Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Am Not Posting My Rant, Yet

Events and issues brought to a less local light over the past week are pushing my buttons to write a long rant about illegal immigration. But I will refrain for now.

Items of note, however, that have my blood boiling include:

1. Large wildfire in Horseshoe Canyon caused over $10 Million in private and public property damages. It was most likely caused by two-legged coyotes.

2. La Raza has so integrated into the Arizona Public School System that in Tucson, 3rd graders get an "ethics class" that preaches hatred of "Gringos". This "textbook" contains obscenities that, if uttered when I was that age, would have led to munching on a bar of Ivory soap as an after-school snack.

3. Talking with many of my neighbors who work for DHS or USBP, detentions of illegal aliens are down because the Executive branch of our Federal Government has issued a policy of "TBS" (Turn Back South). So, they cannot detain illegals unless they are flat-out caught with drugs or unregistered weapons. This has enabled smugglers instead of deterring them.

4. Two more USBP agents stationed in Arizona (and legal residents of Arizona) have been shot and killed in the line of duty. These guys face ROE stricter than the overly-restrictive ROE I faced in Iraq and what is currently in place in Afghanistan. There has been a public outcry that the ROEs in those theaters of conflict are too restrictive and are putting out Soldiers at unnecessary risk. Yet, our BP agents are facing similar threats under a much more constrictive ROE. And they are dying. Five guys I have been acquainted with have died in the line of duty in the past 6 months. This is HERE in ARIZONA!

5. President Obama goes to El Paso, TX and jokes that we, the citizens of Arizona, won't be happy with border security until we have a moat. His joke was that if he built a moat, we'd want alligators in it. No, Mr. President, no alligators. Alligators would not do well in the desert. I want a MINEFIELD! As much as I despised the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, they did have that practice down. But I don't think we need to keep our people in as much as illegal immigrants OUT!

So, just five little things. Each of those I could so a multi-paged rant about. I'll spare you. However, I will encourage you to read the editorial our beloved Cochise County Arizona Sheriff posted in the New York Times:

Sheriff Dever's NYT Editorial