Sunday, March 25, 2012

Melissa's Musings: How to Kill 11 Million People..

Recently, my beloved fiancee talked to me about entering the blogosphere. Her intent was to start a blog that documented her journey towards becoming a counselor and Psychologist (PhD). She is currently nearing completing of the academic portion of her Masters degree, having mainly practicums remaining before licensing and her degree.

I thought it a wonderful idea.

She knows that since I retired from active military service, I have become a somewhat outspoken conservative. She mostly rolled her eyes and said "politics again!" whenever she'd ask about my day. Occasional issues regarding my outrage would spark her momentary interest.

While I was visiting her, my brother called. We spoke for about 10 minutes, on the phone. This was while Melissa was at work. My brother heard about Andy Andrews on some Chicago-based radio show. He told me to look the book up and share my thoughts.

I checked out Andy Andrew's website, 11 Million People. After taking in the "Cliff Notes" on the website, I immediately ordered 2 Kindle versions of the book. One sits in my reading queue on my device, not yet read. The other I sent to Missy with just a simple note: "When you get around to it, take the 15 minutes or so and read this book."

Well, this morning she read it.

" Melissa's Musings: How to Kill 11 Million People..: I read this "15 minute read" this morning.  It actually took me longer than that to read.  I was astonished at what I read."

As she states in her opening paragraph, Melissa didn't just read it. She studied it. She highlighted it. Then she wrote about it. Her reactions are in the link above.

As Melissa said on her Facebook page this morning, Every American needs to read her blog, her reaction. Then they need to go to the 11 Million People website. Then they need to invest the few dollars the book costs and read it.

It's time to wake up. The politicians are lying to you, some much more than others. The mainstream media, under the direction (marching orders) of Media Matters for America, is lying to you, then vilifying "new media" journalists who seek to expose the truth. They do this to control you. They do this to destroy the principles our country is founded upon.

That alarm you hear won't be shut off by a snooze button. It's in your head. It is telling you to open your eyes. Ignorance is bliss only for slaves who do not recognize they are enslaved. Wake Up America, your heritage and future are calling.