Monday, May 14, 2012

Public Schools Are Training The New Secret Police -- Your Kids

Public Schools systems have an agenda. They want your kids.

Across America, some conservative parents have been undergoing a "great awakening". School choice programs, charter school programs, and homeschooling associations are on the rise if not in actual practice, then in the political debates. Why?

One reason is that Teachers' Unions want continued profits from your tax dollars, through mandatory payments by the teachers and administrators themselves. If they get educators and administrators a contractual raise, their cut is larger. School Choice legislation takes those tax dollars and allocates the students' share towards the school the children attend. If that is a charter school, that school gets more taxes. In many states, those teachers at charter schools are mostly not members of the unions. So the union doesn't get a slice. With vouchers for private schools, it's the same thing. Some states are even extending tax breaks to parents who home-school. In Indiana, if your kid works his or her butt off and graduates a year early, those funds allocated for the child's senior year go into a college fund. It's money out of unions' pockets. They hate it.

They hate it not only for the obvious reduction of the wad in their purses. They hate it because it means lower funds to use to push their political agendas. It means a lowered account used to lobby for things such as "green energy" or dump into campaign funds and Political Action Committees for their socialist candidates. (From 1989-2012, the National Educators Association and the SEIU have donated $71.1 MILLION to Socialist AKA Democratic Party Campaigns. Those funds originated from your tax dollars then paid to salaries from which NEA and SEIU extracts their dues. So, these are, basically, your tax dollars going to these candidates. Imagine the school supplies and education materials that money could have been better spent on! But those increases in education spending are "for the kids", right? Wrong.)

Dating back into the sixties with the advent of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and other "student led" groups (Such as the domestic terrorist group, the Weatherman and the Weather Underground) allegedly supporting "free speech", several organizations seeking a "revolution" began organizing. Marcuse-ian ideology, Frankfurt School indoctrination, and Alinsky Tactics became the main academic pursuits on college campuses. Those pursuits advocate Marxism, Fascism, Maoism and other tyrannical socialist (under the euphemism of "Democracy", "Liberalism", and "Progressive") agendas. These were embraced by such lovely people as Derrick Bell, William Ayers (former Weather Underground terrorist leader turned collegiate indoctrinator), and other advocates of the overthrow of the US Constitution. Many of these "forward thinkers" are now college professors, teachers' union organizers, and other various influential personalities in "education".

Among many teachers, administrators, and school boards, you have public employees who hold a very frightening and scary common ideology they don't want you to know. They believe they own your kids from the second they step onto school property until they sign them back over to you to go home and sleep. Some will even go as far as to believe  they own your kids form the second school starts on the first day of the school year until the dismissal bell on the final day. Some localities and states have even enacted policies and regulations affirming such.

They believe that because they are legally responsible for the welfare of your child while you entrust them with the education and care for those few hours that it extends to a pecuniary ownership. These days, parents are fined, watched, and investigated if they teach their own kids things that don't fall in line with the socialist ideological narrative the teachers feed the kids. They inspect lunches brought from home and fine parents if the food brought from home doesn't meet their specifications. If your child does independent research for an assignment and essay contest and finds data and proof  that the propaganda pushed by the school is false, your child get persecuted and expelled.

They are not your kids. They belong to the state during the school year. The teachers and administrators are the ones the state has given the authority to minister to your kids. "It takes a village". So "the village" has more a right than the parents.

The "village" is not the parents. You have people such as the head of the national council of principles who honestly believe that parents are too stupid to raise their own kids. Yes, even if both parents have graduate degrees (on of them specializing in child psychology), they know less than somebody with a BA in elementary education. Pay no attention to the fact that a BA in elementary education is one of the less challenging undergraduate degrees to acquire, at least when compared to engineering, business, applied sciences, or even something as "useless" as philosophy.

The curricula in public schools contain classes in worshiping socialist leaders, to include Obama. They include learning from skewed and incorrect history textbooks by socialists such as H. Zinn. They preach that "fairness" means those who have worked and acquired more should be forced to give their earnings to those who are "less fortunate" (which is usually less industrious, motivated, and productive). They learn that Ho Chi Minh was a pretty good guy. They learn that Lenin was a great guy who was looking out for the "common people" (despite the fact he jailed or murdered more "common people" than the Czar did). In High School, nihilism is touted as beneficial while Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich is vilified as a subversive text used by the "evil rich" who "won't share". The tyrannic pigs in Animal Farm are spun to be heroes and not metaphors of  the evils perpetrated by Lenin and Stalin. The kids are taught lies about global warming and "green energy" that contradict actual scientific studies. the kids are taught that it is the government's job to take care of them. They are not taught to be individual free-thinkers who strive for self-sufficiency. It's even gotten to a point where competition is looked down upon (to include keeping score at sporting events) and cooperation for the good of the class (state, oligarchy, ruling class) are lauded. 

Now these kids are being trained to spy on their own parents and report them to their socialist nannies. Questions on state and federal level standardized testing are now asking students to spill their guts and report on their home-life. It is bad enough that a teacher will report a parent to CPS if the kid falls off her bike while learning to ride it on Saturday and still has a bruise on Monday morning. Now you have essay question on standardized tests in New Jersey asking students to discuss a "Secret from home they had to keep" and "how keeping that secret affected them". It amounts to "give us the dirt on your parents" because reporting them to your state-appointed nannies is better than "honor[ing] thy mother and father".

Parents, it's time to take back your kids. Go to those school board elections and vote for those who advocate your rights as parents. Remember the 10th Amendment. Of course, this means you can no longer be lazy and let the teachers and administrators just do what they feel best (it isn't). You have to make the time to get involved. Get up 15 minutes earlier and make that lunch for your kids. Look at their homework. Read the textbooks being used. Attend school board meetings and voice your opinions and rights. What's more important, after all, that team-building cocktail hour for work or the kids you work to provide for in the first place?

While there, remind those intrusive spies for the US Communist Party of the Privacy Act of 1974. Don't be afraid to take them to court over the issue. The last thing  they want is for these things to end up before a court that actually supports the US Constitution. Of course, this is why they try to indoctrinate your children in socialist ideology while giving their union dues over to socialist candidates in the first place. They want to instill that socialist state where neighbors spy on neighbors, sending each other to gulags and re-education camps for wanting to exercise free-thought and desiring liberty and prosperity.