Saturday, April 2, 2011

Three Poems from a Warrior's Heart

My Brothers' Keeper

To Those of 3/25 IBCT who didn't make it home.

Seek me not in your hallowed quarters for I am not among you
Look down not upon me with malice or disdain
I know where the blame rests
I carry the guilt
Knowing you can never be replaced
Please find a way to welcome me
When years from now, my time comes to join you there.

Feel the reciprocated touch
Of all those you touched in your short years
brush soothing on your brows
And ease your souls to rest
Know your smiles are burned into my heart
With the laughter we shared and the songs we sang
In those fleeting moments between the horrors
We had embraced as normalcy.
I miss you my friends and brothers.
Please forgive me
And know you are immortal and eternal in my heart.
For the heart forgets not even what the mind fails to remember
And I remember how you lived.
Copyright ©2008


(In memory of SFC Schuyler Haynes, CPT Chris Seifert, CPT Derek Dobogai, CPL Yari Mokri and the other soldiers who have given their lives during Operation Iraqi Freedom)

Alert and singular in purpose
Not allowing his mind to drift
He left his thoughts in Victory Base
For later he could contemplate as he packed
How the next morning he would be on his way
How his wife and child would be surprised
His mom would cry tears of joy
And a hero's welcome he would face
For this was his last patrol 'fore
A fortnight's peace well earned

A flash and a bang
Mom cried no tears of Joy
No happy surprise for his beloved nor son
He caught the last flight out of Baghdad that night
Not on a C-17 but on Angels' wings.

  © 28 DEC 2003

Waking Under Water

to those afflicted with PTSD

Seeking stillness, This aching silence
fills my nights and haunts my days
I crave you with each waking hour
still unnoticed, midnight screams get louder
reaching out, I still think you're there
Don't touch me
unless you know you love me
Just hold me
and let me know you're there
in this silence,
 in this darkness
Unaware of where I am,
 Waking Under Water.

I hear your voice in my head
above the raining cries for help
Your words reach me, their sound is calming
You still cry out For this to end
Don't Save Me
unless you know you love me
Can you save me
if you cannot save yourself
From the screams that break the silence
Come touch me,
let me know you love me
let me hold you
And let you know I am here
In this darkness,
 Waking Under Water
Copyright ©2008