Friday, March 30, 2012

Katy Kissed A Marine And Liked It (Who's Afraid of Naomi Wolf?)

Maybe Katy did kiss a Marine. Maybe she kissed a female Marine. Maybe she hasn't. I don't know and I won't bother to guess one way or another. However, one thing is sure, she loves US Marines, especially female ones. Judging solely by her latest video for the song "Part of Me", she holds much respect for our valiant and honorable ladies in uniform.

So do I. In a 24 year long military career, I have served with many. Sure, some were "harder" than others. The same goes for the guys. The main consideration is that these women saw a need, answered a calling, and took that oath when there are many more people who are too timid to do so.

Apparently, one such timid individual is Miss Naomi Wolf. In fact, Naomi Wolfe is calling for a boycott of the video, song, and Miss Perry's music. Who is Naomi Wolf and why should we care?

This is the second mention of Naomi Wolf I encountered in as many days. The first mention came from David Burge's Iowahawk blog. A plumber named Paulie Intaglio wrote an account of his nightmare encounters with Ms. Wolf. His account of sexual harassment, "Hungry Like Naomi Wolf" is a "must read". Before yesterday, I had no idea who she was either. Apparently she is some big-wig feminist journalist and Huffington Post contributor. Looking through her articles, it appears she makes the occasional "good point" about holding mainstream journalists and government officials accountable. I do love parts of her pieces on the TSA, for example. No freedom-enjoying, Constitution-loving American can really argue those necessities for maintaining a free society. However, if you look deeper, you will see a deep-seeded hatred of men, the US Constitution, Religion, and Conservatism. Basically, she despises those things we hold dear unless they apply to her at that particular moment. that is my impression, anyway. I leave it for you to decide for yourself.

However, any and all respect those few articles may have garnered from me are erased by her call to boycott a video that supports our brave women in the military. My only guess for her hatred of female military service members comes from self-loathing fostered from her inability to be a true feminist and join herself.

Come on, Naomi, show you have real guts. "Walk Through That Door". I DARE you.

Remember this brave young lady?

Who's afraid of Naomi Wolf? Surely not Alyssa Braden. Definitely not the brave women Kirsten Holmstedt discusses in her books Girls Come Marching Home and Band Of Sisters. For sure not my friend Kayla Williams, author of the book Love My Rifle More Than You. Not the brave women serving in the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, or US Air Force.

Naomi Wolf, in the words of fellow patriot Soldier Hard, "Shame On Y'all".