Monday, April 9, 2012

We DO Need Parental Guidance Here (Part 1)

There has come a time for people to be held accountable. Once upon a time, those morals and responsibilities were instilled unto us by our parents, teachers, preachers, rabbis, and elders.

Looking at the "senior leadership" of our country, it appears that mom and dad failed many of them.

Now comes the time for a good old-fashioned scolding. It's time that certain politicians heed the words their parents never imparted upon them when they overstepped their bounds, acted irresponsibly, and claimed authority they were not permitted.

"Who Do You Think You Are?"

"How Dare You?"

These questions are being asked. They are being aimed at some specific people. The rest of us demand answers. We demand accountability. We demand personal responsibility. When asking "who permits the government their authority?" The answer is simple. The US Constitution is unique in that it is not the government granting rights and authority to the people, it is the people and the states granting limited authority to the federal government.

Barack Hussein Obama, Who do you think you are? How Dare you?

How dare you announce that you are ready to "rule" the US? If you look at our founding documents, we have no nobility in this country. We have no "rulers". We are not North Korea. Who do you think you are?

How dare you claim to know the "plight" of the once enslaved families that were freed by the 13th Amendment on December 6, 1865?  Your father was not an American. Your family was never part of  that infamous period of our history. If you knew the history of our nation, the more staunch supporters of Natural Rights and the founding principles of our US Constitution opposed slavery. At the time of the ratification of the US Constitution, 8 states opposed slavery and already had state laws prohibiting it. You use your skin color to commit a fraud and deceive the people of this country. You cannot change the facts of our history.  Who do you think you are defrauding the people of America with such a claim?

How dare you make that same claim of opposing slavery yet be complicit or complacent in regards to modern human trafficking and sex slavery within, into, and exported from these United States? Drugs, weapons, and sex slaves are among the greatest crimes conducted in conjunction with illegal immigration. Failure to secure our border is, at the least, criminal negligence with complacency. Refusing to allow Texas and Arizona to take steps to secure their portions of the border is an action complicit with facilitating those crimes. Who do you think you are?

How dare you remain supportive and mostly silent regarding the criminal actions of your Attorney General, Eric Holder? You know about his plans concerning Fast and Furious. You knew there would be no accountability of these weapons. You allowed Holder to be complicit in the murder of Brian Terry. You failed to hold him accountable. You hold the high responsibility for your staff and cabinet. Who do you think you are?

How dare you not chastise Eric Holder in his suits against states that wish to increase voter integrity? Do you not support lawful elections? Your sycophants cry out that these laws are prejudiced against minorities. Do you claim them as inferior people who are not capable of acquiring legal identification? That means that you believe minorities are incapable of driving. That means you believe minorities are incapable of getting a library card. That means you believe minorities are incapable of purchasing many items including alcohol, tobacco, or anything requiring a credit card or an EBT card. Do you think minorities stupid and inferior? Who do you think you are?

How dare you attempt to mandate what people must purchase with the money they earned through the fruits of their labors? This is an assault against the Natural Rights our country is founded upon. The founding principles as described in the writings of Locke, Madison, Jay, Hamilton, Washington, and Jefferson directly oppose that concept. It is as un-American as calling the President "Your Highness". It is a clear violation of the limits placed upon the federal government by the US Constitution, a document of which you falsely claim to be an expert. Who do you think you are?

How dare you impose your will over parental rights and execute unconstitutional executive orders allowing public employees to violate our children's 4th Amendment rights. I will agree that school lockers are the property of the school. However, a child's lunch box is the property of the child or the child's parents. You have no right to tell a child that her parents are not feeding her right. To make this more laughable are the documented cases where a lower-quality and less nutritious meal was substituted. Then, you attempt to fine the parents who provided a proper lunch in the first place by forcing them to pay for your substitutions. Your executive order does nothing less than attempt to tell parents how to raise their own children. Inspecting those lunches without a warrant is a violation of the 4th Amendment, plain and simple. Those teachers and administrators work for US. They do not have that authority. We do not grant it to them. You have no right to countermand the 4th Amendment. A bigger travesty is that you have the gall to use OUR kids as pawns against us to enforce your totalitarian and tyrannic policies. Who do you think you are?

How dare you instigate a war against religions in the US? You propose a mandate under the unconstitutional PPACA in order to force religious groups to violate their beliefs. That is a violation of the First Amendment. You strive to push religions out of public areas. That is in direct violation of the First Amendment. You may claim that the amendment states "congress". Read Articles 1 and 2 of the US Constitution. You do NOT have the power to legislate at all. Atheism is a religion. It is the religion of no-gods. Forcing religion out of the schools, parks, public buildings, and court rooms is attempting to dictate a national religion -- atheism. You have your cronies and comprachicos in the schools teaching kids to worship you in place of the deities traditionally worshiped by their families. You are not a deity, despite your inflated ego. Who do you think you are? 

How dare you attempt to undo the progress and works of civil rights leaders from the past? You demagogue a local case of an unfortunate and tragic shooting in order to increase racial divisions undoing 155 years of hard work to eliminate racial divide and inequality. You falsely claim the shooter as a race he is not, and make race the issue of the shooting. You do so in order to not only increase racial division but as part of an effort to subvert revoke the Second Amendment. That is an act of sedition. Look the word up. Then you support a group that has now committed criminal solicitation calling for racial violence and "blood to be spilled". You support them instead of rebuking them. That is beyond irresponsible. It is criminal. By the Tenth Amendment, it is also a gross and blatant abuse of your office. Who do you think you are?

