Friday, May 25, 2012

Convicted Speedway Bomber Now Attacking Conservatives

I was only 10 years old in 1978 when Brett Kimberlin engaged in his rein of terror on the town of Speedway, Indiana. However, as a kid growing up in Chicago, it was hard to avoid that news, even at such a young age. In 1978 he planted eight bombs around the town including one that severely maimed on man. The injuries dealt to that man were directly attributed as the main cause of his eventual suicide.

In addition to the bombings, Brett is also an alleged drug dealer, child molester, and forger. He has also been convicted of perjury. He is not a nice guy. 

Brett Kimberlin was convicted to 50 years for his crimes.

He was paroled in 1994. By 1997, he was incarcerated, again, for parole violations stemming from his refusal to pay punitive damages to the widow of the man his bomb maimed.

Judging from the timing of his attacks in 1978 and his socialist-leaning ideology, should it be discovered that Brett Kimberlin idolized the Weather Underground terrorist such as Bill Ayers, it would come as no surprise.

Brett is currently involved in several fringe leftist groups including the 501(c)(3) organization called Velvet Revolution. The group supports many of the same ideologies (and actions) of left-wing domestic terrorists from the 1960s and 70s such as The Weather Underground.

Since 2010, Brett has resumed his attacks on legitimate government activities and conservatives. He now bombs the courts. He does not use explosive devices. Instead he floods the system with torts and law suits. He engages in questionable activities including contacting and allegedly threatening the spouses of conservative bloggers such as Stacy "RS" McCain and Aaron Worthing (AKA Aaron Walker). The attacks extend to Andrew Breitbart and several of the journalists who work for the deceased mogul's website, to include Patterico and Mandy Nagy. The antics, many of which are legally questionable, have led to Stacy McCain and his family to move from their home. Stacy has many blogs about his ordeal at the hands of Kimberlin and his cronies.

At a court case where Kimberlin was attempting the courts to compel the real identity of Aaron Worthing, Aaron Walker (who once blogged under the pseudonym) revealed his identity. After the court appearance, Kimberlin accosted Walker with his tablet computer, taking a picture as he shoved the tablet violently into Walker's face. Walker snagged the tablet from Kimberlin. Kimberlin then lied about the whole incident claiming Walker attacked him, punched him, shoved him, and had to be restrained by the police. Walker has the courthouse video which corroborates Walker's description of the events. 

Kimberlin's tactics include harassing family members of outspoken conservatives, then filing harassment charges when the conservatives contact him to tell him to stop, as the law requires. He hits the courts with motions requesting SLAPP orders and libel suits against anybody who brings up his well-publicized past that is documented in public records. Kimberlin is well funded.Allegedly his NPOs are possibly receiving funding from such individuals as Barbara Streisand and Mr. "5 phase plan to take over the world" George Soros. 

Over the past week, the internet has seen a deluge of articles and reports about Brett Kimberlin and his pals (Ron Brynaert, Brad Freidman, Neal Rauhauser, etc.) . Glen Beck's publication, The Blaze, is covering the stories, as is PJ Media. Even Michele Malkin has been moved to write about Kimberlin's activities. One of the most recent posts concerning Brett Kimberlin is a site for a fund established to defray legal costs for victims of Kimberlin's recent activities. If you support free speech and citizen-journalism that present news, facts, and commentary the mainstream media often ignore, you may want to donate a couple of dollars to the fund.

Brett Kimberlin is trying to silence us. It is not a stretch to suspect Kimberlin and Rauhauser to be behind the spam-block abuse on Twitter designed to suspend or revoke the Twitter Accounts of conservatives. Rauhauser and Charles Johnson are linked via Twitter. Johnson has bragged about getting the account of Chris Loesch, husband of Dana Loesch, and other conservatives' accounts suspended. Rauhauser runs a gang of individuals with banks of anonymous accounts called "the bean dogs" who harass and intimidate conservatives on Twitter for the sole purpose of inciting frustrated and aggravated individuals to over-react to the assaults thereby violate the TOS in defending themselves. In addition, three individuals identified by the Twitter handles of @Taunia_Adams, @NicoleGennette, and @stlactivisthub engage and berate conservatives to include Dana Loesch and Madeleine McAulay in an attempt to choose one of their supports as a target to spam-block abuse. Brett Kimberlin's possible involvement (or leadership) of these activities is worth investigating. If such a connection is found, it would unravel a socialist conspiracy to effectively eliminate the first amendment.