Monday, April 23, 2012

Time to Mix Those Primary Colors (Senate and House Races)

In 38 States and US Territories, Primary season is over. They have held their caucuses and primaries and candidates have been selected. While the race to 1144 delegates for the GOP Presidential Nomination continues, the candidates for Congressmen and Senators have risen to the top. It is time to get behind them.

Last week, Arizona held a special primary for the special election to fill the vacant seat left by Gabrielle Giffords. For reasons listed in this earlier article, I endorsed fellow US Army retiree, Frank Antenori. Frank remains one of my favorite politicians of the times. He holds true to the US Constitution that he took an oath to support and defend. He is a true grassroots Tea Party type guy that we need in Washington. However, the vote didn't pan out that way.

Jesse Kelly gave Giffords a hard fight in 2010. It was a close race. Given his past performance, he does stand the best chance to represent AZ-CD-8 in the US Congress. Though I would have much preferred Mr. Antenori, Mr. Kelly is not a bad choice, at all. Jesse is also an Iraq War veteran, though not as esteemed as Frank. His stance on Veterans' Issues is almost as forthright as Frank's. In addition, Jesse does also understand the primary issues regarding this mostly rural congressional district on the border with Mexico. He knows what the state needs to combat illegal immigration and the associated crimes: ID-Theft, Sex-Slavery, Human Trafficking, Gun Smuggling, and violence from drug cartels. CD-8 is also affected by two military bases: Fort Huachuca and Davis-Monthan AFB. So, the defense budget directly impacts this district. This CD also has a large military retiree and disabled veteran population. We have a nice "wine country" here. That "wine country" also contains pomegranate orchards among those mission-grape vineyards. We also have numerous cattle and horse ranches. Fires set along the borders can easily go unchecked for days before countered, especially those started within areas under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. Jesse will serve us well.

The primary is over. It is time to get behind Jesse Kelly. He will listen to your concerns. He will do what is best for the country and for Arizona. Back him for the Congressional seat. If he fails, he knows that two years from now, we'll put Frank there. So he has that incentive driving him at the very least.

John Kyl announced he is retiring, opening his Senate seat. I backed Will Cardon. He has leadership experience. He built his own successful business through his own hard work and merits. He represents many of the very ideas at the core of the Tea Party. He won the nomination. While people may attempt to use his lack of political experience against him, I refer those people to the Federalist Papers. He is the very idea of what the founders suggested as "near perfect" in the Senate. If you live in Arizona, you need to pay attention to what this man says. He gets it. He knows what this country is about and what we need in the US Senate, especially in these economically troubling times.

In other news, GOP establishment candidates are finding they are not exempt from the will of the people. Orren Hatch, who despises Tea Party members and conservative citizen-journalists, has been forced into a primary run in Utah. Conservatives have had enough of his "old-guard" blight and seek to put a patriot in his seat. If you are in Utah, time to vote for his opponent, Dan Liljenquist. 36 years (6 terms) in the US Senate is far too many years. That duration is far beyond those intended by our founders. While the founders did debate including term limits in the US Constitution, they had decided them unnecessary. They felt that common sense among the voters (in those times, the state legislatures themselves) would preclude such entrenching. It is more than apparent that Orren Hatch has lost sight of what his constituents want and need. He spends far too much time in DC, removed from the concerns of the people. It's time for him to retire to a nice ranch. Time to put 37 year old Liljenquist in the seat.

Down in Florida, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is in for the race of her life. Get behind Karen Harrington. She gets it. Not only does she get it, we all know that Wasserman-Schultz does not. Debbie has, time and again, failed to represent her constituents. She falls into lock-step with her Marxist puppet-masters, most prominently Barrack Obama. She does not care about Florida or her Congressional District. Ms. Harrington does. Don't take my word for it. Do your own research. Look at the data yourself. Make up your own mind. I am sure if you look at it objectively and stick to the facts instead of the propaganda pushed by the mainstream "news" media, you will back Karen as well.

Senator Feinstein of California is up for re-election. If elected, it will be her forth term. There are several great GOP candidates running to oppose her. The California Primary isn't until June. Look into those GOP candidates and pick the one that best serves your interests. I suggest Elisabeth Emkin. John Boruff isn't a bad choice, either. Whoever gets that GOP Nom, get behind them. It's time to rise up and break the hold the Marxists have over California. They are the reason California is experiencing some of the worst of the brunt of these economically troubling times. It is time to end that tax and spend, anti-prosperity stranglehold. California, it's the high taxes and out of control entitlement spending that are killing your state. 

If your state has already run your caucus or primary, it is time to take a look at who got the nominations. The Presidential race is not the only race of concern. We need to retain congressmen and senators in the US Congress that are connected to the people. We need to replace those who aren't. It's time to get behind your GOP nominees and defeat the socialists AKA progressives. If your primary has not yet occurred, research your candidates. Follow their speeches. Get into what they stand for and what key issues they represent. Raise your concerns to them. If they are grassroots, Tea Party type candidates, your concerns are far less likely to fall upon deaf ears. These are people who want to get the job and do the job. They are not people looking to retain a paycheck and collect kickbacks from lobbyists (such as the unions!). It's not like these races are important or anything. They just directly affect your life, your property, your income, your job, your kids, and your freedom. You know, nothing important at all.