Monday, April 16, 2012

Choose: Accept Inevitability or Fight Tyranny

If you have any doubts about Barack Obama's extreme and radical agenda in undermining the US Constitution and undoing over 200 years of American progress and prosperity than you haven't been paying attention.

If you need a complete rehashing of  the data, you are looking in the wrong place. Go to your search bar and start doing the research. The proof dates back all the way to his birth. This is not a suggestion that he isn't a US Citizen. His mother was a citizen. The concerns begin with the circumstances of his ideological upbringing starting with how and where his mother raised him and the bedtime stories he was most likely told.

However, here is a synopsis of some of Obama's more questionable associations. His maternal grandparents were self-confessed communists who preferred the tyrannies of Stalin, Mao, and Castro to US Constitutional liberty. Obama's father was a self-confessed communist. Obama's mother despised the US. He was not raised by patriots that supported American Exceptionalism.

His grade-school education was in an Islamic Madrassa that was later tied to the Abu Sayyaf arm of Al Qaeda. That does not mean they supported the group when Obama attended. However, the seeds of that extremism were planted in that school at some point long before they supported such groups. The question of when that happened lead to questioning if Obama was there when the seeds were being planted. Obama's collegiate and early adult influences include Frank Marshal Davis and Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers avoided incarceration as the terrorist he is due to some FBI procedural mistakes and failure to get proper warrants during their investigations. The facts remain that Ayers was directly involved in bombing the San Francisco and New Your City police headquarters buildings. Obama is directly linked  to Derrick Bell, a known supporter of racial division (Critical Race Theory)  and opponent to Martin Luther King's teachings.

If any further evidence is required concerning Barack's disrespect and disregard for our American Heritage, Republic, and Constitution then look no further than his recent remarks concerning the Supreme Court's deliberations over the Affordable Care Act AKA "Obamacare". He denies the high court's duty of judicial review and ignores the landmark case of Mabury v Madison. For a "Professor of Constitutional Law", it appears he failed all of his constitutional law classes. Some may attempt to compare those statements to Newt Gingrich's comments regarding tort and judicial reform in accordance with the provisions of the US Constitution. There is a vast difference. Newt was not contradicting the high court's authority. He was stating the checks and balances regarding all three branches to have some form of policing power over the other two. The Senate can impeach the president, for example. Congress also has powers to grow or reduce the number of courts subordinate to the Supreme Court. That is not the same as Obama's statements that the Supreme Court, since unelected, has no power to judge the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress and enacted by the President. Every high school graduate should know that.

So it comes upon those of us who love our Constitution and our way of life to champion a candidate who will oust this tyrant. We do this in the voting booth. Our weapons are our voices. In America, we do not evict rulers and empower leaders and legislators through force of violence. We do so through the will of the people. We vote.

We must find a champion. We may not like the one that rises to the top of the field. However, come November 6th 2012, we must give that chosen representative our full backing.

Regardless of your preference, it has become apparent that nominee will most likely be Mr. Willard "Mitt" Romney. He is not the preferred choice, no. In fact, that nominee may have been hand-picked by the DNC as their opponent of choice. I could find no direct proof of this. It is a suspicion based upon other Democratic Party leaders' political maneuvers.

In Arizona, the Democratic Party influenced the outcome of the GOP Primary as they chose the nominee to run against Rep. Gabby Giffords in AZ-CD-8. The Demoncratic Party (spelling intentional) openly campaigned for Jesse Kelly as the GOP nominee to run against Giffords. Why? The felt he was too weak to beat Giffords. They turned out to be correct. As the primary for the special election for Gifford's replacement nears, they admit to doing the same. Pay attention to Jeff Rodgers' remarks.

On Arizona Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Friday, March 23, 2012, Jeff Rodgers, Pima County Democrat Party Chairman, stated that the Democrat party weighed in on the 2010 Republican primary and stunningly admitted to putting up "Payday Paton" signs to "push it (election) over to Kelly". He went on to state, "we will be happy to run against him and beat him again".
If the Democrats are doing this sort of thing in an Arizona Congressional Election, can there be any doubt that this tactic is also being employed in other primaries including the GOP Presidential Primary? It is more commonly used than you may think. In open primaries, so far, many Democrats have voted in GOP nomination primaries. In fact, Rick Santorum even campaigned to have Democrats cross the aisle and vote for him in Michigan. It is evident he knew that was occurring and suspected that the hive-mind was trying to direct  them to vote for Mitt.

A recent concern about Mitt rises with his recent statements about "New Media". Mitt's comments that there is a "lack of quality control" in the blogoshpere and among new media outlets such as the Drudge Report and amounts to his concerns that such outlets will continue to report and write without government oversight. There is a word for when the government provides oversight and filtering of news outlets:  CENSORSHIP. It demonstrates that Mitt fears an inability to censor and direct this profound information outlet in order to back his own propaganda machine if and when he gets into office. He has seen that these outlets already challenge the propaganda spins MSNBC and CNN with complicity enjoins Media Matters for America and Think Progress in publishing.

Despite these concerns, however, the numbers indicate the inevitability that Mitt will be the nominee. Though the primary season is at its halfway mark, any other candidate will have to pull off a 4th quarter miracle to get that nomination. It is not impossible. However, there are fears that such a candidate will leave the conservative field so fractured that Obama will have an easy victory. That is most likely the DNC's next phase. To defeat that tactic, it's time to set the field to get behind whoever that nominee is, regardless if it is Romney or Newt or Santorum. To be honest, I think the strongest ticket would be Mitt for POTUS with Newt as his running mate, at this point. Newt's experience as Speaker of the House lends very well to the Vice President's role as President of the Senate, something Joe Biden appears to have failed to perform, allowing Harry Reid to act in his stead.

The bottom line is that Obama MUST be defeated on November 6th. Conservatives, Moderates, Libertarians, Patriots, TEA Party members, Constitutionalists, and lovers of American Exceptionalism must get behind that one opponent who stands the best chance to beat Obama once the general election begins. To further defeat the Marxist agenda to destroy our country, we must get behind those candidates in Congressional and Senate general elections that can defeat Obama's Marxist cronies such as Ditzy Debbie Hand-Puppet (Wasserman-Shultz), Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi.

New Media bloggers and journalists need to get out and seek the truth. Get it out there. Grassroots efforts need to step up. Citizens and Patriots need to get out and make sure that our voices are heard. One message needs to be clear: "NO MORE! We Want Our Country Back!"

Failing to do so will result in an inevitability of four more years of tyranny under Obama. There is little doubt, based upon his actions and his recent comments to President Medvedev that Obama seeks to destroy what we have spent over 200 years building should he be re-elected. After those four additional years, the damage will so extensive it will take decades to repair. Obama promised "hope and change" as euphemisms for his desire to turn the USA into the USSR and Warsaw Pact of the 1970s. (Do you really want to stand in line for 4 hours for a chance to buy a loaf of bread like they had to in Poland?) As a casual reminder, the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. The USSR collapsed in 1991. The collapse led to the ethnic violence in the former Yugoslavia under the Socialist tyrant Slobodan Milosevic. That is what Obama wants, racial and economic division that creates a channel for  a tyrannic oligarchy to take control of our lives and eliminate the blessings of liberty guaranteed by the US Constitution.

I have joined a group dedicated to the efforts of divulging the truth and taking back our Republic. #BreitbartNet on Twitter. For more information on the group and our mission, click here. Sitting on the fence and remaining passive and apathetic is support for the deconstruction of our Republic. Time to stand up and be active. It's time to pick a side. It is time to fight for your country.