Thursday, December 8, 2011

This "Religion is Offensive" Claptrap is OUTRAGEOUS!

By "Outrageous" I mean it in its most literal sense. I am outraged. Any SENSIBLE person (with a glimmer of REASON) should be.

It is an affront to our constitutional rights.

It is tearing at the moral fabric of our country.

It is ripping at the very basic construction of the foundations of our great nation.

It needs to stop, NOW!

New Jersey threatened to suspend a HS student in charge of a “holiday assembly” because he violated the “no Jesus, no Christmas, no SANTA!” rules. After student wrote an OP-ED published by Huff-Po, they backpedaled. Of course, this happened only because the Huffington Post stopped being a "progressive" rag filled with socialism propaganda for about five minutes and actually did the right (as in correct) thing and printed the kid's editorial.

Fort Worth, Texas socialist indoctrination centers, I mean, public schools district, not only eliminated any “blatant” religious references like Christmas, Jesus, Yule, Hanukkah, Menorah, Dreidel, Holly King, etc. But they removed ALL replicas of Frosty, Rudolph, and Santa first claiming “religious undertones”, then “too distracting”.

A California school has followed suit.

And I have heard rumors of the same in Denver.

I love Jan Brewer. I don’t always agree with her, and her voice can get on your nerves. But I love her. Over the past couple of years she has issued an executive order that, in Arizona, it is a Christmas Tree if on public property. She also has announced that Druids are more than free to have “Yule Trees”. She welcomes Jewish children to have dreidels and menorahs in schools as well. See, she gets it.

What is “it”?

“It” is the religion clause of the First Amendment.

First, Congress nor any state government (or duly elected official) may impose a state religion. That means, that the government cannot declare any faith or sect thereof to be the “one true faith” of the people. Sorry, kids, but we are NOT a “Christian” nation. Our Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and the Declaration are very clear in recognizing there is at least one deity. There are several names for it. End of discussion. But they will not tell you that you must worship that deity in any certain way, faith, or creed. Call him “YHVH”, “Jesus”, “Odin”, “Jehovah”, or “Bob”. You are even free to not believe. No laws can force you.

The second part of that clause is that the right to worship “shall not be infringed”. That means THEY CANNOT STOP YOU! If your kid wants to say a few words to Taranis or Thor in between lessons at school, he has the right to. If the government school says “no”, they are in violation. (Private schools are a different story. You have a contract with them.) If you daughter wants to sing “Aleinu Shalom” and hug her friends in peace at recess, she has the RIGHT to do so. The government schools cannot legally stop her. If Abu Ali wants to genuflect in the city park at noon… yeah, we have to let him.

So, Jan gets it. The people want a nice, big, lit-up, bedazzled, beautiful CHRISTMAS TREE in front of the AZ capitol. They have one. I am more than sure she would allow Druids to place, with a permit, a Yule tree next to it. I am sure she’d allow a public menorah in the square.

In the opinion of this fringe-Jewish-sect convert, it’s a blessed CHRISTMAS TREE. Let the Christians have their celebration, PLEASE! It’s pretty. It’s nice. It’s about peace, and love, and being kind. I don’t get the problems with it. Let the kids have Santa! Santa is based on Tomte, a Scandinavian demigod who gives gifts and joy to kids. He is based upon the Celtic “Holly King” who does the same as well as brings warmth and joy to the season of ice.

He is Saint Nicholas, the Catholic patron Saint of children and charity. “St. Nicholas, who was said to live in Myra (Turkey) in about 300 A.D. Born an only child of a wealthy family, he was orphaned at an early age when both parents died of the plague. He grew up in a monastery and at the age of 17 became one of the youngest priests ever. Many stories are told of his generosity as he gave his wealth away in the form of gifts to those in need, especially children. Some years later Nicholas became a bishop–hence the bishop’s hat or miter, long flowing gown, white beard and red cape.” ( )

Santa represents love, charity, and joy to children, especially those “underprivileged” or sick. There is a version of him in almost every religion.

There is a serious problem in today’s society when we give up symbols and celebrations of joy, charity, warmth, love, and kindness because it may “offend” some unmitigated douche-canoe.

To you Christians, Merry Christmas. I hope your Advent is filled with joy, love, and warmth. I hope you enjoy every second of it. You deserve to. Even more, you are ENTITLED to and and have a CONSTITUTIONAL Right to.

Even Chuck Norris, yes THAT Chuck Norris has noticed this has gone too far:

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