Friday, April 27, 2012

I Can Has Still Vote Without ID? (Even With Voter ID Laws)?

Last week, Federal Courts upheld Arizona's Proposition 200. Prop 200 was not only passed by the Arizona Legislature. It was voted upon by resolution by the citizens of the State of Arizona. It is the third Voter ID law to be upheld by Federal Courts (9th Federal Court of Appeals in Arizona's case). Keep this in mind as we explore some additional facts and analysis.

Last night I had a presentation preceded and followed by some one-on-one discussion with Brad Zinn, the founder and co-chair of the Arizona's Associated Organization(Verify The Vote) to True The Vote. For Breitbart and Project Veritas fans, James O'Keef is scheduled to speak at True The Vote's 2012 national summit this upcoming weekend (April 27-28) in Houston, Texas. For those unaware, James was instrumental in exposing corruption with the Obama-linked organization ACORN. ACORN was also implicated in facilitating alleged voter fraud. James and Project Veritas recently produced several undercover investigative reporting videos demonstrating the ease of conducting voter fraud by simply requesting ballots in somebody else's name, including Attorney General Eric Holder. Nobody requested his ID or attempted to verify his identity. He never took a single ballot, though the election workers presented those ballots to him.  Hans Von Spakovsky (Former Federal Elections Commissioner) of the Heritage Foundation is also scheduled to speak. If you are able to be there (especially those of you living near Sheila Jackson-Lee's congressional district), you should register and attend.

Hilary Clinton and her supporters released a documentary exploring voter fraud during her primary against Barack Obama. This demonstrates that voter integrity laws are not a partisan issue. They affect both sides of the aisle. On both sides of the aisle, there are those who seek to steal power through unethical (and largely illegal) manipulation of votes.

There are several, though technically legal, ways that certain political machines seek to employ to manipulate specifically federal elections. The first is a group of proposed agreements between states in order to produce what is called a "National Popular Vote Compact". How this works is basically a group of states agree that their electoral votes from the agreeing states will automatically pass to the combined popular vote outcomes from their collective.

For an example, say Alaska (3 electoral votes) and California (55 electoral votes) had such an agreement. (They don't). If Alaska went by a vast majority for one candidate (say with 79% of popular vote) and California went for the other with 52% of that state's popular vote, this compact states that they combine all of their popular votes and both go to the overall popular winner. California's population vastly outnumbers Alaska's. So, by this compact, Alaska's 3 electoral votes would switch, by this compact, to whoever California selected. Think about that. Now, such compacts between states are 100% constitutional. They just require US Congressional approval.

The frightening fact is that some of these already exist. States already involved in this compact are: Vermont, Maryland, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and California. That comprises 132 electoral votes. There are 10 other states that have proposed in their state legislatures joining this compact that had the bill pass ONE house of their congress. There are two additional that have passed BOTH houses of their state legislatures and are awaiting signature from their governor or ratification from US Congress. You may want to look into what bills your state is considering. If applicable, you may want to start writing letters or circulating petitions.

This leads to a serious question: Is This The System The Framers Envisioned? NO. It isn't. The original intent behind the founders in the electoral college was to give closer to a fair and equal voice to the states. The powers of the federal government ARE, according to the intentions of the founders, granted by the individual states. In fact, if you review the Great Compromise that established the bicameral legislature and the electoral college, it was the primary selling point to get 9 of the 13 original colonies on board. Each state wanted an independent voice, not a collective one determined by a mass popular vote.

Another means of manipulating elections (both state and federal) is the concept of a full open-primary. Many are aware of the concept of an "open primary" where you can vote for any party despite claimed affiliation. that means an independent can still vote in a primary. they just have to pick which party's primary they choose to participate in. That is not a full open-primary. Here is how a full open-primary works. ALL candidates, regardless of party affiliation are placed on a ballot.each voter picks 2 names per office. Both candidates can be from the same party. That doesn't sound like too bad of an idea. However, current Democratic Party policy is to have exactly 2 candidates for any office. Consider that. If the GOP and Libertarians have a total of say 5 candidates among them, that splits conservative votes. The two socialist candidates get the nomination for the General Election, squeezing out all other candidates from the ballot in that state. California has already decided this is the type of primary they will have.

Now let's introduce George Soros and his cronies. Who certifies election results in most states? The Secretary of State. Most elections of state Secretaries of State are minor elections that people seem to not pay attention to. So, Soros allegedly dumps funding for the socialist leaning candidates that are ideologically allied with him.

Soros is suspected to be strongly linked to the SEIU labor union. The union has the contract to service digital polling machines in many states.

Soros has a 5-pahse plan to establish a Marxist-Marcuse-ian oligarchy to replace our Constitutional Republic:

1 - Establish a shadow government.
2 - Take Control of the Media (Now think of MMfA, MSNBC, most print papers, and CNN)
3 - Manufacture or Aggravate an Economic Collapse (take a look at the current recession and lack of recovery)
5 - Have the shadow government step in to "restore order"

This should scare you.