How dare you apologize to our nation's enemies who attacked us? Your home was invaded by criminals intent on molesting your children and murdering you wife. They destroyed your property and openly threatened to do so to your neighbors, many of which they already attacked. Then you apologized to them for their doing so. Since, you have turned a blind eye to their increasing their offensive capabilities. You have enabled, aided, and abetted them in infiltrating your home and your neighbors' homes through refusal to improve border security. Instead, you imposed tyrannic policies and orders upon your children and your neighbors restricting their abilities to defend themselves, leaving them more vulnerable. Removing the symbolism, you have restricted the liberties and self-defense capabilities of our citizens. You have allowed Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, and Iran to gain more power and become greater threats to our national security. In doing so, you also violated treaties with several allies such as the UK and Israel. Who do you think you are?

How dare you waste vital revenue on unconstitutional subsidies to businesses you knew were doomed to fail? If a stock broker on Wall Street used that sort of information to intentionally waste his clients' money he would face a long jail sentence for the fraud. Yet you do the same. Then you chastise those financial, securities, and investment brokers on Wall Street who succeed as "greedy". You chastise those who made honest mistakes with no malice, no intent of fraud, and not unethical or illegal actions. What makes you exempt from the same criticism? Who do you think you are?

How dare you take your parents' credit card and check book and spend money beyond the limits of those accounts? How dare you then borrow from the loan shark across the Pacific ocean using your parents', your neighbors', your children's, and your grand-children's capital as collateral? While your predecessor spent in deficit at an alarming rate over his eight years in that office, you have outspent him at by almost 50% in just 3 years. Your financial irresponsibility is beyond criminal. We understand that your cronies in the Senate have assisted in this. You propose an unrealistic and irresponsible budget. You were told "no". So you act like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum instead of accepting a reasonable budget. You direct your cronies in the Senate to not accept that budget. You claim to be the responsible adult in the room. Your actions prove to be those of an ignorant spoiled brat. When told to spend in accordance with the law, instead you stop your feet, cry, and attempt to deflect blame onto those who provide you your allowance. You demand that, instead of spending wisely, we increase your allowance to a point that is bringing the household near bankruptcy. Who do you think you are? 

How dare you claim to be a modern Lincoln? You claim to be opposed to a social hierarchy  defined by unequal opportunity. Yet you support further enslavement of the people to the government though increasing dependency upon government subsidies for basic needs. Instead of encouraging, facilitating, and motivating people to become more self-sufficient, the bastion and necessity of true freedom and liberty; you execute policies and programs designed to make them more dependent. You do so while using force against those who do, lawfully and ethically, pursue happiness through their own toil, effort, and merit. That is called theft. Forcing them to work, against their will, for the benefit of another is called slavery. You are a hypocrite. Your policies have slowed the recovery and kept employment artificially decreased. The unemployment rate has decreased mostly because more and more people have either given up seeking employment or been prematurely removed from the workforce just because their government handouts have run out. To replace the subsidies of "unemployment", you have issued policies enabling and encouraging healthy citizens to claim handouts for "disabilities" such as depression due to inability to find employment, or their personal failure to learn how to read, among numerous other false "disabilities". We are not your subjects. You are not our "benevolent ruler". You are our employee. Who do you think you are?

How dare you strive to keep your past a sealed and closed secret? What are you hiding? Do you feel the citizens have no right to know the character of their "dear ruler"? Even Hitler had much of his past in the open for the sheep in Germany he duped into following his evil, socialist cause. It is not your skin color that matters to the American people, as your sycophants and propagandists falsely claim. It is your character as a man and as a citizen that we question. Your actions and associations dictate the patterns that define that character. So far, we know you are a close associate of a known domestic, socialist terrorist named Bill Ayers. We know you were mentored by the known racial division and conflict demagogue, Derrick Bell. We know you were indoctrinated by known Marxist Frank Marshal Davis. We know your uncle is not only a criminal but an illegal immigrant. We also know these are only the tips of the iceberg you are intentionally concealing. Is your intent in hiding that iceberg a designed and planned intent to destroy the US as an iceberg sank the Titanic? Who do you think you are?

How dare you increase the bureaucracy of the federal government and impart upon these unelected workers with the power to enact and enforce regulations, fines, and fees without the due process of legislation? You then chastise the US Supreme Court when they strike down these illegal regulations such as the several proclamations and tyrannic totalitarian attempts by the EPA. That is beyond hypocritical. It is unethical, unconstitutional, and illegal. You are not a monarch. You are not the figurehead of a ruling oligarchy, a proletarian politburo, though we know that is what you want to change our government into. You are an elected servant of the people. You work for us. Stop working against us. You are a disgrace to that office we allowed you to  hold. Who do you think you are?

Anthony Holm wrote a great book about you. It is 52 Reasons NOT to Vote For Obama. I encourage everybody to read the book and use it as data to make up their own mind. Of course, Mr. Obama, you would ban this book, if you could. You don't want people to seek the truth. You especially despise when people find it. However, I encourage people to at least take a look at what Mr. Holm has compiled about you. The people have a right to know.

You have been weighed. You have been measured. You should be indicted. You have overstepped your bounds. You have exceeded your authority. We the people are your employer. It seems we must also be your parents, since they failed you so extensively. I call for you to be grounded and for all your privileges revoked. The vote will come in on November 6. 2012. We have had enough of your childish irresponsibility. Expect a long "time-out" to come on January 20, 2013. It is long overdue.