Monday, July 2, 2012

This I'll Defend

"This We'll Defend". It's the actual motto of the US Army. It is emblazoned upon the uniform patch earned and worn by Drill Sergeants in the US Army. If you take a look at the patch, it contains the rattlesnake from the Gadsden Flag ("Don't Tread on Me") being protected by an old breastplate. The symbolism is plain to see. The motto refers to the deep desire to defend the very founding principles of this great republic.

That very core foundation is found within the writings of Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Adams, John Locke (English Philosopher who wrote about the Natural Rights of Life, Liberty, and Property -- "The Pursuit of Happiness"), Adam Smith (Economist), George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.

Upon entering military service, reenlisting, accepting a warrant, or taking the mantle of a commission Service Members take a solemn oath to "Support and Defend The Constitution of the United States against all enemies". I spent 24 years in uniform upholding that oath. Upholding that oath includes the implied responsibility to read and understand the US Constitution. Any person true to that oath would also seek to know what the meanings of those phrases were in the day they were written. That means reading the Federalist Papers written by "Publius", (John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison). Any modern interpretations based upon current slang and jargon are not proper interpretations. You have to go to the vernacular of the time.

Understanding the spirit of those intentions and the basic founding principles of individual Natural Rights, requires an understanding of the Declaration of Independence that led to the spirit of the US Constitution. Understanding the Declaration means reading Locke, Montesquieu, and Paine who explain and define those Natural Rights. I have done so.

Now, a year after I took off the uniform and started  my retirement leave, I look back. I still hold true to that oath. I still defend this great republic and all it stands for. I no longer do so while wearing body armor and employing weapons against our nation's external enemies. Instead, I do so with my words. I do so by living according to those principles. I write. I speak. I attempt to educate. I love this Republic. I see people attempting to erode what she stands for and what our core, founding beliefs.

Well, This I'll Defend!

The core principles our country was founded upon are under attack from left-wing socialist oligarchy. Instead of keeping states from prohibiting or regulating interstate trade, the federal government is now forcing interstate trade. Instead of upholding individual rights to pursue happiness (own and keep lawfully purchased property, run a business, keep what is rightfully earned), they are opting to do the very opposite.

Instead of being allowed the option of purchasing health insurance or seeing a doctor, you are now under a tax if you refuse to do so. It is the first time in history  that somebody is taxed for NOT purchasing a product. You now have a gun to your head telling you to buy something. If you don't waste your money on something you don't want, you will have your property taken away, violating the 4th Amendment.

I strictly oppose taking up arms against my countrymen, especially over a difference in political ideology. You invade my home, attempt to harm my family, my property, my livelihood, or my person, you will find I will defend those with whatever force is necessary. That is my right guaranteed by the Natural Rights given by God and further guaranteed by several clauses in the US Constitution including the 2nd and 4th Amendments. However, for pure political ideology, I oppose violence.

That does not mean I oppose action. The weapons are those of the mind, of word, and of education. I employ the same means Paul Revere used in his newsletters. I prefer the same means that Benjamin Franklin employed with his newspapers and pamphlets. Yes, we our country is under an ideological threat. That threat chooses to use force. You need look no further that the violence employed by the Occupy crowd and the two men that attempted to firebomb the 2008 RNC to see it.

We MUST get back to what our country stands for. Before we do that, we MUST send the leaders of this socialist movement packing. We MUST send a clear message that their views are not welcome in our legislature, in our courts, or in our executive branch at both the state and federal levels. Our weapons are our legal, lawful, verified, and non-fraudulent votes. Let them cheat. We'll just outnumber them with our will and the truth.

I hope you enjoy the embedded video. I had a lot to say this time out. Future videos should be much shorter.