Saturday, April 2, 2011



Budo is the way or the warrior. Shido is the way of the knight-protector. Aikido is the way of harmony. My way is Aikibushido, "the way of the peaceful warrior-knight". It is not a fighting style. It is a way of life. It is a life of service, honor, loyalty, and love.

 In all things, know what to deflect. Know what to avoid. Know what to embrace. Know what to release. Know that every one of those actions has its place in every moment and know which to apply at the moment you are in.

Always defend what needs defending. Never use more force than necessary in doing so. Always project balance, peace, and harmony. You may have to surrender your pride, your position, or your passion. Never surrender your honor, integrity, or principles.

To eliminate a threat is to defeat an enemy. you can defeat an enemy temporarily through humiliation. You can defeat an enemy temporarily through physical damage. You can temporarily defeat an enemy through fear and intimidation. But these do not eliminate the threat. Even killing an enemy does not eliminate a threat. In fact, it increases that threat.

To truly eliminate a threat is to make that enemy no longer an enemy. It is to make that enemy no longer capable of harming you, an innocent, or your principles. If your way is truly an enlightened path towards peace, you know that the conflicts that arise are best resolved by eliminating the root of contention.

In that, the best way to defeat an enemy is to embrace a friend. Through Aikibushido, we turn the threat against itself. Through our embrace and release of harmony and peace, we change its direction, its point of view. By showing that enemy a better way, a new perspective, it may change itself. It may grow towards its own path of peace and balance.

That is the hardest task. It is the most difficult part of the way, of the path. But is the heart of it. It is the true spirit. Only by walking this path can we, ourselves, find that enlightened way along our lives' journeys.

So, when you set to conflict, keep to your truest principles and integrity. When wrong, adjust. Keep your balance. Quell that conflict through avoidance or deflection. Help, through harmony to release animosity, fear, remorse, hate, anger, prejudice, bigotry, and all the negative. Then, embrace your new ally, friend, and fellow traveler.