Saturday, April 2, 2011


Of all I do and all I don't know
There are only two
things always true

Laying here in night's dark blanket
tracing halos around the moon
watching the stars fall around us
and take away the weight of the world
if only for a few moments

we wash away our troubles and doubts
Let the November night sky allay
all our pains and fears
Let's hitch a ride
on the tail of a comet
and get lost in the stardust

For one truth is that everything must change

I sink into the calm
November night sky
tracing the halo around the moon
bathing in a shower stars
falling like rain
and reaching for the tail of a comet
all seen as I stare into the eyes of an angel

This is how I remember you.
How do you remember me?

The second truth is that I will love you
after all the stars have fallen from the sky.

(C) P-G Matuszak 15 SEP 09