Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Proof That Statism is a Mental Disability?

Today I wish I were more of an Ann Coulter fan. There are times she says things that I cheer on. Other times there are things that make me wish she'd get her fact straight and take a class in sentient logic. Yes, there are times that libertarians and conservatives will disagree with each other. However, I know Ann wrote (and has stated in various media outlets) that "liberalism" is a "mental disorder". Ann is not the only person I have heard make that statement. I am not even sure if she is the author or if she quoted somebody else. However, I would love to cite her right now. Perhaps someone who is a more avid fan will enlighten me.

The topic of today is not how much of a fan of Ann Coulter I am. It is, again, unemployment figures and government subsidies.

I wrote an article praising charity in a free-market environment. I support many charities and do quite a bit of volunteer work. My fiancee is on the board of one charitable Non-Profit Organization. I am an unpaid, elected volunteer officer in another. Based upon its definition, charity is only charity if it is freely given. If it is taken unwillingly through the use of force, it is theft.

It has become rather apparent to anybody with a little common sense and knowledge of basic math that the U3 scale unemployment numbers released by the US Department of Labor are false. They are skewed to the point of fraud. There are people who have been out of work longer than the 99 weeks of unemployment subsidies. After that time period expires, they are considered no longer part of the work force, even if they are still actively submitting their resumes, attending job fairs, and even making it as far as being one of 25 interviewed for a single job opening. Those people, if not "on unemployment", are still not counted as part of the labor force. So, those published statistics come from a faulty sample population.

Now, it can be debated on whether or not I am among the unemployed. According to the U3 I have not been for over 24 years. I retired from the military last August. As of August 1st, 2011, I have not been employed. I do some freelance work from time to time. It pays very little and sometimes costs me more to do it than I make. Because I retired and receive a pension, I am not unemployed per the U3 system. So, despite my paycheck less than half of what I made while active duty, I cannot apply for unemployment subsidies. I paid into those subsidies for over 24 years.

That is where things get muddled. If deemed "unemployed", a person can apply for and receive an unemployment subsidy check for 99 weeks. That is almost two years. Some people pay into the unemployment fund. But almost 30% of those receiving those unemployment subsidy checks never paid in a cent. That means that those working and paying taxes are paying, currently, for those who never contributed. If some "progressive" (read: Marxist-Socialist) wants to bring up the concepts of "fair share" and "equal pay" right now, go ahead. I will agree that things are not equitable or fair. Those who never contributed should not steal from those who did.

But here we move towards the latest development. When they reach that 100th week unemployed, people are filing for disability compensation from social security. Among those disability claims is an increase to 43% of claimants filing for disability compensation due to, get this, MENTAL DISABILITY! That is right, $200 Billion a year in claims for MENTAL DISABILITY!

By and large, most of these people filing for this disability compensation are socialists. They must be if they believe that society owes them compensation for their disability. And the claims are for intangible injuries of being mentally disabled.

If I had an actual mental disability, I would be outraged. Wait, I do have such a disability called PTSD. I was injured (PTSD is an injury, not an illness) defending this country. Yes, the citizens of the US do owe me some form of compensation. However, I don't receive any, currently. Yes, I am OUTRAGED that lazy moochers who never served this country believe that they are owed compensation for mental illnesses. I guess laziness and desire to be taken care of by the nanny-state (being a socialist) actually IS a Mental Disorder. The government handing these people a compensation check for that mental illness just proves Ann Coulter's statement is correct.

No, I am not poking at those with legitimate mental disorders. People who received head injuries at work do deserve some compensation from their employers. Those with legitimate mental disabilities should receive some form of charity or assistance. I know a few who are willing and able to do work on some level. I have friends who did work until their legitimate mental health problems made it near impossible for them to do so. These are the people that should be insulted by the socialist moochers and leeches filing for disability when their unemployment hand-outs run out.

I do not like the social security system. I support individual accounts where you earn dividends based upon contributions. These days, it is a Ponzi scheme. The payments I make to social security (yes, social security payments still come out of my military pension check), go to my father and other people over 65 who are retired. They do not go into my personal account. it is my money, but it goes to other people. That is not how the system was sold to the American people.

My largest grief is that the money I pay into social security, at the barrel of a gun (forced by the government), is going to those who paid far less into it than I have. There are those in their 20s who worked a whole couple of years that are now claiming a disability. They receive social security payments far greater than their contributions. You add this latest statistic and the blatant government-endorsed, fraudulent claims for mental disabilities that are unfounded as a means to continue receiving a form of government subsidy beyond the subsidized 99 weeks, and you have rampant socialism at work. I oppose socialism. These people demonstrate what is wrong with socialism. The few are forced to support the many. Eventually, most will have nothing.

This is the desire of the left. They want an oligarchy of their chosen few to tyrannically rule over the many. These fraudulent subsidy claimants just further those insipid plans.

So there you have it. The government has now approved socialism and liberalism as a "mental disorder", and is compensating people who have it by stealing from those who wish to work, produce, trade, and achieve.