCAST Mouth of Matuszak Show #MMRS 9-10-14

Topics Discussed: 

BLS report says unemployed prefer to shop/spend money than find a job. Only 19% look for job every day. 40% go shopping for non-essentials
Arne Duncan says too many teahers are white females.
Congress voted 249-163 on Tuesday to rebuke the President for not following the 2014 Defense Appropriations Act, which requires the White House to let Congress know within 30 days of a prisoner swap. In case you’re wondering, 22 Democrats voted in favor of the move.
Detroit school calls Soldier's uniform "offensive" and refuses to let him see his daughter unless he takes off his uniform
 Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter vows to fight ISIS if they come to Texas
AZ widow shoots home invader while talking to 911 operator.