Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Will Be Avoiding Louisiana Until Further Notice

I am a broken, sick, and demented individual. I have "lots of issues". I am a threat to society and unwanted. I don't deserve the benefits I earned through my 24 years of military service. At least not in the State of Louisiana.

Why? Because I am a war veteran. I am disables, though still awaiting the percentage to be awarded by the Veterans' Administration. I was diagnosed with Post-Combat-Stress also known as "Combat PTSD" in 2010. My doctors determined that my coping skills remained high despite the obvious ticks and continuous "hyper-vigilance" I exhibit. I also suffer chronic migraine headaches. In addition, I suffer joint problems due to an auto-immune disorder that eats at my Vitamin-D reserves. That disorder is due to exposure to several things in Iraq. It is aggravated by arthritis that is also a product of my military service.

I loyally served to support and defend the US Constitution. I obeyed all lawful orders issued. Those very few that were not lawful, I stood up to and challenged, in a tactful manner. I put my life and safety before that of others.

I do not ask for anything more than what I have already earned.

Dr. Phil has called me a "monster".

Now, Louisiana State Representative Ortego says that my fellow veterans and I are not welcome in his state.

Mr. Ortego, I am not homeless. I am not without an "income". I do a lot of charity work. I stand up for what is right. I am not a violent person, by nature. I will defend myself, my property, my family, and the rights of others. Yes I am willing to put my life on the line, still, and do so. I am a hard worker. I have demonstrated that I can withstand hardships and hard work. I do not give up easily. I study and read on my own, soaking up information like a sponge, even when the classes that I take do not grant collegiate credit. I have taught at the graduate level, in fact.

Most states would welcome upstanding citizens, veterans, such as I, with wide-open arms. They would know I do not ask for handouts. I ask for only what I am owed, what I earned. They would know I do so in order to continue to serve that oath I first took 24 years ago, and hold dear to my heart. Most veterans and military retirees that I know are much the same. We took that sacred oath. On our honor and integrity, we continue, even after taking off the uniform. Mr. Ortego, do you know what honor and integrity are? You would do well to have some. 

Yet, according to your statements in the Louisiana capitol, I am somehow a lower human. I have done things that I challenge you to attempt. I don't know your list of accomplishments, but it is clear you do not know mine. Yet you seek to judge me and my brothers and sisters. You call us "sick". You claim I am "prone to mental illness". Perhaps you need a class on PCS/PTS. It is an injury, not an illness.

My words do not stand as the thoughts and opinions of the US Army, in which I served for 24 years. I am not a spokesperson for any veterans' or service members' group. I speak only for myself and any who agree with my words.

Mr. Ortego, you have deemed me unwelcome in your state. That is fine. You are not welcome on my property, either. I will gladly respect your wishes. I will not visit your state. Any trip I make, I will avoid your state. I will inform other veterans of your words and let them know you do not want us there. I will advise them to do the same.

When you come up for re-election, I will support and endorse the GOP candidate that opposes you. I will urge all the veterans unfortunate enough to live in your state to do the same.

Without knowing me, you judged me. However, your statements were made public. You offered yourself up for my judgement in doing so. Your actions speak loudly. You have shown us you are scum who is unworthy of the honor and privilege to represent your constituents.