Soros is allegedly in bed with SEIU. SEIU is suspected to be one of the architects and organizing forces behind the "Occupy Movement".

Sources indicate that Occupy is planning a large-scale action in and around November 6th, 2012. they also plan to do smaller-scale events surrounding several primaries especially in so-called "swing states", as well as some states that are traditionally more conservative. What they plan to do is protest against places with digital polling not maintained by the SEIU as well as states that don't allow for voting via the internet. They plan to disrupt polling places to dissuade voters from actually going to the locations to vote. they call this "Occupy The Vote"

Another consideration to take into account is the transition away from voter registrars in most states. The "motor-voter" law of 1993 removes certified notaries form the process of voter registration. Now, people can register to vote when they get a state ID or a driver's license. In addition, however, now organizations can hire people to go door to door registering people to vote. These door-to-door registering volunteers (or employees, in most cases) do not know election law. In fact, in 2010 in Arizona, several groups had teenagers and illegal aliens going door to door to register people. These activities led to an unknown number of class 5 felons and illegal aliens registered to vote. They are not found to be fraudulent until they get summoned for jury duty, sometimes years later.

In "snowbird" states, this has also led to people registered in multiple states to vote, effectively getting to vote twice. From the 2008 elections, there have been 5 people convicted in Arizona of voting in both Arizona and another state in a federal election. That is 5 caught and prosecuted. The number of others not yet discovered is unknown.

This brings us back to Proposition 200. The law was upheld. In Arizona, like other states with Voter ID laws, a voter needs to provide their voter registration card along with state or federal identification (picture ID) at the polling places. On the STATE registration form, if not registering when acquiring a DL or state ID card, the registrant must provide proof of identity and citizenship. Question 21 on the AZ form requires this. That provision was upheld. If just voting in state elections, this law will help. Where it fails is that the same question on the FEDERAL form does NOT require such checks. It just states that it is perjury is caught.

These forms are usually turned in hours before the registration deadlines for any given election. This gives certification officials a less than adequate amount of time to sufficiently check names, signatures and the like against databases. This is how Sally Snowbird can get on the ballot in two states. This is how Franky Felon can get registered even though he's a class 4 felon. This is how Percy Pimpleface, a 15 year old, gets to vote. This is how Ursula Undocumented, an illegal alien, gets to vote. With the burden and time limit to get the voter registration cards out, many of these forms do NOT get checked, despite ID laws.

 Which form do you think possible La Raza, SEIU, ACORN, and other Soros-linked community action groups are going door to door with? The federal form that requires no ID or citizen certification. By the US Constitution, the federal law supersedes state, and that federal form MUST be accepted by state election officials for voting in federal elections. That is US Representatives, US Senators, and the Presidential elections.

Many states, including Arizona, have Permanent Early Voter Lists (PEVLs). These were designed for people who are home-bound or transportation impaired (or people who travel for business quite often and may be in another state on election day). They are a fairly good idea. However, many of these lists are not purged to remove class 5 and above felons or to remove "non-breathing" voters. So, a simple change-of-address card gets these early, mail-in ballots sent to other people who forge signatures. the law states that only one letter of the signature on the ballot needs to match the signature on file for the voter registration. ONE LETTER.

Also, though the state forms may require ID and proof of citizenship, the federal form does not. the state sends out an early ballot to somebody on the PEVL. There is nobody checking IDs for the early voters, only at polling places. Some organizations even will play "Good Samaritan" and pick up those early ballots for those who are "transportation impaired". One such organization is the socialist-leaning AARP. PEVL ballots are paper ballots that can be altered. Also, some voters will not bother to vote for all offices or resolutions. These "Good Samaritans" will gladly fill in those blanks for the voter.

Refer back to George Soros's 5-phase plan, phase 4 in particular.

Now for the final plot twist in all of this craziness. Obama's campaign strategy includes registering over 150,000 people in Arizona who oppose SB1070 due to its alleged discriminatory nature. Many of these may be people who are not eligible to vote for a variety of reason from being class 5 or above felons, being underage, being non-US citizens, or being outright illegal aliens. To top it off, most will probably be added to the PEVL and not have to present any form of ID at a polling location.

To put this in perspective, John McCain won his home state by only 195,000 votes in 2008. The most likely GOP nominee, Willard "Mitt" Romney is NOT from Arizona. His predicted margin is currently less than McCain's based upon polling of those who voted in the 2008 election. It is suspected that those 150,000 anti-SB1070 voters might be registered by groups funded directly or indirectly by ACORN, George Soros, La Raza, the SEIU, and/or Think Progress.

If that is the case in Arizona, what is going on in Ohio, Texas (look at the investigation involving possible voter fraud in Houston concerning the 2008 and 2010 elections), Florida, and many of the swing states. By the latest projections, the GOP is looking at only 191 probable electoral votes. Obama currently is counting on near 227. It takes 270 to win. There are 120 currently predicted up-for-grabs.